Sunday, March 26, 2017

Winner, exchange goodies, progress

Hi all!

We have a winner for the needles. After doing the folded up paper-in-the-hat routine for two names, I grabbed one of them with Linda's name on it. Linda, you are the winner! I will contact you for your mailing address. Congrats!

Our Easter/Spring exchange run by Teri of the Dixiesamplar has ended and my partner and I have received our goodies. Here is what I sent to Augusta..
Minus the Easter ribbons though! I don't know what it is with these exchanges but I always seem to forget to pack something and those ribbons didn't make the trip (smacking forehead). She liked everything I sent. Here is the chart I used for the cube..
Augusta likes blue so I changed the color of the flowers to blue. It turned out nice.

Here is what I got from Nancy..
As you can see I broke into the chocolate minis already! All of the chocolate was gone in two days! Great exchange. I love everything I received. The LHN chart with the DMC's and that wonderfully framed huge rabbit! The chocolate though arrived melted and they went into the refrigerator right away. The risk of sending chocolate to Arizona in the spring when it's warmer than usual!

I stitched up the latest Frosty Forest block in two days..
The bare area above the fawn is for a button. I finally paid attention to where some of these buttons go. I decided to not let this go into the UFO pile, it's too cute.

After that last block I picked up Vintage Stars..
The latest additions are that big reddish motif with the darker stitching, the half motif on the edge, and the filled up areas in the lighter beige motif next to YZ. Here's the chart showing the other motifs I have yet to stitch..
On some of my earlier posts about this design I mention how the silks arrived in a little bag with no way to identify what was what. The yellowish stitching in the big top motif is nothing like what I used in my version. As a matter of fact, in this baggie there was no yellowish silk like in the model! The two reddish silks are called Brick and Russet. I think the two small identical motifs below the alphabet were supposed to be Brick and the large one I just stitched was supposed to be Russet. I'm pretty sure I got them mixed up! Ugh. When you have silks called Taupe Range, and Dk Mouse, it's anybody's guess what motif gets stitched with what! It's a keeper though and I'll have enough silks to finish it up.

I am putting Vintage away for a bit. I got a headache from it last night and realized I don't have to work on a WIP to finish it, just get some progress made. I'll pick it back up when I get the motivation to do more motifs! 

Jack's Bash by PSS is going on the snaps after I get some housework done today.

Here's that Buttercream Frosting Sampler design that I'm doing for a SAL on April 1st..
Is that cute?! I'm using 36ct Parchment and man, that Parchment fabric looks so much different than what I have bought before. It's super pretty though with the subtle vanilla and pinkish blotches. It's going to be a fun stitch. On 36ct, the design should be 4 1/2" x 6 3/4". At the bottom of this printout it says 2007. That is how long it's been in my stash. That's the beauty of these SALs on Stitch Maynia on FB. There are a lot and joining them has me going through my stash and picking out projects that have been there for months or years. 

One last photo of springtime in the desert of Arizona..
The flowers are called Brittlebrush or bush, along with a wild Burro! No doubt a descendant of burros used during the early days of mining. 

Okay, no more pictures of springtime! Pictures in the summer are like sitting next to a bbq grill and watching the heat waves come off it!

I think this is it! Oh, by the way, my header picture is of my hometown of Prescott. It still gets warm here, hot if you ask me. Last summer the highest temp we reached was 99. That's hot!

Take care, everyone and welcome to the new followers on Bloglovin'. Hope you enjoy it here!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy Dancin'!

Does anyone say Happy Dance for finishes anymore? Well, let's bring it back!

But, first, how's everyone doing? Hope those of you back east who got all the snow are dug out. It's acting like its Spring here. Door is open and the sun is shining, just glorious.

