Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy is giving away a beautiful floss collection called Sleepy Hollow. You have to go to her blog and check them out. They're scrumptious! Click this link or copy and paste the link if it doesn't work as I'm doing this on an iPad-

Saturday, May 14, 2016


How's everyone?

Montse emailed me and her charts flew off to Spain on Monday! Or was it Tuesday? For a small package, mailing cost was only $2.30. I was expecting over $10 so that was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and thanks for all the comments you all leave. Appreciate it! Special thanks to Dianne for sending me the beautiful tote with the D.C. cherry trees on it. It's nice and large and I've put it to work already! Thanks again!

I don't know about everyone but etsy is beginning to be a problem for me. There is one designer named diana70 whom I have bought a gigantic pattern from and recently I found more patterns I would love to have. She also has a sale going on right now-buy 3 get 1 free! Every single pattern is $6.50 and they come pdf. Her patterns are ginormous, by the way. Here are a few that I'm salivating over!..

I hope these are not blurry. I had to improvise getting these photos saved to my iPad. 

Aren't they lovely? I especially like Kiss of the Siren, this last one. Lots of blues and turquoises. But since I like to complete things in order, for next year I plan on tackling some of these big patterns that I have had for awhile, one is a Scarlet Quince..
Stitch count-235w x 163h. Not real big but for me, big! I also have a 9" x 26" WIP on Aida that I would like to return to..

I have just one dress stitched. Before when I didn't know anything, I wrapped the edges with masking tape so this still has tape on it! Like most people, I started out on Aida.

I also have 3 HAEDs that are quite large!

Just some little planning for the future. I would like to have the 30 WIPs I have done before I start on these huge patterns. Well, one can dream right?!

I joined an exchange that Terri from DixieSamplar is holding on FB. I see her blog hasn't been updated lately. Cut off date was the 11th. It's called the Very Merry Unbirthday Pynkeep Exchange 2016. All we do is stitch up a pynkeep 5 inches or so, send a card along and that's it. No stress in wondering if you bought enough extras. There's the big Halloween exchange coming up so search for Dixiesamplar's Exchange Group on FB if you want to join in for that. 

No, I'm not doing the Facebooking and Instagramming thing. I Facebook, have two accounts but I just like blogging! I can only do so much social media-ing!

So my goal was to not be picture heavy and have a short story instead of a novel and I think I met it. I'm stitching the exchange piece, and finishing up #spookyselfies which is looking really good. I just ran out of WDW Mascara for it but luckily I had ordered that and a few more other threads and should be getting that real soon. It's cute!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get to stitch all day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Montse V, FF's, and Stash

Montse V won the 3 LizzieKate charts but she is nowhere to be found. No email on her profile. So Montse, get a hold of me, my email is .......... After 5 days, I'll send the charts onto the next person who wanted them. Note to self: ask for email addresses when I have a giveaway.

Picture heavy! I've been busy, haha.

So it's May and I'm continuing the Faithful stitching on ..

#SpookhouseSelfies. So cute. Needlecraft Corner in Maryland kitted this with the floss and the buttons, and I will be concentrating on this for the month of May; even if Halloween Delivery yells for more attention..

Here is what I had before..

The black funeral coach really makes the design. Here's a picture of one in the Birdcage Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona. It is called the Black Moriah..

Creepy, if you ask me! Tombstone is one place I really want to visit. It would take me almost a full day of driving to get there, maybe about 5 hours.

I had two FF's, finish finishes, and I cheated, kind of! I was wandering around in Michael's one morning and came upon these...

They were near the painting supplies. Four canvas boards, 4" x 4", for $3.99. I bought one package and cutting mounting board for the back, made my finishes on them..

On left is Fresh Fallen Snow by LHN and found in the JCS 2011 Christmas issue and on right is Blackie Pincushion by Homespun Elegance. I used store bought cording and used pins, buttons and the big metal bead from my stash. Blackie I made to sit on an easel. I have two more pieces of canvas to use. I try to use the mounting board with the foam in between because it's easier on my rotary cutter than the mounting board that is one compressed sheet and hard to cut thru. Here are the backs..

And I bought stash!

That new chart by Pineberry Lane really caught my eye. Not a ton of motifs and I love the colors. I don't know if any of you knew about this Mirabilia design that is a free download but here it is with fabric, beads, and floss/metallics. It's in the newest JCS issue..

