Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turtle Trot, Lost and Found, a finish

Morning all!

Yesterday was a great day. Preseason football games, the first episode of Outlander..woohoo.

It's Turtle Trot today and I worked on two WIPs. As usual, pic heavy!

LK Mystery Scary Sampler
Horrid picture. I finally started the bottom portion. Last time, all I had was the 5 blocks with the leaves and the black. my stitching has been in the past month, I have a problem
I have 4 and 1/4 inches below the house to add the lawn, a row of acorns and leaves, and the border. It's not going to happen! This is what I get for being thrifty and buying the fabric separate from the kit. Oh well. I have raised the house to two lines below the black/green line, shortened up the roof, raised the windows to a line below the roof. Because I shortened the roof, I had to pull in the windows. Everything below the windows will be as charted. I will get this framed so I'm trying to leave enough fab at the bottom to do that. I'm thinking the satin stitch portion of the lawn will be shortened up too. Can't leave that out!

And from the Lost and Found Department, here's Pumpkins and Sunflowers! I misplaced this and it's been MIA since the beginning of this year. Here's what I had before

And where I'm at now
This is so much fun, so much that I found myself still stitching at 11pm last night! Ever have a stitching like that where you lose track of time? There will be a good amount of backstitching. This is on Lambswool Jobelan. I'm really enjoying stitching on an evenweave. I always became confused on whether I was supposed to stitch over 1 or 2. 

 I have a finish also
By Pineberry Lane, Lydia Broome Sampler. I saw this sewed up into a pin pillow on another blog and it was very nice. My first thought was a large needlebook since I've never made one. It'll get the lizard sand treatment!

I started another ornament from a JCS ornament mag but not enough work to show it.

I bought more trim, feeding this trim obsession I've got!
From Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

And I up and joined an exchange for the Fall/Halloween season. Over at the Dixie sampler 

Its been a couple of years since I joined an exchange and I'm pretty sure cross stitch gifts are allowed under SFS rules.
It'll satisfy my urge to splurge! Speaking of SFS, Mel has given us a $25 bonus to spend during Market week! So
looking forward to that! 

How about a small Giveaway?! When I found P & S (pumpkins and sunflowers), I came across a couple of things that I don't want. Here's one:
There are tons of patterns in this thing. Here's a few peaks:
There are instructions to put all these different uses together.

Leave a comment saying I Want It. If more people leave the comment, on the 17th, I'll draw a name. I may just throw in a few extras that pertain to the designs in this book just to get you on your way! Open to everyone, overseas too. To heck with the cost of global shipping, eh?!

I also have a few Christmas stitching books that I'll giveaway too in the upcoming weeks.

But today I will be doing this.....

Thanks for your comments as usual! Welcome to the new followers that are following through Bloglovin! Take care.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July's TUSAL and Stitch from Stash, progress, a finish, and stash!

How's everyone doing? This is going to be a long post with lots of pics. Just thought I'd warn you all! First I saw this over at 123stitch, borrowed the picture. I can say yes to 6 of these! Honestly now, what's your count?!
This is a new pattern on the New Items page at 123stitch.

So I'm doing double duty today for TUSAL and SFS. Here's my ort jar for the month of July
I have been stitching everyday, maybe a one day break when I finished my latest ornament. I took one ort out to show you how far down I go! I've looked at others and they're so long! Lots of blacks from Early Witches. 

My ending balance from June was : $32.73
Add $25 for July:                               25.00

Money Spent (I tried my best to make this a free month!):
$1.68 on GAST to finish the Sampler Pillow
  7.20 on LK Hats Off chart
  3.52 LK embellishment pack
  9.99 JCS Halloween issue
  2.20 on Colourworks thread (formerly Crescent Colours) for-
  5.39 LHN Red House in Winter
= $29.98! 

Ending balance is now $27.75 to carry over. I'm still buying too much I feel. I just need a couple skeins of an overdyed for a project I want to start in the next couple of weeks. After that, who knows?! Haha.

My new starts from stash were: Early Witches, the Mystery SAL with the Primitive Hare
I'm doing my best to get caught up but that's a lot of black! I'm using 32ct French Vanilla and I added some splotches with coffee and vanilla extract. So when I ironed this for its intro, up wafted the scent of warm vanilla! I know there's alcohol in the extract so I didn't use a lot. I'm taking this design almost right up the edges. Isobel did say that if you're going to frame, it'll have to be close without much border. I'm worried about how much length it'll take! 

