Saturday, June 20, 2015

My FNSI stitching

Just a quick post before we head off to watch Jurassic World

Bee in Your Bonnet, my summer stitch. As you can see, I chose a different fabric instead of the 30ct WDW beige. This is 32ct and the coverage is much better. Thanks for your recommendations!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summertime and the livin' is easy, and GG

Well, it's easy livin' this morning anyway. It's supposed to get to 94 degrees this afternoon. Our mild Spring is over :(

It's GG time! Gifted Gorgeousness is a SAL hosted by the famous Jo, her first year long SAL. Charts, fabric, threads, stuff that was gifted to us, we stitch or use.

I'm working on Whoo's There by PS..
This is where I'm at right now. Before, I just had the upper line done. I'm having fun stitching this. 

My work day evening stitch is Salem Sisters by PSS, and she's coming along nicely..
I have a few words next to *cursed* and about two more lines of words and a bottom border left. Before I had half the crow and that was it!

Last year I bought a cord winder made by Kreinik with the intention of making my own cords for finishing. Well, I finally fired up that thing, used Vonna's (the Twisted Sitcher) tutorial for making cord, and Viola!, made my own! Take a look..
First, let me introduce, on the left, Santa's Hat Sampler, from the JCS 2012 ornie issue, with a metal heart from my stash hanging from Santa's hat, and Let It Snow from the JCS 2008 ornie issue. I sewed in the hanger for Snow but it came out so I used a mother of pearl button to sew the other hanger end in place. Santa's Hat and Snow are my 11th and 12th DUCJ/FSAL finishes, respectively, woohoo!

I used just 3 strands of floss for Snow's hanger which was super skinny. According to Vonna, whatever number of strands you start out with, gets doubled when cording. For Santa's hat I used 4 strands which I am more happier with. It's more bulkier and there is more to work with. All in all, it was a success! Thanks Vonna! 

Thought I'd show you a picture of my prickly pear cactus that is blooming..
The flower petals are waxy like and are really smooth to the touch. The green bulbs right below the flowers are fruit that will turn a dark red. I make jelly with the fruit that ripens around September.

And here's our 20+ years old rose bush, blooming like crazy!

And that is that! Have a wonderful week!


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Late Gifted Gorgeousness, a quandary

Hi all!

I'm finally feeling much better, thank you. We took our trip to Phoenix and because of the almost 3,000 feet in elevation change from where I live to Phoenix, I couldn't get my ears to pop! On top of that, my right ear was already plugged because of my cold. Pretty comical. I could hardly hear Craig Johnson when he told us some stories but he was quite funny and I got to talk to him and get his John Hancock..
After that, we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe where it feels and sounds like you are in a real rainforest with the jungle, animated elephants, apes, and the like. The sky, the ceiling, also changes from night to day and thunderstorms. Pretty cool!

Here's my next Gifted Gorgeousness or GG project. I won this from Frances just last month along with more PS charts and other goodies. Here it is..
Chart called for 32ct Lambswool linen but I didn't have any pieces big enough. So I'm using this 32ct mystery fabric. It's got the gray mottling with white. I had my reservations about using this but now I'm liking how its looking! I bought the fabric from Shakespeare's Peddler's etsy store. I tried to go there for the name of this fabric but her site is down.

And here is my Summer 2015 start, A Bee in your Bonnet by Summerhouse Stitche Works. With a name like that, this had to be my summer project. But I have a little problem, hence the quandary. This calls for 32ct WDW Beige linen. For the life of me, I can't find this in 32ct. So I bought a 30ct piece. Chart calls for 1 over 2 for 32ct. My 30ct looks huge and my thread isn't giving me a lot of coverage. Take a look..
The U is done with 2 strands and the Y and O are with one strand. Looking at it here, the 1 over doesn't look bad but in person, it looks pretty sparse. I almost feel the fabric was mislabeled a 30ct. The U just looks so thick and I just know I'll run out of thread. Too bad I couldn't use 1 and a half strands! Now that would be splitting hairs (or floss)! Here's what the cover looks like..
I'll revisit that one later.

