Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bunnies Galore and a winner!

Can you guess what I spent my morning doing?
Yup! I finish finished up a few things. I started last weekend on this one..
Harvest 1823 is one of my Crazy starts and finish. I planned this as I went! No real idea on how to finish but I'm happy with the result. I wanted to fill this with lizard sand but forgot to use fusible lining on the linen section. Oh well.

Also last weekend, I finally gave Dream Big some attention..
I had a marathon session with this. You know how it smell a finish coming on and stay up late to get it finished! I had to look back in my posts to find when I started this and that was just last year. Not too bad. But today, here's what I did with it..
Eeeeeee!! I'm just in love with it. I attached white ric rac to the sides and pins that somewhat matched the hearts and the sun. I didn't put any beads at the bottom because I'm buying an easel for it. At the top is a funny beige ribbon. Here's another side..
Hope it's not too blurry. I believe the designer is CCN, Country Cottage Needleworks. It's very cute. 

And here's Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy. I started this last year, finished it, and left in on the unfinished pile until now..
Love how it turned out. I wanted to bring out the color of the heart so sewed in the hand dyed ric rac. I made up new cuss words sewing that ric rac to the dark green fabric! I spent more time ripping out seams than actual sewing. Sheesh. I like the look of it though! I only added two buttons instead of the six it called for. Finished it all off with the ivory-ish chenille trim. 

My other 'bunny' design is an unknown freebie. Just a tiny thing, I added the grass, the sun peeking from the corner, his tail, and more flower. Here it is with the other bunnies!..
I'm done! Two Saturdays in a row of finishing...whew! I just found out this morning that Easter is April 2nd, so this is my Easter/Spring contribution.

Time to announce the winner of the magazine and fabric and that would be...
Congrats Jacquie! Email me at to give me your mailing address. By the way, can you all let me know if I'm a no reply blogger? Frances gave me a head up on it. I went and tweaked a few things and I'm not sure if its fixed.

Thanks for coming by! Have a wonderful rest-of-the-weekend!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness-March

Fancey, I'm glad to say, now has a body!
Well, more body! She just needs hands and legs now.

This was last month..
This bottom picture shows the more correct color of this fabric. This is Fancey Blacketts Brooms by Pineberry Lane. I'm taking my time stitching on this because its the only gifted project I have but then I forget that I won some threads, which I'll use to start some new things like freebies or bigger items. I'm good for the rest of the year with GG. Yahoo!

Please check out the little giveaway on the last post if you haven't already. It's a magazine and fabric for one of the designs inside it. I'm off to stitch. It's promising to be another great day. It's great to know that Winter has loosened it's grip on some of you. I just heard birds chirping outside! 

Take care! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jumped right into it, we have a winner, and a magazine/fabric giveaway!

Ahh, Spring! It's supposed to get to 74 degrees today. Maybe I can finally turn off the heater!

Although I don't have all the threads needed, I decided to make the leap and start Christmas Garden by BBD!
I've been budgeting for the purchases of the threads needed for this as some call for 3 or 5 skeins each. I have 3 colors and still need 2 others which I'll buy here in another week or two. Above is what I have so far, just some border. It's huge! A new start is definitely what I needed and I haven't picked up anything else! 

So we have a winner from the two that wanted the Aida and that would be LINDA!!!! Linda I have your address from the package you sent me for the Traveling Chest. Wonder what happened to that, if it got lost or what. I think some countries are going through mail strikes. Anyway, I'll have the Aida on its way to you this coming week.

How about another giveaway? This one is for the magazine and the fabric for one design..
My pictures are just terrible, ugh. The 28ct Dawn Grey Jubilee evenweave is for the project on the left-Autumn in New England. Lots of tweeding here, judging by the next picture..
The bracketing represents using one strand of one color and a strand of another. There's a lot of work here but it'll be beautiful when done. Not a whole lot of backstitching either. This is a JCS August 1992 issue with lots of other designs too. I've had this in my stash for a very long time; time for a new home! Who would like it? This time I can send overseas and Canada. As usual, if more than one person wants it, I'll draw names next Saturday. Open to everyone, follower or not.