Here's my ornament, from stash also. I tried to find a website for Cherrywood Design Studios. It's a real mystery because I printed the freebie from somewhere last year and I can't remember!
Isn't he cute?! I may make him a flat ornament with pins on the side. I'll just have to look for pins that'll match these colors.

And the last new start is from Pineberry Lane, the Lydia Broome Sampler
I'm using DMC on a mystery 36ct. I'll frame it for my mini wall.

WIPS or UFOS worked on: yes! Wicked, School Days, LK Scary Mystery Sampler, RP Sampler Pillow, and Dream Big.

Here's Wicked just recently

I love the crow with his crown. I've made a mistake on the key handle, a miscount and I'm frustrated. The miscount is at the top, just to the right of the crow. I stopped at the bottom of that curve when it didn't meet up perfectly. I don't know whether to frog the top where the original problem started or leave it and adjust the bottom. It won't screw up the body of the key whatever I do. So I just dropped this and moved onto something else!

Here's School Days now
Those birds and the darker leaves are a bit darker than in real life. I'm about ready to add my initials and a date below the bird at the left of the trunk, and the trunk. The roof of the schoolhouse starts below those three birds. Can't wait!

Here's what I had before

And the last of the pictures, the RP Sampler Pillow, and the skein of Claret that I had to buy to finish this but I have another problem
See the W? The right leg is the newest skein of Claret and the older skein on the left. That older skein I've had for years! And it's so much lighter than the newer. What to do. Ugh, I hate that. I get a little persnickety from time to time and if I said I'll keep stitching it just to have a finish and that I'll use it just stinks to me! We'll see!

Any temptations this time around? Everything's a temptation right now! Anything that is Halloweenish/Autumn, is. Maybe because its been so hot here. This past week it's been 97 or so, and then our monsoon rains finally came back Thursday and yesterday with a vengeance, knocking out a transformer near work. I got to come home early yesterday!

I finish finished an ornament too
I had it sewed up a couple weeks ago and needed more stuffing. I used the fabric it's sitting on as the backing and used the ric rac to trim it. It's a keeper. I have more things to be finished so I need to get my butt to the sewing machine.

Want to see my stash?
I see about 5 designs in the Halloween mag that I want to stitch. And of course, Praiseworthy Stitches always has worthy designs in these issues that I want to stitch. And then the LK design and the LHN one. I've seen that one stitched up before on blogs but never thought much of it. This time, had to have it! That red of the house is beautiful.

I believe that's it! Thanks for hanging in there. I'm hoping to have more finishes by the time Turtle Trot day comes around. I need to justify the stashing and all I keep doing is starting stuff! Then there's more of my 2014 new starts that I haven't touched in months that I should be taking care of. What I really need to do is win a lottery worth a couple hundred million and then, I can stay home!

Take care! I appreciate your comments!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A little distraction..the Questions!

Morning! Or Good Afternoon!

I've been seeing these questions pop up over the last few days so I thought I'd answer them too! I'm taking a small break, about to go check for mail and do some quick grocery buying. So here goes:

Q1: How did you start? Who introduced you to cross stitching?
I've always been crafty, doing mostly latch hook rugs and some very amateurish quilts. I had seen some simple stitching kits and picked up one. I think it was a Mill Hill beaded Christmas Tree kit. I am self-taught with the outcome of that kit answered on Question 14! I also stitched a lot of Jeremiah Junction stuff on 14ct Aida.

Q2: Favorite theme or Designer?
I would say Halloween with Christmas a close second. I have stitched a lot of LizzieKate so designer will have to be LizzieKate. Now I love Pineberry Lane, Stacy Nash, Plum Street Samplers, and of course, still LizzieKate.

Q3: What brand of floss do you use?
I mostly use DMC but I'll use overdyes for a pattern when called for. I love silks but they're kinda pricey for this budget minded gal!

Q4: What is your fabric of choice?
Linen, any color, 32 to 36 counts.

Q5: Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
Floss licker, lol!

