Saturday, October 18, 2014

Post-FNSI, a little stash, a cutie pie

Good Morning, or Good Afternoon, wherever you're at!

I stitched with the FNSI last night and I stitched on Early Wtches..
She's coming along. The self-talk worked but only with this one! I have yet to frog a portion of Wicked but I'll do that this weekend. Time is running out though for Halloween finishes!

I stashed a little bit...
I just had to have Jack's Bash. There is some over one stitching on it but I'll man up and just do it! The two fabrics are for two designs in the newest JCS Ornie mag. The two flosses are for my exchange project. This chart and the two ornaments are going to be part of the DUCJ2015 (I think that's the correct acronym) in honor of SoCal Deb that Linda over at Stitching with my Furbabies is starting in the new year. I'm not sure I can do the SAL clear into February but I can the 31 day start. I'm excited about it! I've made my list, most of the projects have their fabric and flosses, and some I need to buy the supplies. Only after Stitch from Stash ends though, lol!! I have the first 15 days ready to roll. Here's Jack's Bash at a better angle..
Love it!

I follow this blog called The Spotted Hare, which is on my sidebar at the bottom of the blog list. Lorianne creates the cutest characters out of Mohair. She recently had a Halloween show and I bought this cutie pie..
A little mouse made from Mohair.  She has tiny bead eyes, a floss tail sitting on that black velvet pumpkin. If you'd like to check out her blog here's the link:

Thought I'd leave you with a sunset we had the other day. The sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous lately! Take care everyone! See you next time!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Turtle Trot October, SAL-itis, yadda yadda

Wow, these last few months are sure going by fast, aren't they?

I worked on one TT WIP, Pumpkins and Sunflowers, Now
Can't get a good picture of this.

P & S is a fun stitch and not very big.

As for progress on Harvest Delivery, here she is..Now
I like the argyle pumpkins. I want to finish this before Thanksgiving.

And before..
I'm getting ready to stitch the black wagon, a few more flowers, and the wagon tongue. Onto the horse! Looking forward to him/her.

I had to have one last new start for something Halloweeny, so here it is..
Tombstone Angel Pinkeep Drum and Strawberry. Yes, I'm going to attempt to construct this drum! I have a perfect fabric for the top and the wool for the bottom. I'll have to buy the black velvet for the strawberry though. Which then brings me to the question of-If I can stitch this tombstone angel, why can't I get back to stitching on my Early Witches piece?!
This the SAL with the Primitive Hare. Actually, as I was working away on the drum piece up above, I was feeling like I could go back to Witches and really put in an effort to catching up. I think the last part is being released this coming week. After I post this, I think I'll get back to it.

My plan for October is No New Starts for Halloween! I will finish up the all the Halloween type projects I have going, including Wicked..
I just need to frog some stitches at the bottom of the key. 

Lets see if my self-talk works!

Speaking of SAL-itis, I joined yet another group! Kim at Wisdom with Needle & Thread is hosting the Traveling Treasure Chest. She has sent off a package with some of her unwanted stash. She picked the first Pirate who is Teresa from the blog At Willow Tree Pond. Teresa picks two charts she wants, adds two or three from her own stash and sends the whole thing off to the next pirate! All of us who joined have alter egos! I am...

Harriet 'One-Eyed' Goff, the Knave of Mudskipper Harbour, who is also a jolly japester prone to the yo ho ho-ing, especially after a bottle of rum!

Yup, that rum will do that to you!

As mentioned in another post, I joined with a Christmas exchange hosted by Angela P at Hooked on Stitching. I received my recipient info and will begin stitching here soon, probably after I get all my Halloween done. It's not due to be shipped until the end of November.

I'm taking it easy today because Mr. Vertigo is trying to make his presence known. I dreamed I had an episode this morning but I think it really happened! How weird is that! I've been plagued with vertigo for the last 10 years and its a B---H!! Sometimes I can go for a year with constant vertigo but at a small degree where I have to lay down very slowly and get out of bed very slowly but life goes on. And sometimes they're so bad that I can't drive or work. One episode I went to the ER and had an MRI and  an EKG because this one was sooo bad and I could feel my heart beating like it was going to jump out of my chest. Both tests came out clear and positive. I was sent home with Valium to help with the anxiety. Right now I have a huge headache because I'm stressing over this. I've gone an entire year and a half without Mr. Vertigo. Why he's shown up now is beyond me. So no weedwacking for me. I had planned on yard work today but that's not happening now.

Thanks for allowing me to vent about Mr. Vertigo. I hate him! Lol!

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm also happy to see new followers, either through Blogger or Bloglovin'. A BIG Welcome to you all! My blogging anniversary is coming up in December so a Giveaway might be nice, right?! Take care all!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exchange goodies have arrived!

Holy Halloween Socks! Just a peek so far...

Here we have black, gray and white twine, Time for Halloween pattern by Brenda Gervais, black and purple fuzzy socks (which I absolutely love), the little ruler which I plan on staining, card and the M&Ms, which are now gone. Thank You very much Vicki! Love it all! 

My first watch locket with the little witch inside. And look at that black arch that its hanging from
See that black bat on the side? This is so pretty. It'll be the centerpiece of my Halloween decorating!

This package came at the right time as I had to have my car towed home after work today because of a flat tire. No spare-ugh! So Dear Daughter will have to drive me to work in the morning. I'll be buying a couple tires this weekend. Needless to say, what Vicki sent cheered me up considerably. Thanks again Vicki!