Alrighty! That's it for today, a short post. I'm stitching on my GG project so I'll be back tomorrow to post for that. The 15th already! Time is just speeding by. 

Take care!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

WIP it! WIP it good! Stashing and whatever else.

How've you all been? I've been MIA due to work, aches and pains, and while I'm at it, where the heck have the last two months gone? Hmm? Well, I can finally walk properly without a hitch in my get up and go. My knee is finally doing better. The overtime at work is over, hallelujah! I now have my 3 day weekend back and after not stitching for 4 or 5 days, I picked up a needle and stitched this morning. But the mountain of WIPs still remain. Last weekend I picked up a few WIPs, stitched an hour or so and then picked up something else to do the same. That weekend it rained for 4 days on and off and then as a last kick in the booty, snow! Picture heavy.

And now, it's 61 degrees outside and we've got this..
Everything is just greening up. I was going to prune my 25 year old rose bush but have misplaced my pruners. So here I am and now you probably want to see my progress on WIPs. Here we go..
I added more branch to Trick or Treat.

Blackie Pin Cushion by Homespun Elegance got more body and the tree, and leaves. I thought I had a before picture but I don't.

Here's Holiday Samplings II by Homespun Elegance also..
That last diamond at the right is where the end is so its not too big.

And before..

And I finally picked up an older WIP, Blackwater Hollow Sampler by Stacy Nash..
And before..

I have more that I stitched on but I'll save those for another day.

And I stashed!
The extent of my Market buys..for now! I have my eye on a chart from Lindsay Lane, two from Country Stitches, one from PSS but they'll have to wait. 

These came from Needlecraft Corner in their Clearance section for half off so disregard the prices on the two Stacy Nashes! Bee in your Bonnet is going to be the perfect summer stitch. And I can't pass up anything Scary so there ya go!

These came from a stash sale put on by the owner of the blog Cozy Egg for her friend. I looked for it again but it looks like the sale is over. I bought the Smokey Pearl linen for the Frosty Forest charts (thanks Jeannie!) but I'm not real sure of the color now.

I think I have enough new stash now!

Couple posts ago Jo of Serendipitous Stitching asked me if I had a lot of fabric for finishing..
That's all of it! Plus other Halloween fabric in the green box below. I feel about fabric like I do stash, I have to rein myself in. A lot of it though are remnants that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, and Joanne's.

While I'm at it, here's my trims..
All of this is in my tall plastic storage tower. And I have more because Victorian Motto had a Primitive trims package for sale so I bought!

While doing some cleaning, I came across some 14ct Aida. Who would like them? If more than one person would like them, I'll draw names next Saturday. Unfortunately, I can't ship overseas or Canada, just the US. 
Steel Grey, Williamsburg Blue, and Fiddlers.

Well, I believe that's it. Hope the pictures aren't too blurry. I haven't touched my Gifted Gorgeousness yet so I need to get going on that. I have not bought fabric for the Glendon Place Desserts SAL put on by Brenda from Stitch Haven so I need to take care of that. At the same time, I ask myself..Do I really need a new start?! We'll see. I may be raring to go when the 2nd post comes up for the SAL in April!

I'm enjoying your comments! A big WELCOME to the new followers on Bloglovin and here. Take care!

Here's Bubba Jay who just woke up



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness February, a finish, progress

Hello everyone!

Time for the GG! This a year-long SAL hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitcher. Stitch on a project that was gifted, fabric/floss that was gifted, a gift to someone, etc. Over on my sidebar I have a button to check it out.

I have Fancey Blackett's Brooms which was given to me for a birthday. She's coming along and I'm glad to see one of her red eyed owls hangin' with her!..

Here's how she looked before..
The top picture is better for the actual fabric color, which is WDW Beige. This is the only gifted or to be gifted project I have so when I'm done with Fancey, this SAL is over for me! I'll be down to just one SAL which is the Glendon Place Amazing Desserts one.