Q6: What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?
I just use Qsnaps or versions of them. I also hand stitch.

Q7: How many projects have you finished?
Hard to say as I sold a lot on eBay. When my computer kicked the bucket, I lost a bunch of pictures of my finished items. I'm going to guess about 50 projects, in various stages of finish.

Q8: How many completed works are hanging in your house?
Zero big items like framed samplers but I do have these
My collection of mini's. I'll have a entire wall of mini's eventually. All my own framing except the Kindness one at the far left which was professionally framed. I hang my ornaments up too.

Q9: Do you stitch for gifts or for yourself?
Mostly myself but some of the ornaments you see me finish go to other homes for Christmas. I also still sell a few on eBay every now and then.

Q10: Favorite finished cross stitch piece?
The Queen's Crowns by Plum Street Samplers
First time stitching with silks and on 36ct fabric. I stitched this while watching the London Olympics. I also stitched a Shepherds Bush angel some years back and sold on eBay. I wish I could have it back! It had beads and metallic threads on it. It was beautiful.

Q11: Worst experience whilst stitching?
I left a stitching unattended and my cats decided to frog it! I learned my lesson on that one!

Q12: What do you love and hate about cross stitch?
I enjoy the serenity it gives me. I'm a divorced single mother and the years of raising my daughter hadn't been easy. Stitching was and is my therapist! I'm not sure I hate anything about stitching. Maybe that it takes all of my attention and I let things go a little like dishes, housework!

Q13: Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitching?
Nah! My daughter didn't take to it but she sure likes Pinterest and has done some of the crafty things from it like covering her closet doors with that printed burlap
It's pretty neat in person. So I'm glad she's got some crafty in her! Other friends and family? Well, lets just say that they are either not crafty or consider stitching to be an old ladies thing!! Well, the nerve! Live and let live, right?!

Q14: The first project, did you finish it?
A resounding NO! Lol. I had stitches going every which way, bugle beads missing where there should've been, just a general mess! Tossed it.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! I've been feverishly stitching on the Primitive Hare SAL to get caught up as the second portion has been released. I have an ornament finish and have sat down at my sewing machine, finally. I'll be back with all that on the 26th for SFS.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July's Turtle Trot

Hi everyone!

I can't seem to leave comments on blogs lately. I don't know what's going on. It must be a Blogger thing because when I click on local newspapers' website, the page loads completely. On the blogs, the page doesn't go to a full load, which also describes my mind lately! Sometimes I feel like I should just buy a PC. I'm hoping this isn't permanent. Anyone else using an iPad having this problem? So to Gracie from Needles Pins and Dragonflies, I'm hoping you're feeling better after your fall. One of these days I just may 'wander' into Joanne's too!

Edited to add: I restarted my iPad and that seemed to clear up the problem. Thanks Kathy Simpson, I will keep your tip in mind!

As for Turtle Trot, I managed to work on just one WIP
LK's Mystery Sampler from almost two years ago. What I'd like to know is What happened to last year?! It's Thursday and..never mind, I'm starting to babble. I get tired near the end of the week and my mind isn't fully loading! Anyway, I thought I would delay the satin stitches but I like moving left to right, top to bottom so I bared down and stitched them. They were actually fun and so shiny. The picture doesn't do them justice. I have the entire bottom section left to do. Here's what this looked like before

The Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow is not a TT WIP but I did make progress on it until I ran out of thread! Here she is before

And now
I put in an order for another skein of GAST Claret.

I also forgot to show my progress on School Days last time
It's coming along nicely. I was glad to stitch in the tree trunk and the leaves to get some color onto this thing!

Along with the GAST thread mentioned above, I also ordered the LK Hats Off chart with the embellishment pack. The designer has some real cute stuff coming out for Halloween and Christmas. I also received word from 123stitch that my reserved copy of the newest JCS Halloween magazine has arrived and that I can go order it! Haha, may have to wait to order that though. Although my stashing has gone down considerably this year, I feel like I'm still not learning anything! But seriously, after I buy that magazine, I will be putting a clamp on the wallet and doing my best to forget my Visa number!

