Monday, February 27, 2012

Renaissance Festival pics and yapping

WARNING: Pic Heavy and Dungeon Torture pics! Just wanted to warn you!

President's Day found us (me, daughter and daughter's friend) heading down to Apache Junction for the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival. It looked like it was going to be a nice day. One of the first things we did was visit the Dungeon! Ooooohhh!

The Chastity Belt! Daughter and her friend couldn't believe this kind of thing existed! These are all dummies BTW! Can you see the big padlock on the side!
The Executioner! Pretty creepy huh?! Most of the displays came with explanations.
This torture form is pretty self-explanatory! You might start confessing to something when those rats start sniffing around the face.

This one is pretty gross! According to the explanation, a cut is placed into the belly of the prisoner and part of their intestine is pulled out and wrapped around the horizontal bar above. Then the handle on the side is rotated, slowly pulling the intestine out. I'm not sure anything coherent could be spoken!

O.K., what happens here is the prisoner is strapped to the wood X and then turned around while someone strikes in various places with an iron bar. This one is not so grisly as the one above.

Alright, this is the last one. I know, it's been torture hasn't it?! What you can't see is the saw blade off to the left. The prisoner sits on a wooden board and is moved forward a little at a time toward the saw blade. Perfect for obtaining confessions! There were other forms of torture that I didn't take pics of like an Iron Maiden (a cage in human form with spikes on the inside pointing to the unfortunate person).

My daughter and her friend rode an elephant and a camel but here they are on an elephant. My daughter is on the left.
And this is real cute! It came out great.
Throughout the whole festival are tradesmen, purveyors of fine clothing, and demonstrations of glass blowing, candle making, and more. The clothing always draw me because they are just pretty

The dress at the top is a wench's dress. Above, the one on the left looks like a Naval officers dress (or pirate!) and on the right, a church official. They would make great Halloween costumes but expensive ones. The wench's dress was $135!

And look who we ran into!
Captain Jack Sparrow! We saw two of these guys and they look like the real thing! It takes a whole day to take this festival in and I always spend too much on sourvenirs and food and drink. But we always have fun!

Today, I started on my next CJC start but Frog visited and I had to rip out all the black because I needed to place the design to the side so I'd have enough fabric to use for the backing. It's to be finished like the shape of a candy corn. And oh my, what's that around the fabric?! A Q-snap, or one like it!

I usually stitch in hand but I've started noticing that when I'm ironing the finished product, the wrinkles where I held it are tough to get out. So I thought I'd give the faux Q-snap a try and so far I'm liking it. I have tissue paper under the bars to protect the fabric and I like the idea of keeping my hands off the fabric. I'd like to buy longer rods for bigger projects too.

So have you all checked out all the new stuff coming out from Nashville? I haven't seen anything that interests me. There's one ONS that I buy from, Stitching Bits and Bobs, that has updates from Nashville. You should check it out. This coming Saturday, the 3rd, is our trip to Phoenix to take in a pro hockey game and my destination-the Attic! I have my shopping list ready and just can't wait! I'm looking for the BBD book that has the 'Tis The Season design in it, among others. Edgar just finished his and I saw it framed over at Keeper of the Crowes (you can click on that link). I'm in total love with it! I'm also looking for some fabric and whatever strikes my fancy. I've seen the book on eBay and here and there but it's like going to the movies, you've just got to buy the popcorn and the soda. I couldn't NOT buy anything from the Attic! I just hope I don't bankrupt myself! Wish me luck!

Thanks for coming by and have a super week! I'll leave you with a pic of the Psycho Sisters (Mo behind E.T.) :))
"Whould you shut that camera off? We're sleeping here!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Giveaway and a little update


You might want to check out this Giveaway over at My Life in Stitches in celebration of her 100th post. Read her blog too. That's a great excuse for a giveaway but I'm not sure I have even that many posts. I'll check :)))

I thought I'd update this past week's CJC start. I lost the mojo for the last 4 days. We had my daughter's birthday party Saturday afternoon, so we spent the whole morning up to a few minutes before everyone showed up, cleaning. She'll be 17 on Monday (where has the time gone?!). She had 4 friends over, ate pizza, cake and ice cream, and then watched Paranormal Activity 3. Then I left them to themselves with the XBox and went to bed! Anyway here's my update
That was my first day of stitching on this. As you can see, I haven't done much to it!

I have already picked out my start for Monday, also a CJC start for the 9th day. This is where I left off

Antique Locks and Keys

I will only have the evenings to stitch on this. We are going to the Renaissance Festival outside of Phoenix tomorrow, Presidents Day. I think it's in or outside of the city called Apache Junction. We've been going there almost every year for the last 6 or 7 years. Some years I just can't afford it because I have to rent a car to get there. My car is strictly a local transportation car! It is so much fun! I have an interest in Medieval/Renaissance times and it's so cool to see everyone in period dress. We tend to eat a lot (but I don't like the big Turkey legs they sell) and there are several stages to watch comedy, juggling, acting and other stuff. They also have a dungeon-like building where you find all the torture equipment that was used during those times. Very interesting! They also have a large arena with jousting. We enjoy it. Some years the weather is in the 70's and sunny, but it's only supposed to be about 67 or 68 w/overcast skies tomorrow. I forgot what it's like to be in that kind of weather, as it's been 48 to 54 degrees here for the last couple of weeks. I'm taking my camera but judging by some of my photos here on the blog, I'm not sure if it'll work!

