Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Gifted Gorgeousness

Greetings from a gloomy, chilly Arizona day. Calling for snow showers tomorrow, Noooooo! I'm so not ready.

How are you all? I excavated Whoo's There? by PS out of my ever moving pile of WIPs..

And before..
Pictures are looking pretty gloomy too. I spent yesterday adding more to the house, the tree on the left, and the fence while watching the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the Shining. Still haven't remembered to stitch in the Owls other leg on the left! It's starting to look great and will be even more once I fill in that whole diamond area.

I joined the PSS 12Days bandwagon and this is all I have!
Haha! My attention has been everywhere except on this. I've picked up some smaller WIPs here and there, made a new start for a gift and didn't realize the crown will take some time. I'll work at it but I have other projects I can use for gifts.

I won a little contest Tiffany of Tiffstitchesablog held. She asked for people to eyeball her gorgeous creation to find any missing stitches and I could certainly see how that was possible on this particular stitching. Well, I found a missing stitch that she didn't know of and I won! She just sent me these great fabrics..
The pictures just aren't getting any better! Linen in the left hand corner, the other two evenweaves. And the pink is just a ginormous size. Thank you Tiffany! I have projects lined up for these.

So I'm sure you heard that Stitch from Stash is no more by now. I can certainly understand Mel letting it go. These past weeks I've been a bad girl as far as stashing goes and I added a few more things to my pile..
Yeah, I was monitoring her website on these. I hemmed and hawed and finally said 'Just Do It!' It sits near my craft table acting like the elephant in the room, mocking me. It would work up so fast, but I enjoy looking at it as is. I know, weird!

I also bought this..
When I'll start this I don't know. After Mel sent out emails stating the end of SFS, I did what any self respecting quarterback says after winnng the Super Bowl and what he's doing after the game..I said Going Shopping! So I should be receiving more stash here pretty soon! 

This past week I hadn't done any stitching. Mr. Vertigo decided to stop in and stay for the entire week. It's not as bad as I've had, I just have to be careful getting out of bed, bending over. It sucks but I think I'll have it for the rest of my life. It gives me a headache which I'm not sure is from the vertigo or because I stress out over having it again. I found stitching gets my mind off of it. I can't let Mr. Vertigo win so I'll just keep keepin' on and hope it will disappear for almost a whole year like before.

Take care everyone! I'm appreciative of your comments so keep them coming! 

Prayers to the citizens of Paris. I'm totally horrified at the hatred some groups have and I think our world has changed drastically. Je Suis Paris. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Frolic on Halloween Eve

Finally, I remembered to stitch something for Friday Frolics!

My WIPs have been getting quite loud for some attention so I picked up the lucky Blackwater Hollow Sampler by Stacy Nash..
I am almost half way with Blackwater. For those of you who don't know, that horse was supposed to be brown, but my boo-boo resulted in the Onyx Horse! I decided to leave him Onyx. He looks fine! I left my needleminder attached.

Here's the sampler before..
July of this year was the last time I touched it. The first picture shows the fabric as its real color. I'll be getting back to the PSS Mystery Sampler today. I'd like to keep up with it, but it's something I'm not in a rush to finish for this Christmas. I'm starting to see some nice versions of the sampler around Blogland though. Great stitching ladies!

I took an inventory of my Halloween stitching this year and while it's not a lot like the year before, I'll take it!

Can't leave out Fancey Blackett, my favorite witch!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Stitch from Stash

"Time for SFS! It feels like it was just yesterday I was doing September's SFS!

Month: October 2015

Spent: $20.00 and $9.99 = $29.99
        I bought JCS Christmas ornament magazine and PSS Merry One

Earned: $14.00 

The breakdown: 
      Balance from September-$26.50
      October add.                 +  25.00
      New balance                  =  51.50
      Spent.                            -   29.99
      Balance.                         =  21.51
      Earned.                           + 14.00 $8 for a giveaway pinkeep, $4 for Wicked and $2 for Waiting
Balance for November          =  $35.51

Maybe by December, I'll figure out a better way to do a balance sheet for this, lol.

Pictures! Here's my spending..
I guess I should be lucky I was able to get my paws on that PSS! Paulette says they're sold out. Sorry for the dark picture. I have about 7 ornaments picked from this magazine to stitch. I never Not find anything to stitch from these magazines.

I finished 3 things- two Halloween giveaway items and this little itty bitty kitty called Waiting..
Taken from the 2012 JCS Halloween magazine
I stitched it on 28ct Tarnish linen with my own overdyes, all from my stash. This thing is about 2.5 sq. inches. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. It's soo cute!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of what Heather and Missy received from my Halloween giveaway. For those of you who don't know, Heather blogs at Fantasy Cross Stitch and Missy blogs at Missylaneous. Heather has pictures up of what I sent her. But I'm not sure about Missy.