Thanks for stopping in! A big WELCOME to the new followers also! I'm off to restart this iPad and see if it will help this blog problem. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I had some smokin' needles this month
That's a lot for me. Mojo kept sneaking away last month. Not this month! I'm stitching like there's no tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitch From Stash June

For this months SFS, we were given a $50 bonus of which I took advantage of! Thanks Mel! It's quite convoluted though and I just hope Mel can figure this one out!

Beginning Balance was $33.13
Regular June amount-   $25.00=$58.13
Add $50 bonus =$108.13

I spent $14.00 on Miss Baxter's House by Stacy Nash
               0.46 on a skein of DMC to finish Fancey Blackett
              22.55 in fibers for Miss Baxter
              15.90 for the patterns for the Primitive Hare Mystery SAL
              11.09 fabric for Miss Baxter
              11.40 fabric for the PH SAL
for a grand total of $75.40 in purchases! I now have a new balance of $32.73 (108.13 - 75.40).

I had 2 new starts from stash: Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy (which i showed on a previous post) and Wicked by Barbara Ana Designs. Here's what I have for Wicked

WIPs I worked on were Fancey Blackett, Snowy Night, R.B. Sampler Pillow, Dream Big, LK Scary Mystery Sampler, and School Days. Here's progress on Dream Big

And what it looked like before

Here's School Days before

And now
The colors of this sampler are what it really looks like. 

I really blew a hole in my budget so I've got to watch it from here on out. In July the new Halloween JCS issue comes out and I've reserved a copy from 123stitch and that will be the end of the money leak. Well, until I see what kind of things are in the Halloween issue!

I'm off to stitch. Take care!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Finishing

Just what am I up to anyway?! I surprised myself by FINALLY finishing some things. Above is the leftover mess.

Take a look at Housework Never Killed by LizzieKate
The backing fabric is the same as the green polka-dot on the front. Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby to see what kind of trims I could find. Found some and then went to the sale wall to check out the fabric remnants. This green polka-dot was there with a larger piece. I've been stitching an Easter piece that I'm going to make a cube and thought this fabric would go great for it. I originally had a green check for Housework but tried this and viola! Very pretty if I do say so myself! Love it.

Now this design I don't know who the designer is but I did the bleed thing again. Darn!
See the 'a' in Xmas? Aarrgh. Well, this is for me personally so it's not too bad but I was so proud of how it turned out. The backing is the same stripe but going horizontally.

Trick or Treat from La D Da, from a Halloween preview issue of JCS
It looks funny because I ran out of stuffing at this point. It needs more. I may edge this with black beads.

And, Dead of Night by Funk and Weber, no stuffing at all
I have the funky (Funk and Weber? Get it?) skeleton fabric sewed to the side. I need to cover the seam and have white ric rac for that. It's busy but a skeleton get together is always busy right?! I stitched the pumpkin with an orange that matched the skeleton hats. Tomorrow, I'll head to Hobby Lobby for more stuffing.

Last week, I picked this up to stitch. Poor thing was still sitting there from before Easter!
Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy. There are 6 pink buttons that go on this, 3 on top, 3 at the bottom. I found the buttons from JABC on a ONS but they were $8.something for 6. Ugh. So yesterday at Hobby Lobby, I found those buttons in the pic for $1.99. They're perfect. I'll use the pink ones. That's the white ric rac I'm using for the skeletons. For Bunny though, I have this pretty white frame that works very well but I also thought of finding a fabric with those colors on it and making a pillow. I'll have to see what I'll do.

I mostly finish things to hang but decided it would be nice to have pillows to put in a bowl.

Here's my trims I picked up. I'm blowing my budget to smithereens! I'm pretty sure I read that trims, fabric, etc. are exempt from the SFS budget, as are q-snaps and the like. I also bought a very small q-snap for ornaments. Last week Mel from SFS, let us know of an extra $50.00 added to our budget. We just have to spend the usual $25.00 first. Oh yeah! I'm taking care of that, you betcha! I've gone and joined The Primitive Hare's Mystery SAL she has on FB. So I bought the e-pattern and am awaiting the fabric for it. I also bought fabric for the Stacy Nash design I spoke of last post. I gotta do my part for the economy, dontcha know!

Well this is it for this post in between the SALs and whatnot. I squirreled away 4 hours of finishing this morning and if not for running out of stuffing, I'd probably still be finishing! Oh, and I've got more to finish too! Take care everyone!