Saturday, November 22, 2014

TUSAL, FNSI, a little finish


First up is TUSAL:
Black threads from Early Witches, yellows from my FNSI stitch.

Sorry for the wrinkles. This is Dream Big from CCN. Here's what it looked like before:
I hope to have it finished by Easter!

For practice I finish finished this guy before finishing the Christmas Ornament Exchange, which I'm happy to say is in the hands of the USPS and is going allll the way to the east coast.
I just attached the ribbon to the top and stuck the three pins in front. I'll find or make a ribbon bow to put at the top 'cause its looking kind of bare. Here's the side:
More gold beads stuck in at the bottom! Love pins, they cover a multitude of sins!

I'm off to buy groceries, curtains, curtain rods, new sneakers/tennis shoes, DMC at Michaels. I think my DMC list is about 30 skeins and I hope they are on sale right now! Otherwise, I'll have to buy 10 or so at a time. I feel for you ladies overseas who are having to shell out a lot of money for DMC. I saw someone having a giveaway of DMC for stitchers not in the USA and I think that's a great idea!

Take care. Thanks for stopping in and a big hearty WELCOME to the newcomers either by Blogger or Bloglovin'! Glad to have you!

Friday, November 21, 2014

FNSI Time!

Good thing too because I haven't picked up a needle in 3 days!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finished with School, Jumped Ship!

Mysterious title, right?!

And I really am finished with School..
School Days by La D Da, pattern found in the October 2003 issue of JCS. An 11 year old magazine that I kept around for all this time just for this pattern. Stitched on 32ct American Chestnut linen with overdyeds, 1 over 2. I enjoyed satin stitching the schoolhouse. BTW, the color of the fabric is more a buttery-brown color than what is shown above. I love it! It's a nice 7 1/4 sq. inches and I should be able to find a nice frame for it. In celebration of this finish and if there are no other designs I see in the magazine that are interesting, into the trash it goes! Unnnnless, someone wants to stitch it! Just let me know.

I have finished my Christmas Ornament Exchange ornament that is due to be mailed on the 24th. I just need to get into my craft room/bedroom and turn it into a flat ornament. It'll be big though for an ornament, but when I realized how big it was, and on 36ct no less, it was too late to find something smaller!

Jumping Ship? Yes, the SFS ship. Stitching from Stash! I emailed Mel to let her know I was leaving last week. I met two goals I set for myself last December when I first joined and that was to halve my stashing in half and purchase a second vehicle. We bought the Toyota Tacoma in May, my daughter and I, and yes my stashing was cut in half. Even better is that I learned to substitute fibers and fabrics, and have some restraint for not burning up the Web buying more. I THINK more about my finger hovering over the BUY button! Haha. My reason for jumping ship? The upcoming Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January (can't remember the rest!) starts in January. I have amassed 59 patterns to start but need more DMCs and some fabric. I wasn't comfortable with buying all this and then lying about it at post time for SFS. What was really nice was I won a chart in the drawing that Mel has for SFS people. I rarely win anything so this was a nice surprise!

Because of the upcoming Crazy January, I haven't started anything new but now with School Days finished I think a couple more Christmas ornaments are in order!

Take care all, especially those of you dealing with cold and snow. I have the front door open here and it's about the high 60's. Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delivering a Finish...Yay

I just finished this minutes ago. All I had was the horse left to go and once again when I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I go into my finishing zone: ignoring the call of nature, ignoring the shower, and getting tunnel vision! Just kidding on the first one! Anyway, here's Harvest Delivery by PSS-
I stitched this on 32ct Platinum Belfast linen. When I did my floss toss, I thought the GAST Oatmeal used on the horse wouldn't disappear into the fabric. I think without the harness and the shadows on the legs, it would have! I'm quite happy with it and happy to have a medium sized finish.

November is amongst us now. I'm getting that little niggling feeling that comes upon me about this time-OMG, I've got to plan for Thanksgiving! OMG, I haven't done any Christmas shopping! OMG, I've got to start that Christmas exchange stitching that is due on the 24th! Lol. Well today I'll start the ornament. It's quiet today here under gloomy, cloudy skies. My daughter, and two brothers are out deer hunting. Season started Friday. At least they won't get too hot but they are more north of where I'm at.