I have a couple huge finishes, one a WIP for over 3 years, and a recent start, and an ornament finish. First is Blackwater Hollow by Stacy Nash. I had to go back in my blog to see when I started this and it was 2014 when I put needle to fabric..
Do any of you get so tired of a long-time WIP and just want it done? Well, this is the one for me. As per the chart, I used 30ct Linen or Parchment, 1 over 2. I went into marathon mode to get this done. And you know what? I love it. I sprinkled a coffee/water mix on this to get the blotches. I wasn't too sure about 1 over 2 as it is pretty sparse. I also stitched the horse the wrong color and by the time I noticed she was completely stitched, so I left it. That black amorphous blob on the fence at left is supposed to be a bird as the one charted is huge; it is staying! Below the fence was a black upside down diamond border and the name and a date stitched but I left it all off. Not so much wanting to be done but I thought it looked better without. Whew! This thing is big, 12" high. Today, I stitched in 2017 and tried to put my initials in some of the blank areas near the house but I was just making a mess of it. So here it is in all it's glory and I'm a happy camper!

My next finish is the Spooked Mystery Sampler by LizzieKate..
Woohoo! On my last post I said if I tried I could have it finished that week. Well, I had it done two days after! My favorite block is the last because of the house. I'm not sure what that green thing is in the kettle next to the house. I think it's either a huge toad or a green ghost. It does have eyes! I ironed it and added all the buttons and beads. You can sort of see a bead or two sparkle in the quilt motifs in the first and last block. I love that Ale fabric from PTP. Also, I love the lighter portion in the upper right of the house. It almost looks like fog or like the moon is behind the house and the glow from it shows. Glad it's done. 

My last finish, Merry Christmas by the Little Stitcher...
So cute. The fabric is vintage mocha I believe, dyed on this side but just one color on the other side. 

All these finishes will come in handy for finishing credit at Stitch from Stash because I went to Market day at the Attic and did a little damage there, not bad though. After that, I stopped at Chik fil A!
Hope it's not blurry at your end. Vintage Birds at the top left because I have Vintage Stars that is a WIP, and silks at the bottom for it. Chessie and Me, love the house with the satin stitched roof, Lucky Notes by Shepherds Bush, Sweet Liberty by The Marking Sampler, two pieces of fabric, Freedom Reigns by Silver Creek Samplers, and a kit by Shepherds Bush. I don't have any nice patriotic charts just a few freebies, so was happy to pick those up. 

There's a blog called Quiet and Relaxation and she sells charts, fabric, etc. on Flickr, she has a link on her sidebar. I bought some charts but hit the jackpot when I found this..
An oldie but see that angel there at the bottom? I stitched her way way back and was my first time using beads and braid..
I sold her in eBay for $18.00! Back in those days, everything I stitched I sold on eBay. I have nothing from those days except one old WIP on Aida that I will finish one of these eons. I feel lucky to have found this chart. I think it's copyrighted 1995.

At present, I'm stitching on my 3rd Frosty Forest block. If I don't keep at it, it will turn into a UFO and I can't have that! I have two FB SALs coming up, one for April is called April Fools and you can stitch anything titled April or something funny or crazy. My project is from the old Gift of Stitching electronic magazine. Do any of you remember that? I had a one year subscription and printed off this particular graph called Buttercream Frosting Sampler by Primrose Needleworks. I am crazy about buttercream frosting so that's my entry into this SAL! I'll show a picture the end of this month. The other is a 15 day start SAL and I have everything ready for that. It starts in May.

We are all waiting on our exchange packages to arrive. I finally sent off mine to my partner after adding a few things from Market day. The deadline is next Wednesday. They are fun but can be stressful trying to get things stitched on time.

Also, there is a Halloween mystery SAL starting in April to October from Ships Manor. Here is a link if you are interested-  You get a section every month up to October and there are options to receive the fibers and fabric or just the patterns.

You know me and Halloween. I signed up for it, lol!

Now it's time for this little giveaway! I have a package of these needles..
I am a Bohin 28 needle gal. I tried using these but besides being big, 26, I don't know, they didn't feel right. So I'm giving someone a chance to give them a new home. Brand new. Follower or not, just say you would like a chance at them. Giveaway is open until the last Saturday of this month, midnight Arizona time. Good luck everyone!