I have another Crazy finish..Emmanuel freebie by PSS..
This is number four. It's so small because I stitched it on 36ct.

While I've gotten some stitching on a few things, Trick or Treat got most of my attention..
and before
Jo wanted to know if I had all the buttons and no, I do not. There's a lot of them. I have a few bats and pumpkins in my stash but I'll wait for the end to see if I really need more.

Last weekend I had a kind of rotation going while I was bingeing on Sherlock Holmes on Netflix! Every new episode I changed to a different project. Lasted for a little while though because I watched the last 2 seasons! Have some of you heard of The American Horror Story that was on FX and is now on Netflix? I saw the first two episodes and must say its a weird show. I might use it for another rotation.

For the most part, I just pick up whatever catches my eye. Today that is Salem Sisters by PSS while we watch Mouse Hunt, a crazy mice have run amok movie. 

I'm off to stitch. Thank you for your comments on my last post. I didn't get to finish my Valentines Day finishes. The 14th took me by surprise! Take care. Best wishes to those of you dealing with cold and snow. It's about 70 outside ;)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finishes, error!

How's everyone? Picture heavy.

Please disregard my last post! I'm getting these Friday Night events mixed up. It was FNWF last night, not FNSI! And I don't even do the FNWF. Ha. I'm pretty sure I posted that in the morning before I left for work; that explains it all!

I'm sure by now many of you have deduced that I'm no longer doing the DSDUCJ/FC2015. Yes, you are right. I threw in the towel right at the 27th start. It was getting to be too much. I've got started projects everywhere! Stitching on the weekends trying to get caught up with the last 5 days. In the mix are knee, sciatic back problems which are enough to take my attention away! If this becomes an annual event, I'll stick with 15 new starts!

Lets get going with my finishes! 
The first two are the Crazies: Majestic Bird by Homespun Elegance, found in the JCS 2013 issue, Harvest 1823 by Tina Woltman. Love is a freebie that can be found at and the little Love is by Plum Pudding Needleart, also a freebie. My two contributions to the month of Love!

Due to inspirational posts by the one and only Carol of Stitching Dreams and her lovely pillows, I'm turning everyone of my finishes into pillows. Here they are with their respective fabrics, soon to be worked on once that finishing mood washes over me. Don't know when that will happen!

And I will soon have another finish. Emmanuel by PSS..
Sorry for the wrinkles. Hope the 5 in the date looks like a 5! Here's how it looked before..
I have a few more flowers to put in and I'm leaving out the word Emmanuel at the bottom.

I have 3 Crazy finishes and that leaves 24 Crazy projects that I still need to stitch on. For the past two weeks I've been thinking of some kind of rotation to stitch on all these. Four years ago I joined a WIP SAL, can't remember the name. I had 14 WIPs (the good ol' days). I did a 10 hour rotation for my wips. Here's what one project looked like..
It took me 4 months and 19 days to finish this particular item. As you can see, sometimes I got in 7 minutes stitching. At the end of 10 hours, I moved onto the next item. It's a lot of record keeping that I'm not sure I really want to do! So I'm not sure what I'll do.

Since I didn't stitch my February starts, I have 29 days of kitted up projects! My plan for these are when I finish any of my Crazy starts, they can be ornament sized or BAPs, I will start something from my February kits! So since I have three finishes, I'll start just one thing. After this the 1 for 1 will go into effect. I can't ignore those February kits! There are Blackbird Designs and a bigger LHN in those, three BBDs of which I'm still buying floss for. I mean, 5 skeins of GAST Endive! And you have to buy all of them or risk having skeins of all colors of Endive. So each payday, I put in a small order for floss. That being said, I won't be working on any BBDs anytime soon!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for stopping in and leaving comments. I need to stitch on Fancey Blackett for the GG. I'll do that after some housework and hobbling at the grocery store. I hate being hurt :(. Hope you stitch a bunch!