And look at this..
The mystery Christmas SAL Paulette is hosting. I'm putting all of them on this piece of 36ct Vintage Maritime with DMC threads. I'm adding a few other colors to the mix. Like this pattern, it has one pear that is a different color than the other pears. So I looked for a thread that looked like pear color, a light greenish yellow. Now that my Halloween stitching is done I'll pay attention to this SAL and what I put together for my Christmas stitching, below but ignore that owl!
These are the plans anyway because all of my WIPs are really starting to talk to me! If I finish all of these, I have more as backup!

I am joining the Debbie's Crazy January SAL in 2016. No super duper for me! I'm thinking 15 but may do 30. I'll be better organized than I was this year! The sad part is I have a full 30 projects kitted now that I was supposed to do in February of this year. So I'm pretty set right now!

My daughter and I are headed to Las Vegas, or Lost Wages as I've heard some people call it, in December and Hallelujah! there is a cross stitch shop there! I will be bribing my daughter to go with me, haha. I better save up some SFS credits and finish more things between now and the first week of December. Yee-Haw!! 

Thanks everyone for stopping in. I've had some new followers by way of Bloglovin, Welcome! I have a few no-reply followers too, thanks since I can't reply to you. 

Take Care!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Whoo's There?

Is there anybody out there? Quick, what song or singer is that lyric from?

Well, it's Gifted Gorgeousness time again and house construction has begun on Whoo's There..

So the color of this fabric is actually white and gray, not how it looks above. I'm too lazy to get off the couch for a better picture! I'm hoping for a finish before this Halloween, fingers crossed. 

Thanks for the well wishes, my headache has been gone. We're due for 3 days of rain and maybe that had something to do with it. My daughter came home sick tonight, oh boy. Fun times ahead! Not!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My oh my, what a wonderful day yesterday was! Today? Not so much..

My exchange goodies have arrived!

A big box!

Packages, a card, candy, candles, black trims, the orange kitchen towel..

The Halloweenie chart, the adorable cube. I had never seen that design by LizzieKate before. Two ceramic decorations and the pompom trim. It's always great to be gifted with trims.

Another chart I have never seen by Stacy Nash. This is identical to my tombstone angel drum keep which is still not sewed together! The notepads will keep me in an Autumn state of mind for awhile. And..
this great 36ct Mesa fabric! By PTP, my favorite kind of linen that is off limits economy-wise! 

Thanks again, Joanie! I love it all!

I'm home from work with what feels like Mr. Vertigo or a migraine trying to make a comeback. Thought I'd post this and then go back to bed! 

Take care, y'all!

Monday, October 12, 2015

The winner and exchange goods!


I have survived the Great Pepper Fire! I'm good but I haven't broke into a jar just yet to see what they taste like, haha. 

Onto the business at hand! 

                 LEE is the winner of the magazine and fab/floss!

Lee, email me at to leave your mailing address and I'll get it out to you asap.

As for my Halloween giveaway, Heather has emailed me with her address but Missy, no. Where are you Missy?? 

I have not received my Halloween Harvest exchange goodies just yet but my recipient got hers from me:
Becky does not have a blog but she does FB. I made her the box at the top with the August freebie from the Stitcherhood, fabric and trims because she finishes her own things, caramel, cinnamon candle, a thread holder, two overdyed threads, charms, a Notforgotten chart and fabric to go with it. Here's a closeup of the box..
I enjoyed making it. I also changed the color of the Quaker emblem on the stitched section and boy, can a button with a ribbon cover up a joining problem! 

I believe this is the last exchange for me. I love them but s___ happens and sometimes your partner isn't able to send your goodies on time. I can understand that but it's happened the last two exchanges I've taken part in. Is it me? Who knows. Besides, it interferes with my Halloween stitching! Woo haw! 

Finally, finally I'm stitching for myself! I'm so bad, I have forgotten the Friday Frolics with Kitten Stitching SAL, the Americana SAL, and the PS SAL. but my excuse is giveaway and exchange stitching. And I missed the Gifted Gorgeousness last month because of Mr. Mojo leaving the building. So last night, I pulled out my Whoo's There and started on the scary house. I'll update the PS SAL with that one, pictures forthcoming.

That about does it. I'll be back on the 15th with Whoo's There for the GG. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Winners are.....

HEATHER!! She wins the main prize and 
gets the Consolation prize!! 

Ladies, send me your mailing addresses to and I will get your packages in the mail by next week! 

I am kinda still stitching on the bigger prize, lol. So glad you all played along. Thanks!

Okay, back to NHL hockey!