Thanks for leaving comments ladies. I enjoy reading them. Carol, I might add I saw the Touch of Silk fiberfill in Hobby Lobby when I was just up there today. Maybe you have one there?

Take care!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

FFO bug stopped by this weekend...

Hi all! Hope your day is going nicely. It's blustery and gray out. Here a coworker said to me last Thursday "Yeah, it's supposed to be in the 80's in Phoenix this weekend, so it'll be at least 65 here". I saw visions of getting my square garden upturned and ready, doing some other yard work. Umm, no. That wind has some teeth so I stayed in yesterday and spent a good 5, 6 hours FFO'ing with my cassette with 80s and 90s music going in my bookshelf stereo with the two cassette player, a 4 CD player, and radio. This thing is about 20 years old and still works! 

FFO's...On Vonna's Flosstube, she swears by a type of stuffing called Mountain Mist fiberloft. Holy Cow, this stuff is good! I bought a bag at Joanne's, a little higher in cost than the polyfill that I always buy. I fired up the sewing machine and made this..
This is the finish I have always wanted. Btw, this is by the Primitive Hare, a freebie. It feels substantial, does not slip around inside like the other stuff, does not leave little wiry strands coming through my fabric...I love it. I'm almost tempted to take everything I have that is in pillow form and restuff with the fiberloft!

These other FFO's I'm not happy with. This little Santa from a PS card..the last finish of February..
What I need is a rotary cutter with the wavy blade. I used my zigzag scissors on the felt and kept cutting and cutting to get it perfect. That's okay, it'll go up on my tree. At least I'm keeping up with my Christmas ornament plan for one or two a month. 

Remember Ewephoria by Mosey n Me? I should have just made this a pillow. I may give it to Goodwill.
I'm going to give the foam/styrofoam flat ornament finish a rest. I'm getting bored with it. After all, with that new stuffing, I see many pillows in my future!

I have progress on the Spooked sampler by LizzieKate...
I had to frog the white letters and leaf out of that last area and now have them all in correctly. I bet if I tried, I could have this finished up this week. Fingers crossed..

I joined two SALs on FB. One is a Mardi Gras one, stitching a Mardi Gras item or something with purples, yellows, etc. Here is mine, actually finished just an hour ago...
I had to take a picture in the hallway because anywhere else it made the colors a bright pastel. I started it on Fat Tuesday, the 28th. Turned out perfect on the black linen. Some of you said to use the black linen. I was undecided between the black and white linen. Love it! EDITED TO ADD: What a dummy I am! I'm not finished because I didn't stitch in the rest of the big right fleur de lis! 

The other SAL is for the letter M for this entire month. So I hauled this out to see the light!..
I know I can finish this this month and will be my March Christmas ornament also. I probably won't find another M project after this, just get back to WIP stitching. I joined another FB SAL for May and that one is to start 15 in 15 days. I have everything ready for that.

Last weekend my daughter and I headed down to Apache Junction, a town near Phoenix, for the Renaissance Festival that is held every year about this time. Because of all the rain we've had, the wildflowers are in bloom. Here is a picture of the desert down near Phoenix somewhere. I took this picture from FB
California Poppies. They do well here, obviously! Isn't that beautiful? Anyway, basking in the sun at the festival was glorious as we left at 8:30 am here and it was 22 degrees. I had my annual funnel cake and spent too much money as usual!

That's all I got, folks! Next Saturday I'm heading to the Attic Needlework for some Market charts I want (just 3 and maybe the floss/fabric for them), a Shepherds Bush limited edition kit, it is so cute (hopefully Attic bought some extras), and a few little things for my exchange partner. I will not spend a lot like previous years. I have a list and will not stray from that. After that, I can send the exchange box off to the recipient. My trip will blow my Stitch from Stash budget to smithereens but that's okay. There are some ladies who spend up to $200 a month on stitchy stuff!

Take care, and have a great week!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Stuff III

Hi all! How are all you beautiful people doing? Me, I have a cold. Not contagious I don't think. Rained all day yesterday and today it's supposed to rain and snow. At the moment it's foggy and windy. We'll see. Here we are, 9 days away from the end of this month! Just amazing how fast these months go!