Take care and Thank You for the comments! Have a great week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012!

As you can tell, I don't have much of an imagination today for a proper title!

Well, I'm still amongst the living! This past Monday I went to the doc's to have my staples taken out and boy, did I feel so much better! I went back to work on Wednesday and the first few hours were fine, but after that I was having to stand up now and then. By the time 3 p.m. came, I was achy and just couldn't wait for the day to end! I noticed on Friday that those 10 hours were feeling better. Last night, I had 3 slices of pizza and didn't feel so bad. I've also started walking and I feel that really helps. The bloating is beginning to go away.

The giveaway items I was waiting for finally arrived and I was able to send off Linda's winnings. She should've received it already. Eva's package was to go to Serbia! I am hoping it arrives there safely!

Monday I started stitching on this ornament from the latest JCS magazine called The Best Part by Raise the Roof Designs. This is on 32ct Bitter Betty Brew linen, using DMC thread. I should've read the instructions because the words are stitched 1 over and I don't do well with 1 over. As you can see, I've counted wrong on the word 'BOX' and it's not lined up with the last stitch of his ear. It's just one stitch over. I just may leave it like that. I believe this is a substitution for one of my CJC projects. I'll get back to this later!
This is where I got to on LHN's Pumpkin Hollow Farms on Sunday. I had the entire last week off from work to recuperate, so I stitched and stitched and read! I apologize for the fuzziness of this pic. The WDW Rust and Mocha thread looks great on a house. I fell in love with those two colors!
Wow that's really fuzzy! I just need to fill in the grass below the house and the tree, and do the door and windows, and that'll be half of this design. Now I get to choose what I'm going to stitch next since I've set down The Best Part. It'll be a CJC project though!

I've decided that March is to be Freebie March, or Freebie Madness, or the Ides of Freebie! Whatever it's called, I'm going to stitch on nothing but freebies because here's my pile. There's a whole bunch of Spring-ish designs in that pile. Butter-boy (what I call him!) decided he just had to be in the picture!
I must have 30+ freebies here and I have lots of small pieces of linen to put them on. I'm lookin' forward to starting on the 1st.

I went on a stashing spree and bought up some sale fabric at Wyndham Needleworks . There are lots of fabric for sale, check them out. All linen from brands like Zweigart, R & R, and Lakeside. The shipping is speedy and the prices are comparable. Take a look-see

The last fabric is from a seller at eBay. Three fabrics are 36ct and the third one over from the left is 40ct Antique Cotton. Some are 1/2 yard, 1/4 yard...plenty to use for other projects. AND here's more stash
The chart with the nice glare! on it is LK's Snow day. On the left is In The Meadow by CCN. I've been drooling over these two charts from afar and it was time to stitch a little LizzieKate since it's been awhile! Wyndham Needleworks sent the Thread Gatherer thread (and a needle, just for the heck of it) and it's Mohair. It feels so good I may not even use it!

Hopefully by the time I do another post, I've learned how to operate my camera, huh?! Well it is Winter and even at my state's position on this continent, the sun is still weak! My goal is to have no blurry-ness, and flash! Wish me luck...

That's my story and I'm stitching sticking to it! Thank You for your comments on the last post! I am now going to play with my stash and have a slice of Red Velvet cake, my absolutely-est favorite cake! Take Care!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And the winners are...

Hi all!

First of all..Thank You for the Happy B-Day and surgery wishes!

It's 5 days past my surgery and while things are much easier, ie. turning over in bed, sitting!, I'm still not up to par. I have a co-worker whose wife flew to Alaska 3 days after the same kind of surgery and here it is 5 days after and I got tired after a trip to the grocery store last night! I'm not able to really eat a lot either, right now it's clear soups or Chicken Noodle, and toast, yogurt, jello (if I could keep whipped cream off of it, I'd be doing allright!). But I get really bloated and that makes for an uncomfortable time. I just need to force myself to have some patience, which has always been hard for me.

Monday is when I finally picked up my stitching. I went back to LHN's Pumpkin Hollow Farms, which was my first start for the CJC. I put a good amount of stitching in since Monday

The skies here are overcast so the lighting is lousy. for what we've all been waiting for!!! The Grand Prize goes to
Linda said: Would love to have a chance at your giveaway. Good luck with the surgery.
And I drew a second name for the smaller prize and that is
Lapapillon (Eva)!
Eva said: hello!
I want to play with you...please enter my name....
Linda and Eva please email me at to let me what your shipping addresses are! I haven't received the other goodies just yet but at last check, they were getting ready to be mailed. Once I receive them I'll mail them out to you right away.
Giveaways are such fun and I had fun with this one. I'm planning a trip to the Attic in Phoenix at the end of this month (hoping I'm up to it) and might pick up something nice to have another Giveaway. I have my list ready for the trip and am so looking forward to it!

Super Bowl Sunday coming up! What are your plans? No pizza for me but I'll have that second dollop of whipped cream on my jello!

Take Care everyone and Welcome!