Thanks for dropping in! Oh, and thanks for your comments on my Halloween stitching! I had to delete a comment that some 'man' made in my comments about protesting women! Whatever! I might have to start doing the 'to make sure you're not a computer' thingee when you publish a comment. I hate to but I get those emails by anonymous that I just delete. This guy came through though.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I started out the year hoping to have more Halloween finishes. I think I have done it. Here's all of it..
Hanging against the door is the LK Mystery Scary Sampler, below it is Dead of Night by Funk & Weber Designs, the cube is Buttons Black by PSS, in front is Trick or Treat by La D Da in a JCS Halloween preview issue, and Welcome by PSS. I love Halloween!

May you receive many treats and no tricks and nothing that goes bump in the night!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash October, Aarrgh!


Lets get the first business of the day out of the way-Stitch from Stash:

Starting Balance: $23.15
  Add in October:   25.00=$48.15

Money Spent: $47.60 
What the heck did I buy?! PSS's Jacks Bash which I showed on a previous post, overdyed thread, two  fabric ornament cuts, two black DMC, piece of linen from Dixie Samplar, and Lady Rachel Ruth by Scattered Seed Samplers. The picture of this chart is below. It's so cute! 

New Starts: Tombstone Angel

WIPs or UFOs worked on: LK Scary Sampler, Dream Big, Pumpkins & Sunflowers, Harvest Delivery, and Early Witches

Ending Balance: $0.55 Yes, just 55 cents!! But! Mel has given us a $50 bonus to spend between now and the end of the year. I may be making the trip to Las Vegas again this year in December and there is a cross stitch shop there which I didn't know about last year; wish I did! I'll save that 50 for that shop.

So here's Lady Rachel Ruth..
So cute. I have the fabric for this, just need to buy the threads.

And here's progress on Early Witches..
There's something to be said for waiting (more like procrastinating!) for all the pieces to be released. The very last section had the entire graph so I didn't have to wait to stitch in sections. There's a method to my madness!

And look at Harvest Delivery..
I've started the horses tail there near that round thing! I'll be done by Thanksgiving like I wanted. See that needleminder? When I opened my exchange package I guess it fell down into the box and I didn't see it. While cleaning up, I grabbed the box and the needleminder fell out! Here's a closer look..
Isn't it cute? It's a bottle cap with the primitive-like picture of witchy owls attached to the bottle cap. It has a good strong magnet on the back. I love it! Thanks again Vickie!

Aarrgh! I received the Traveling Treasure Chest from Linda. It was like Christmas! Here's what I picked..
Both of them have fabric and threads! So the chest goes to Dima of the blog D1D2

Thanks Kim for putting this together. I had fun!

Here we are a week from Halloween and nothing will be finished. I haven't even picked up Wicked to frog, I haven't finished Tombstone Angel, Early Witches is nowhere near done. I haven't started stitching on the Christmas exchange ornament yet which I will start this weekend. What I have been doing is putting together two months worth of charts, fabrics, and fibers for the SAL Linda from Stitching with my Furbabies is hosting in memory of SoCalDeb or Debbie. Yeah, I'm Crazy with a capital C! I'll have a nice mixture of BAPs, ornaments both Christmas and Halloween, larger Christmas and Halloween designs, magazine designs, WIPs, freebies. I didn't want to have nothing but BAPs. I would go bonkers without some finishes here and there. The scary thing is I have almost a months worth of charts that are ready to go! With fabric and fibers! Yikes! I sat down and added all my purchases so far and it's an outrageous number! All the charts I have lined up are in my stash and so are most of the fibers and fabric. I have to wait for the new year to buy the rest of the supplies! That's so bad! Have I not learned a darn thing being on a budget! Lol! I'll put up a list of my Crazy 60-something starts soon.

If you made it this far-Congrats! Hope I haven't bored you! I have cut down on the pictures but if you're anything like me, I do like a pic-heavy post. Welcome to the new followers! I appreciate all comments. Take care!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

TUSAL October

Whittling the year down...where has the last 10 months gone?!
My orts reflect what I've been working on-Harvest Delivery and Early Witches.

I'll be back this coming Saturday for Stitch from Stash (dreading that)!