Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Giveaway!

Head on over to Notforgotten Farm for her giveaway!! And check out the blog, especially those who, like me, love primitive arts & crafts :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new start, and the wait-ugh!

Happy Noon all!

I had an order with an ONS going back to the Super Bowl and have finally received it. It's all the thread for the Praiseworthy Stitches design in JCS Jan/Feb issue, thread for a freebie, and for ABC's from LHN:

Underneath is the mystery fabric to be used. I'm excited to start on this but only when I'm done with this LizzieKate design (have I mentioned how much I LIKE LK?!):

I started this last night watching Ghost Adventures. You get instant gratification with LK designs! I'll be done with this this weekend. Maybe by then my fabric from yet another ONS will arrive. I've been patiently waiting for it since the first part of this month. The fabric is for the winter beach design mentioned above. Seems all I've done is wait this month! I've noticed with LL fabric, waiting is almost a given considering how popular it is right now. Or maybe I'm buying from the wrong ONS.

Nothing much going on here other than a nice sized storm headed our way. The local newspaper warned us with 1 ft. of snow and high winds. That remains to be seen. I remember quite a few years ago the forecasters warned us with snow showers; we ended up with 2 1/2 ft. I've gone grocery shopping for the next 2 days and have battened down the hatches!

School is going good. One class has already ended as it ran for 5 weeks. So that leaves me with 3 classes, 2 are online. And of course Algebra, ick! This is why I'm able to pick up with the needle a lot more this semester than last. I did not stitch for 3 months straight in the fall. I had a heavy schedule with lots of work so I felt any leeway would put me behind.

I'm a heavy-duty reader, and joined Goodreads 2011 Challenge. I'm in the middle of a multi-book series right now and they're so good I've spent most of my time reading. Even ignoring stitching!

Well, hope the weather is fine where you're at! Spend it stitching!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stash additions, a tablerunner (is that two words or one?lol), pics and a Cutie Pie

You'd think with all the college I've had, ie-several English classes, that I'd know whether 'tablerunner' is two words or one! It looks right though.

Anyway, how's are y'all doing? It's raining right now with snow to come later, so it's a great time to stay home and be crafty. I'm finishing up an autumn woolfelt table runner, take a look:

I have to sew on the ribbon on the ends and blanket-stitch along the sides and it'll be done! It was a quick project. I had to buy pinking sheers for the leaves and I'll tell ya, I've been running around pinking everything! They're so fun! I received more stash also:

On the left: Klagetoh IV Navajo rug kit; center: Dust of Snow by Plum Street Samplers; right: Pumpkin Hollow Farms by LHN. I'm still awaiting all the threads for the winter beach design in JCS Jan/Feb issue. I think it'll all be here today, maybe. I'm going to cut myself off of buying stash, 86 myself from the INS (internet needlework store, I live more than 100 miles away from a real needlework store). I've got enough new stuff to last me and I'm looking forward to starting it all.

Couple weeks ago my daughter and her history class took a drive down to Tucson to see Uof A and a missile silo. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment!

Looking down into the depths of a missile silo with one in it! Definitely brings you face to face with the Cold War and what could've happened. Past the light color on the missile, it goes down another 15 ft. Can you imagine one of these coming at you?!

While there, they went to see San Javier del Bac or 'The White Dove of the Desert'. It's a Catholic mission that was founded by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692, constructed 1797. And services are still held there:

And here is the inside where the statuary and paintings are original:

And the ceiling:

On another note, here's Cutie Pie! (Please excuse the bookcase as it's not only used as one!)

Isn't she the cutest thing?! I named her Petunia. She was definitely an impulse buy :)

Well folks, time to get off this computer; I've been on it 3 hrs already. I joined the Spooky Stitchers SAL (like I really needed to), so I updated that also.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A finish and an Arizona sunset

The pincushion is finis...take a gander!!

I enjoyed stitching and finishing this pincushion. It's stuffed with crushed walnut shells, and the backing is this pretty pink paisley cotton material. I'm really liking the crushed walnut shells, I think that'll be my choice to stuff future pincushions.

Now I'm working on a woolfelt table runner, with autumn leaves (I'm either way ahead or way behind!). I'll show pics when I'm done. I don't know where I got this burst of inspiration to finish the pincushion and start the table runner, but I'm liking it! hmmm...what else can I work on?

Good evening or night, wherever you are all at!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New stash on the way

Actually, it's the fabric and the threads for Winter at Beacon House (see earlier post). I also bought fabric and threads for the Plum Street Samplers little design from the same issue of JCS. Can't wait! I don't do conversions. Whatever design caught my eye is what I buy for it, the called-for fabrics and threads. If I'm out of a GAST color, I'll throw in a WDW that looks alike. A lot of the time though, I use whatever fabric is in my stash. My fabric stash went down in numbers recently when I sold a lot of it on eBay. My bedroom/craft room looks a lot better!

On the WIP's/UFO's front--not a darn thing! Amazingly, I haven't stitched for 3 or 4 days. Maybe that's why I feel like I'm in a slump! I'm still stitching the All Hallow's Eve design from Notforgotten Farms. I'm almost done with it because I've decided to leave out the strip of pumpkins and vines that are below the numbers. I'd show you a pic but my camera went to Phoenix with my daughter for a ROTC drill competition today (her birthday is coming up, I need to buy her her own camera!).

Today is just a blahh kind of day; the sky is overcast and there isn't much going on around here. I need to get out of these pj's and grocery shop. (Light bulb over head)...yeah, chocolate here I come!

Have a great stitchy day, everyone!

p.s.: thanks Mary, for showing me the way! (I found the crushed walnut at a local pet store!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi folks! Betcha thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth! Nope, just busy. As the name of this post implies, I failed.

I'll clue you in....a month ago, on someone else's blog, I said that I was going on a pattern diet because I have enough projects to stitch. Wellll, I jumped off the wagon and bought these:

Yup, I went and did it: The Dampy Sod by Primitive Stitches and Witchy Brew by Witchy Stitches. And I've begun getting all the supplies together for this:

I saw this design (Praiseworthy Stitches) at someone's blog when they first picked it up and promptly fell in love with it. I fell off the diet baaaddd! I still have to buy more threads and a piece of fabric for the winter beach scene though. And I have the fabric for the 2 new leaflets. So it's not too bad!

I'll look at it as reward for doing so good on my WIP'S/UFO'S. I've finished 4 projects to this point and almost done with a fifth. 

School and work are keeping me busy. They are both necessary evils; they'll bankroll my stitching addiction!

I'll leave you with a couple pics of our cats. We have 4, yes 4!

That's Flash, momma to the other 3,

Here's Butter-short for Butterscotch. If I had my stuff together, I would've named him Opie! But when you're faced with 6 other kittens besides him, the thought processes are absent. I managed to find homes for the other 4. Whew!

And there you have it! Next time, I will have a pic up for my WIP progress. And maybe, if I can get them to sit patiently, post pics of the two other cats..the Psycho Sisters.

Have a wonderful day or evening, wherever you're at. And those of you facing the big storm, take care. Here in Arizona we enjoyed 60 degree days for the past week but now the wind is blowing and tonite it's supposed to go down to 9 degrees. But no snow!