I've been stitching in the evenings before bed on Salem Sisters by PSS. I was going crazy last weekend stitching on 3 ornaments and not getting anywhere. So I decided to work on a larger WIP and just stitch on it until its done..
Those white splotches are what's behind. This is what I have now and here is before..
So far, this plan of mine to stitch til done is working out. 

Summer has definitely arrived. Supposed to get to 80 today. I'm watching a Harry Potter marathon in between blogging and housework. 

On another note, I'm so proud of myself. I haven't bought a single stitch-related item this entire month! I may not need Stitch from Stash for the next 6 months. Yay for me!

Time to go. Thank you ladies and maybe the stray man, for stopping in and leaving comments. And a big hearty Welcome to new followers, here and on Bloglovin. My early blogging days, I mostly talked to myself! So glad you're all here!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

FNSI stitching and finishing

Good Morning (or Afternoon!) to you all!

My FNSI stitch last night was Fresh Fallen Snow by LHN, found in the 2011 JCS ornament issue. It is also one of my Crazy January starts and last night I finished it! Yay! It's my 8th finish of all my Crazy starts, too...
Stitched with Belle Soie silks, two over two on mystery fabric. I'm used to using one strand of silks for stitching. Two strands keep getting caught up in knots and on my fingers, which are dry. I'm happy it's finished. 

My 9th Crazy finish is this, Jingle, by With Thy Needle & Thread/Brenda Gervais. Fun stitch but Santa was a bit brutal with all that red! I love how it looks though, a bit dainty..
I'm hoping it doesn't look so blurry when it gets to the blog post. I added a few more 4-stitch snowflakes to this. The Red is from Valdani and I really like it, it's such a rich red.

Since this month is going by so quick and I've been struck with a head cold, I totally forgot the Gifted Gorgeousness! I hadn't even kitted anything up for it. Next time I'll be ready for it. I never get sick so I don't know what's up. Seven years ago I had the Flu and that was the last time I've been sick except for sounding like a lawn mower in November!

My daughter and I are headed down to Phoenix tomorrow for a book signing and lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The author is Craig Johnson and his books are the Walt Longmire series and the TV series called Longmire. I'm going, sick or not! I'll be armed with cough drops and antibacterial hand gel!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. I did. My daughter bought me flowers and a lunch at the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, AZ. It was a great day!

Thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Big and little finishes, and more

Greetings from a blustery sunny day in Arizona!

I just couldn't wait for the 15th to show off my bigger finish-Fancey in all her glory!
Fancey Blackett's Brooms by Pineberry Lane, on 30ct WDW Beige linen, stitched with DMC. She was a lot of fun but I'll tell you, those corn tassels were a pain! I made a few mistakes with them but its hard to tell and I'm calling it done! And i just noticed I forgot a stitch! I was moseying about at the 123Stitch site and saw two other Fancey charts. I can envision a whole Fancey wall! Hopefully the designer will keep on with Fancey Blackett.

My next finish is my 6th Crazy start/finish..
Hats off to Halloween by LizzieKate. So cute! The buttons came with the kit. 

And here's the 7th finish..Joy to the World, an ornament from the 2012 JCS issue..
Looking at this this way, I can now see that North America is noticeable with South America at the bottom right and my area is in browns. When I was stitching Earth, I couldn't tell what was what. I'm pretty sure you can see the Great Lakes too. It was all fun and games after stitching Earth!

I stashed again! It's getting out of hand, my spending. I see the first section of Stitch from Stash is about to end; I may throw in for the second portion. But anyway, here's my new stuff..
In the Pines I bought from my favorite ONS and the other three were bought from a blogger who was downsizing.

I finally bought some fabric for my Red Velvet project..
The fabric is 28ct Brandied Apple that I bought from an eBay store. It's much cheaper than the Picture this Plus fabric the chart calls for. I saved at least $30 buying something different. The color is a little off as there is more a red tone to it. I'm in the SAL called Glendon Place Amazing Desserts. I didn't bother posting for it April 15th since all I had was the chart and silks. July 15th is the next posting date for this SAL so I'll have some stitching to show then.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! I'm watching the 3rd season of Longmire on Netflix right now. The new season starts this summer on Netflix so I'm getting reacquainted. I noticed MASH is on Netflix too, the whole 11 seasons! I'll check that out soon too.

Have a great week everyone!