So I have some FFOs, a finish, and progress on Big Momma aka Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs. Here she is now...
Yay! That is the work of 5 hours of stitching on the motifs. Last time, which was last year, I just had the borders as you see them here. I named it Big Momma as she is big, bigger than anything I've ever stitched. I think I'm using 30ct mystery fabric. Now, I wish I had used 32 or even 35ct something else. I won't frog all that out. I am hoping for a finish this year. Wish me luck!

Since the beginning of this month, I stitched on my exchange piece. I found a cute little chart with all the things my exchangee likes-blue, spring flowers, and sheep. I stitched furiously on that for 7 days straight and finished it. I used a small scroll frame and I tell you what, I ended up with sore shoulders and hands from using it. I never mentioned that back in the summer last year I found a lap frame with a scroll rod at a second hand store. It was $8 and brought it home. I haven't used it in my lap yet, but took off the scroll rods to use. I'll put it back together and see how it works. So last weekend I turned this exchange piece into a cube and it's very cute. The due date is the end of March for all this because Easter is in April sometime. I'm glad too because I've decided to go to Market Day at the Attic down in Mesa on the 11th and pick up a few little things for her and for myself, of course! That will be a nice little treat, I think!

Okay, back to progress. I'm doing the blocks of Frosty Forest once a month. Here is my latest block, just finished today..
I didn't think I would finish that home! More stitching on it than the previous block but so far my favorite. Some of you may know I don't do french knots. I do a version of them called Shelly knots! Well, the eyes of this cute raccoon are my knots and as you can see they're tiny. I may go back and make them bigger. His whiskers turned out fine. Glad to have this finished.

Here's the lone finish for February...Merry One by PSS..
All I had left to do was Merry because I wasn't sure I wanted the word. After looking at this made up into a pillow, well, I had to stitch it in. It came as a kit with the floss and chenille trim. I think this is on 35ct V Lentil by Lakeside that was in my stash. 

Onto my FFOs. This is Peace Bird, found in the 2012 JCS ornament magazine..
I love how this turned out. My first circle finish. I used mat board, not the foam stuff. Kind of nervous about the perfect circle but I managed.

Here's Snow Much by Barbara Ana..
Made into a pinkeep, no hanger. The colors are so pretty and the backing fabric too. I FFO'd these two things the day after I did the other two in my last post. I was in a zone! 

This one though, I FFO'd it end of December and just kept forgetting to post about. This is Santa's Workshop found in the 2015 Punch Needle and Primitive Stitch magazine. I see this particular design is now sold as a chart by Nebby Needle, I believe...
I managed to stitch both sides together and inserting the ribbon and stitching through that. I won't show you the back because it just doesn't look as good as the front! I found the skeleton key on eBay. I bought this red ribbon and a green that matches the holly leaves hanging off the big S. The red won out. I never really gave it much thought as to how Santa gets into the workshop but as he's a big man, he needs a big key! 

I believe that's it! Stitching the exchange piece and my Frosty Forest block took all my attention this month. My daughter turns 22 tomorrow, wow! I'm not sure where the time has gone but I'm taking her to see a movie after work, no matter how I feel tomorrow. 

Plans for March? Get caught up with my WIPs, stitch on Big Momma some more. I haven't felt the urge to have a new start yet but that could change! On the 28th of this month is the SAL for Mardi Gras-Laissez bon something or other, lol, on FB! I've got to remember that. Continue to catch that fleeting FFO bug because I have more that need it. Last weekend, I alphabetized my WDW flosses on rings and that took some time. Now my GASTs may get it next.

Thanks for your comments as always! Take care! See you in March!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

More stuff like a new start, FFO's, progress

Hi all. Hope you're all having a great Sunday. I've been busy..
The scene of the crime! I have FFO's that I'll show below. This could be I Spy...can you spot the seam ripper, the bobbinated DMC? Haha.