Instead of the natural linen called for, I bought Legacy from PTP. I really liked how the colors of the beads and floss worked with the beiges going through the fabric. Needlecraft Corner had a package of the beads, fibers, metallic for sale along with a link to download the pattern as a pdf. I'm not sure if they're still doing that though. This will be my first Mira and someday I will start it!

My daughter and I drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico last Friday to attend an event which was fun. On the drive back Sunday here is what we ran into,,

Talk about miserable. And all that truck traffic too. A nerve-wracking drive for about 30 miles and then it petered out. There were cars in the median but everyone looked alright. Glad to get home!

I have more to talk about but I'll stop here! I'm hoping to hear from Montse V soon. I have entered giveaways and totally forgot about them so maybe that is what happened with Montse.

Here's to a stitchy day to you all!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hi all! Here's the list of the lucky winners:

Montse V chose the 3 Lizzie Kate charts and she won them. Congrats! MONTSE V, please email me at ............ for your mailing address. I didn't see an email at your profile.

Marilyn put in for the Trilogy's Happy Bunny Bunny Day chart and she won it. Congrats!

Jessica was interested in all the charts but because I picked the previous ladies first, you win the 
     Heart in Hand chart!

Frances was the only person interested in the 10ct. Frances, it's yours!

Dianne, you won the Aida!

     and Brenda, you are the new owner of the Dirty Belfast linen. Congrats!

Thanks for helping me clean up my craft room everyone and for reading my blog! I'll be emailing you all for mailing addresses. Everybody else, thanks for playing along! 

Have a good night!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hold Your Horses!, Finishes, Ewephoria!

I'm back with two finishes from last weekend. After that, I took a stitching break! I got caught up with a book and worked with one of my wool kits. That will be near the end of this post. I also joined in with Justine on her Faithful April where you dedicate April to just one project. All those starts I had last month, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed on what to stitch! So this is perfect for me. Hopefully, Justine will have a Faithful May!

So here's Kansas Sunflower Pincushion by Lindsay Lane..

On 40ct with silks. And here is the base I found for it at a second hand store last weekend. It's perfect and is exactly what I was looking for! 

My next finish is Merry by PSS..

It's so cute and square! On 36ct linen with overdyes. I have a frame that goes perfect with it but I'd like some museum glass on it. Arizona is super dusty and lately, very windy and the dust is everywhere! My favorite motif on here is Santa with his cup of coffee! If you read Paulette Stewart's blog, you'll know she's addicted to coffee!

So you saw Ewephoria on my last post? Well, here she is now, blinged up!

Now I'm one of these people that have an aversion to knick knacks everywhere. It could be from my mom who just loved them and they were on every surface! Gotta love her! She's been gone for awhile now but when I saw the spaces in between the sheep, the grass, and the word, I thought I needed to fill up some of the space! So in went some bees and their vapor trail, lol, and the buttons. They're from my stash. I love how it looks and taking the picture not too close shows the light pink of the fabric. I will make this into a cube. I have the perfect wide pink ribbon and another skinnier one that's brown with pink butterfly's on it.

And now please meet Crowley, the crow..

Wool is easy to cut when you use freezer paper. Believe me, I tried the other way, nope! So I need to cut a piece of batting and a backing fabric for it. At first I was thinking of a binding for trim but now I think I'll just blanket stitch all the way around for a table mat.

Another Giveaway! This will be the last one. First up are these booklets:
All lovingly taken care of. Snow Day is the only chart with a button included. Either you can pick all 5 or one, like Marilyn is doing in her comment, or two. For example, Linda is interested in all of them. If she is picked for the charts, she will get them and the draw for the charts is over. If Marilyn is the winner of the one chart, then I will pick names to win the rest, whether it's a few charts they want or the 4 that are leftover. So be sure to state whether you want to win all 5 or a particular one. I just want them gone, haha. Hope this is understandable!

#1 I think this might be 10ct. 11 1/2" x 9 3/4"

#2 14ct Light Fiddler Aida 17 3/4" x 15"

#3 28ct Dirty Belfast 17 3/4" x 13" An older fabric, the newer Dirty Belfast linen are lighter than this. It resembles Tumbleweed.

All the rules are the same. I can mail to Canada, the UK, and anywhere else. I'll draw names on the 23rd of this month. Once again, if you are interested in all of it, your name will be included in each draw since I draw names for each item. Good luck!