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Scary Happy Dance...whew

That's right...whew! I just have a couple stitches to put in the lower left but my problem child has flown the coop!
The LK Mystery Scary Sampler in all its glory. After two and a half days of marathon stitching, I'm done, practically. I went back in my posts to find when I started this and it was 2012. I didn't order the kit, just the charts. I had my own fibers and ordered the fabric. As you can see on a picture below, I had to leave some things off to have enough fabric to frame with. Some things I realized is that I could've stitched in the house as charted and not left so much lawn. My satin stitching with the green has gone wonky on the sides. Also on the chart, the Cadet is satin stitched. It is added that instead of satin stitches, the two parts of the lawn could be cross stitched. Right there at the bottom left I'll stitch in a diamond like those on the right side above the satin stitching so it won't look so off kilter. As for the wonky, it's staying because I just want to move on! Here's what the chart looked like..

Hoping these pictures look alright from your side. I'm glad I have a finish of some kind!

See ya'll on the 10th!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TUSAL time

Now I know I stitched more than this..
You can't see it but I have lots of black in there, mostly from the Queen of quite a lot exchange pillow.

Goodnight! Zzzzzzzzzz........

Monday, September 22, 2014

September Stitch From Stash, finishes, road trip pics, the exchange,etc..

Here we are, end of September. It's just going by too fast! Picture heavy by the way.

Friday night I stitched with the Sew-In and stitched right into Saturday and Sunday. There is no loss of mojo whatsoever but I do most of my stitching on the weekends anyway. During the week, I'm either too wiped out or stressed to pick up a needle. I also managed to finish a couple things too. Without further ado, here's SFS..

Beginning balance was: $52.75 with September's $25 added.

Money spent: $29.60 for two designs from the Primitive Hare, Wicked and Christmas Carol Sampler.

New starts from stash: Harvest Delivery
My Saturday and Sunday stitching. I'm stitching this on 32ct Platinum which I love. It's a nice all purpose fabric. It's a lot of fun.

WIPs or UFOs worked on: Exchange projects which is below, School Days, Vintage Stars, Merry Moose Wishes, LK Scary Sampler.

Balance is now $23.15. I could do better but...!

Here are my two finishes..
Designer is Plum Street Samplers, I think the chart is called My Pretties. I stitched this up a couple years ago as a huge pillow but it just looked terrible. So I cut it down and did this to it. I just noticed that a stitch is real loose, I'll have to fix that. And that PS ornament that is found in a JCS ornament magazine..
I need more Christmas ornaments! 

I just got an email from Joan who blogs at Stitching Squad (didn't get a link) that she received what I sent for the Harvest Exchange 2014. Besides a WTNT chart, floss to stitch it, scissors, needles, linen, wool, etc. I made these for her..
On the left is a door hanger. The design is from an older JCS issue. I also made the two wool leaves that are attached to the wire. I felt that wasn't enough so I stitched up the Scarlett House design and made the crown pin that is attached to the pillow at the upper left. She likes what I sent..woohoo!

As if my life isn't already busy, I up and joined the First Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange hosted by Angela at Hooked on Stitching

I think she has openings yet so go check it out. You make an ornament and send a card! That's it! 

I took some time off of work last week and my daughter and I drove to Jerome, AZ. for lunch at the Haunted Hamburger. It's named that because of the shenanigans something was doing with tools, noises, and such when the owners were renovating? Jerome is a ghost town that is still alive with about 300 people living there. The whole town is said to be haunted!
Our trip begins not too far from my home.. And into Jerome with its skinny roads
You can see the red rocks of Sedona in the distance. That's where we're going. The next pictures are entering or through Sedona. I love Sedona, it's so pretty there but their summers are pretty warm, in the low 100s most of the time but they also get some snow in the winter. Here we go..
This area has had a couple fires in the last year and you can see how the pines are burnt up, leaving just the tops. It's really greening up though because of the amount of rain we've had.
This would be my dream home!

This is Slide Rock State Park. Oak Creek runs through this portion, making the rock slick and its like a slide.

Lots of views.
See the rock above the white thing on the roof in the center of this pic? It's called Coffeepot Rock. Here's a better picture of it without the buildings..
See how it looks like an old style percolator coffee pot? You have the spout, the round thing on top, and the handle. On the other side of town, heading out toward Interstate 17, is Bell Rock which looks like a huge bell.

Now here's a picture that could answer a trivia question..
The only McDonald's in the entire US that doesn't have the yellow arches! They're turquoise. Zoning laws in Sedona allows only colors that reflect the area of the red rocks. Everywhere you go here, you notice the buildings, light poles, retaining walls are all a sandstone, brown, beige, or this turquoise color. It all looks very nice with the red rocks.

So I believe that's it. Hope you enjoyed the road trip. I'm hoping my iPad doesn't have too much trouble uploading all these pictures. I'm back to stitching on the LK sampler, determined to finish the thing before Halloween. Do I sound disgusted with the sampler? I am because its become a pain in my butt. I could've stitched more on the roof because now the satin stitches may be long in the lawn and I'm close to running out of the WDW Cadet for it. Grrr. I'll keep plugging away. Virpi's book she won is on its way to Finland and I'm crossing fingers it gets there. And Mary will soon be receiving her book too. All my business is done and I'm going to stitch! Take care and thanks for visiting!