So I had a new start, one that I planned for 2017. Christmas Carol sampler by the Primitive Hare..
I have to say this border is pretty gnarly! Envision 10 more of the flower motif in the border across the top. It's a biggie. I had to buy another skein of GAST Tarnished Gold for the border and another skein of GAST Moonlit Path, that purplish color that goes around the white M. The new skein of Moonlit Path is a bit different from my old one. So what I'll do is finish up that square with the old one and join strands of the old and new together for the rest of this design. It has been two years this design has been kitted up with that older skein of Moonlit Path. I'll probably pick this back up the end of February.

I had progress on Vintage Stars..
What's new is the dark red motif on the right, the YZ, and the big lighter colored motif below YZ. Unfortunately, I lost the skein of color that goes in the empty spaces of the big motif. How does one lose a silk??! I do, very easily! Considering this has been a WIP for a long time. They're all NPI silks which are cheaper than some of the other silks. At 123, they're $4.49 a skein. Like the sampler at the top, I will get back to this after I stitch an exchange piece.

Yesterday, it finally warmed up around here. This past week, the temps never reached 40 and my craft room/bedroom gets chilly. The sun warmed up my room so it was time to FFO stuff and I have a ton but just two for now. I'm out of stuffing so flat ornaments with foam mounting board it is..
Silent Night by LK. I used two pieces of styrofoam from work. I never had a real idea for this. As you can see, I added as I went..
The backside fabric is brown tiny red flowers. The green plastic leaf at the top was plucked from those Christmas pokey things that you can use on a wreath. Forget what they're called. I almost made this a mini cube, but my rubber footsies are too big, so I stuck some twine in with pins for a hanger. It turned out nice.

Here's HoHoHo, just a tiny little thing but it's cute..
I'm glad I have the fuzzy red trim. Used the pins to secure it. I might make a little bow to put at the top. At this rate, I'll have more ornaments to put on my tree this year!

Stash! Lol. All of this plus the chart from last post are still under my budget at SFS2017A on FB..
The fabric are PTP's. That pink one is Opalescent Fresco and it is soo pretty. A 9x9 piece, perfect for an ornament. The other is Relic at a nice size. The two skeins mentioned above. At Needlework Corner, Drema is having a huge fabric overstock sale and I bought those two pieces above. The Fresco was only $3.75 and you can see the price of the Relic. Go check it out!

I also had two finishes..
Winter Flakes is from the Punch Needle and Primitive Stitch magazine, the 2016 Christmas/Winter issue, and on right is Batty and Friend from Keslyn's. Winter Flakes is on a mystery fabric and it almost didn't fit! It called for 36ct but I think my fabric is 30ct after measuring it. It's a bag in the magazine and I will do that with mine, albeit a big bag!

So that's it with the pictures.

I joined an exchange with Teri at Dixiesamplar and my partner likes sheep, blue, and spring flowers. My shipment in from 123 is on its way. I'll be dropping everything to stitch the design with all three likes on it. I lucked out there! Everything is due the first week of March so I think I'll get it out on time.

Comments on comments left last post:

  Carol- Thanks for the recommendation of The Paradise. I'll will check it out. I watched Hell on Wheels 
     twice! It was great. On Netflix.
  Honeybee- Funny comment! I'm making a trip to Phoenix in March so I'll be sure to stop at a Chick fil 
  Paisley- Lucky you for being able to fill up on Chick fil A! 
  Barb- You just got to start Jack's Bash. You'll love it!

Thanks for leaving your comments everyone! Appreciate it!

So my February plans are stitching for that exchange, starting the second block of Frosty Forest, and a piece for a little SAL on FB. It has to do with something funny. I can't find the SAL though. I signed up for it. More important is doing the exchange piece.

Congrats if you made it to here and if you found the two items on my messy craft table!

Take care!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lots of stuff!

Hi all. Hope the new year is going wonderfully for you! Mine has been stitchingly busy, as you will see below! Photo heavy as Mr. Selfridge plays in the background. Been watching it all day.