And that will be that! Thanks for dropping in! Appreciate it. I will now go and look for my missing stitching mojo. WIPs wait for no one!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Using the old fashioned names on papers in a basket, I have picked winners!

The 14ct Aida goes to......Stitchinowl!

The white shimmery evenweave and the silver blue linen go to......Calamity Jr.!

The dyed evenweave goes to.... Tiffany of Tiffstitches a blog blog!

The Lizzie Kate chart goes to DebbieSFL!


The Floba goes to.....Bette!

Ladies, I will be contacting you for mailing addresses. I would put an email address down here but that sets off spam emails so I'll have to contact you through your email listed on your profiles.

Thanks for playing along everyone! I'll be back this Saturday with more stuff to giveaway so check back!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Post-Easter, finishes, startitis, spring cleaning

Good Morning or Afternoon, Or Tomorrow! 

With the Pioneer Woman cooking up a 16 minute salad in the background, I thought I would show some stitching. Picture heavy.

I stitched two Spring-y designs, both freebies. This first one is Bad Hare Day, which I had in my last post but I finished it into an itty bitty cube..

I just decorated it as I went along! The burlap flower at the top I decorated with pastel colored pins. I like to put rubber baby buggy bumpers (try saying that quickly!) for feet on my cubes. Protects the cube itself and furniture.

I started Ewephoria by Mosey 'n Me on this pretty pale pink evenweave that I won from Tiffany from Tiffstitches but didn't make it under the wire..

The color is sure washed out on this! Trust me, it's pale pink, haha. I had to go online to see colors of sheep! I decided on the dark head and legs kind of sheep. I only see sheep at the county fair here, once a year! This is a freebie also. I'll finish this up soon. I need the other streamer, the other half of her body, and a patch of grass under the sheep. So stay tuned.

I also finish finished a Christmas design, a Pineberry freebie. I'm pretty sure it's Pineberry!
 My Santa looks like he spent some time in Florida at the beach. Nice tan, Santa! I should have put some red x stitches at the junction of linen and fabric to spruce it up some but I like it.

Last weekend, I kind of went on a 4 hour start marathon. Each hour I started something new. So here's one that I'm still working on

Lindsay Lane Designs has been putting out some nice designs lately. This is on 40ct with called for silks. Very dainty, I put a quarter beside it for size comparison. I'm on the lookout for a white candy dish or egg cup small enough to put this in it for the pincushion. I think what I have in mind is the dishes that are called Milk paint or Milk-something like that. I am nearly done and it's been my before-I-go-to-bed project.

I also started this..
Yes, PSS. On the called for fabric and overdyes. I have to have my Halloween fix!

The two other designs I'll show when I have more stitching on it. 

Before I went back to work, I did some spring cleaning in my craft room/bedroom. Went through piles of magazines, old JCS that had projects I had wanted to do but not any more. I'll be heading to Goodwill to drop things off and to the Swap Meet to sell oodles of books, clothes I can't fit because I can't get my head together to lose more weight!, craft stuff I won't be using, and more. This brings me to this little GIVEAWAY! Here are the items:

#1 Fiddler Aida 11.5 x 11.25 

#2 White Sparkly evenweave 19 x 13.5

#3 Sparkly dyed evenweave 17 x 13

#4 28ct Silver Blue linen 13 x 18


#6 25ct Oatmeal Floba 2 pieces 18 x 14 and 18.25 x 13.5
This Floba is such a nice neutral color. 

I don't stitch with Aida no more with the exception of a long standing WIP that is on Aida that I will conquer some day. The two evenweaves I don't know the count of and while I'm not a fabric snob, I just like stitching on 30ct and higher so the 28ct can go. LizzieKate chart, and believe me I have more to let go.

Everybody is welcome, overseas too. Follower or not. Leave a comment with the number of the item(s) you like and I will draw names on the 13th. I won't be separating names for each item so one person could very well win the whole kit and kaboodle! I'll throw in extras too. 

I still have more organizing to do and because I have stitch stuff spread out allover this house, I may have a few more giveaways this month.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I know by reading your blogs that you did. My daughter and I went to the last day of the Renaissance Festival down past Phoenix last Sunday where it reached 85. Thats warm for me, that's summer! Lol. I have pics but my cell phone is not cooperating with me to let me have my pics. We always have a good time and I have to have the funnel cake! Not bad considering I have one every other year or two!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!