Sunday, April 22, 2012

50 Followers Giveaway!!

Giveaway, ladies and gentlemen (if there are any who check out this blog!)

I've now reached 54 followers but I had some things to wait for in the mail. So here we go
Here we have a Jeanette Douglas design Sweet Tulip w/silk fibers, 32ct Antique Ivory to go with said pattern, a real nice patriotic fat quarter, a spring-y owl and flowers fat quarter, Keep Calm tissues, a Kelmscott Ackworth Red coaster to place your icy cold glass of tea while you stitch, and a pink/bright green trim. A nice conservative offering, don't cha think?!

The rules are: Just comment on this here post! That's it! I will pick a name May 4. You'll have 'til 11:59 May 3rd Arizona time (we don't change our time here) to comment.

Things they are a changin' around here which has flattened my tires somewhat. I have stuff to finish but don't feel like it. I'm angry, frustrated, sad, bummed, just keeping my thoughts to myself because World War 3 may start if I speak. I know I should follow the words of the Keep Calm tissues above but it's hard. I don't even feel like posting anything but thought I'd better get on here and announce the giveaway.

A big huge WELCOME to the new followers! It seems like everytime I get on Blogger I have a new follower! It's so much fun. And Thank You to all your comments on the last post. Yeah, I looked up the website of the carrot designer and found others. No freebies, but leaflets. When I can (which may be a long time because of the new financial problems that WILL crop up), I will order those carrot patterns.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! A Carrot for You!

I just wanted to pop in here and wish a Happy Easter to those who celebrate and a nice Happy Sunday to those who don't! We're going to color eggs tomorrow and my daughter is going to church and then I'll give her her Easter basket then it's onto a cousins house for an egg hunt for the smaller kids and potluck! Although my daughter is 17, she still likes doing these things with me. It might just be her making me happy because it's important to me to have traditions. I took her to her first Easter egg hunt when she was 3 years old. I had to get out there to keep the older kids from running her down and help her get some goodies! It was fun. Hard to believe she's 17!

I finished up the 2010 Carrot from The Cricket Collection. It turned out really cute!

The leaves at the top and the little pink dots sure make a difference. Monday I'm hitting Hobby Lobby or Joanne's to find a nice fabric to go with this. On the freebie it says this is one of a series of annual Carrots. I've gone to their website looking for others but don't see any. It would have been pretty cool to find other Carrots because it was a fun stitch. I've just realized that I forgot to add some tiny pink buttons to the lawn below the house! Sheesh! Side note: My daughter and I were discussing the white hair that I'm growing. She said if I color my hair, it will take away 10 years from my appearance. What I would really like is to gain back the memory I HAD when I was 10 years younger!! LOL! Anyway, I'll have pics of the finished Carrot with the buttons to show you all on my next post.

For whatever reason, these pictures turned out really nice! I just don't know---but tune in for continuing episodes of All My Camera, or As The Camera Turns!!

I've picked up the stitching for Christmas Mitten from my Crazy January list. It's become boring though! I think it's because I'm antsy to start some new starts. So much for my willpower! I've ordered linen to stitch Fancey Blackett (Pineberry Lane) and Dead of Night (Funk and Weber Designs). Can't wait. Who cares if I end up with a bazillion WIP's at the end of the year!! It keeps me out of trouble!

I see I've hit 51 followers! YAY! Know what that means?! Yes, a Giveaway! But don't enter on this post. I'm waiting for an order to arrive. I will post an announcement then so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the new followers; glad you're here!

PS: If you run your mouse cursor right below the date tab, the title of this post should show. It may not either; it does it from my end. I still haven't found a way to fix that.