I managed to finish one of the new starts I have planned and that is the first block of Frosty Forest

I mentioned The Willow Tree Stitcher's changes to her Frosty Forest. She left off the swag at the top and just added more snowflakes. I liked the look of it but forgot to do it her way. I'm not about to frog all that so it's staying! The one bigger snowflake on the left should be left off if adding buttons and I stitched it in. Oh well, I'll just put the snowflake button on top of it. Buttons will be added at the end. For Stitch from Stash purposes, I will wait until the end for credit. I plan to stitch a block a month. I had no other new starts as of now but plan to here in a couple days.

Back in December, I managed to put more stitches in the LK Spooked sampler..

The last time, all I had was that first portion on the left.

This rotation I planned on didn't pan out! I knew that would happen. Instead I picked up WIPs as they spoke to me. They're the same ones mentioned in my last post and wait 'till you see what I've done with Jack's Bash though! Today I picked up Vintage Stars by Jeannette's before

Folks, this picture is from 2014! Sheesh.

Here is how she looks now..

Whew, those Quaker motifs take some stitching. I have several master copies of this and couldn't find one so had to print another. I'm having fun stitching on this. It's silk on 35ct.

Another WIP I worked on is Blackwater Hollow sampler by Stacy is before..

October 31, 2015 is the last time it saw the light of day. I don't even know what happened to that needleminder! 


I'm not happy with the colors of the flowers, happy with the orange ones though. I saw a recent finish of this on another bloggers post and the leaves are green instead of this brown color I have. She either changed them or my skeins for those flowers are just old but I'll just plug along. The black line is the handle to a black kettle. This deserves to be finished this year. I don't have the chart anymore, been working on a copy. You could say there are 4 pages to this and somehow I have lost or threw out the first two! The area below the cat is unknown and I'll have to fudge it and stick a flower in there! I'm having to stitch that bottom portion just to get to the left side border and stitch up because the missing pages contain the part of the fence! Aargh! Moral of the story-Don't make copies and then lose or throw them out!

And now here's Jack!

And before..

I just love Jack and I got a good amount of work on him. The man is holding a pumpkin but I don't know what the lady has. I thought it was a bee skep but now I think it looks like a squash of some kind! It's done in tent stitch. About tent stitch-I used this stitch for the Happy Hallowe'en at the top but look at the 'ober' at the end of the alphabet, that's a full stitch 1 over 1. Below the house is the verse and I'm not sure if I want to go with tent or a full cross stitch 1 over 1. The full stitch shows up more than the tent stitch but using the tent means I'll fly over the verse! Hmm, what to do. Stay tuned! I'm looking forward to the bottom part with Jack and his lady and two large urns on either side, with flowers. That verse, though..

I bought a chart! I forgot how much but it's still within my budget in Stitch from Stash..

That heart on the top did it for me! I'm really liking her designs as I have one other that is fully kitted, Halloween of course!

I mentioned I joined a month long SAL on FB for Mardi Gras? Here is what I have planned..

What do you all think? Silks on 32ct linen. I keep wavering between this black fabric and white. I plan to stitch the pillow.

Okay one last picture! We don't have a Chick fil A restaurant here. It's a fast food place that offers just chicken and their waffle fries are out of this world. At work we got to talking about them and I decided on a Saturday to hop in my car and drive 80-some miles to a Chick fil A! They have them in Phoenix but didn't feel like messing with the traffic there so I headed north!

The forecast was supposed to be snow here but they cancelled that, no snow or I wouldn't have gone. I'm driving here on Interstate 17 to Flagstaff, where that big mountain is in the distance. I found the place and drove and ate! I came down through Sedona, Cottonwood, and up through Jerome and to home. It was a nice drive, roads were clear. Living the life! Lol.

Alrighty! I'm done and Mr. Selfridge is begging me to change the disc to the next set of episodes. All the stitchy pictures were taken today with, finally, sunny skies. The last few weeks the sun has taken to hiding and finally have had some sun. It's been pretty gloomy around here. 

Plans for my stitching is that new start, finishing a few small things to get that credit in SFS, and continue working on WIPs. I'll try to get on here at the end of this month with hopefully some big finishes. Crossing my fingers! 

Take care!