Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frog is a Wicked frog!

Yes he is. As I was stitching on Something Wicked
and moving on to another letter, I noticed my counting was off somewhere. So I count and guess where it's at? At 'way -'. And since 'mething' ('so' is not stitched yet) was started counting off from the 'w' on 'way', I had to pull the silk threads I might add, from 'way -' and 'mething' and stitch it all over again! Aaarrggh! I know it's not real major but I didn't want to ruin the silks. I managed to de-stitch and use them over. Even if it takes me to December, I will finish this one!

I had a nice surprise waiting for me at the Post Office the other day!
This was all from Ranae at Stitch by Stitch . She had a naming contest for two of her starts and I guessed correctly on one. There are lots of firsts here! My first scissors fob, my first flat-fold and a cute one at that, and my first win at a giveaway of some sort. So exciting for me.

And the fob and the thread

Love the color of the thread and that fob is so very cute and the Halloween ribbon too! Thanks Ranae!

This post could have been titled 'Adventures in Exchange stitching and Post Office business! Yesterday I finally finished sewing up the stitched item for the exchange after having to totally change my idea for it. My first plan didn't take as my sewing machine stitches were too close to the edge, ending with gaps in the stitches and the fabric of the design unraveling. And this was after sewing the whole thing together! I wish I could tell you what it is but my partner might read this. So I grab my seam ripper and take the whole thing apart. Go back to my bedroomslashcraft room, and look at what other fabrics I have and what other kind of 'thing' I can make this. So back to the drawing room! I chose black woolfelt and sewed it onto the stitched piece along with one of the original Halloween fabrics I started out with originally. So it is the original 'thing' but in a different way! And it looks nice too. Ok, fast forward to this morning. After my shower, I begin wrapping all the items for this exchange. Everything looks nice. fits great in the box. I tape it up and haul it to post office. Off it goes. My mission complete and with a sigh of relief. I sit down at the computer and to my HORROR sits one of the exchange extras before me! I grab a padded mailer, shove it in with a note to said partner hoping that this little package will reach her either the same time as the larger box or maybe earlier. I have 45 minutes left before post office closes, thankfully post office is about half a mile from me. I run in and begin filling out another Customs form (yuck!) and get to the counter. The clerk is thankfully the same guy who helped me before. He says well I don't think we've sent the other package off yet, so let's see what we can do. He finds the box and cuts it open and hooray, there's room at the top to add this other package. I didn't have to fill out another Customs form and it didn't change the postage cost at all! So now it's off to Phoenix and afterwards onto my exchange recipient. Sheesh! What a couple of days that was. Once she receives her package(s)!, I will put up pictures of what I sent. I just hope she receives it all before Halloween so she has time to display it all. I hope she likes what I made and sent.

So I've learned a few things about taking part in an exchange: Buy everything needed earlier, finish items earlier as I stayed up to 11 p.m. Thursday sewing the bigger item, plan how to package this EARLIER!, ship EARLIER so I'm not rushing around!, and do my homework on types of boxes, types of shipping options and costs as they are just as bad as trying to pick out the right feminine pads. Not for me but my daughter, hehehe! I received an email from Elaine as did others about joining up for the Christmas Exchange but I jumped ship! I will probably do some of her other exchanges next year as I enjoyed myself and loved the excuse of shopping for my partner. After this fiasco, it'll go easier next time!

I follow a few Primitive arts and crafts blogs and recently purchased this very nice luminaria
from the Etsy store of Harvest Moon Primitive . Marilyn included a flicker battery-operated candle with it and it's so neat when the lights are off. Today we hit the Spirit store looking for Halloween stuff and I found a lighted skull that changes colors and I've sat it next to my luminaria. I've tried taking pics of the two but they're just not coming out good; more camera drama! We're setting the scene and watching Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and co. tonite!

I managed to finish two of the little patterns that came with the LK Mystery Sampler (see my grinning skull?!)
and here's another pic of them

next to the hard-working sewing machine. The fabric Haunted is on is the correct color as opposed to the pic above. With Spooky, I added that little gold metallic bow at the top left corner and a shimmery velvet-like ribbon in the middle which you can see a couple sparkles on it. Haunted has the black trim around the middle. I have three other Halloween smalls to finish stitching or to finish and I hope to have those done before Halloween comes along so I can display all of them together. Of course I still have LK's Mystery Sampler to finish in addition to Something Wicked. Those I will finish before the end of November or the year, whichever comes first : p! That'll probably do it for my Halloween stitching for this year. Although Halloween is my most-est favorite Holiday, I'm getting a hankering to start stitching Christmas! Bring it On!

That'll do it folks! I've just finished stuffing my face with pizza and I'm getting lethargic! Thank You for checking in and leaving comments, the best part of blogging. Take Care! I'll leave you with a pic of one our cats-Bubba! Oh the life of a well-loved kitty!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Come back, come back!

is what I say to my one absconded follower. I went from 68 to 67 followers and now back to 68. Thanks Shannon for being 68!

I'm amazed that nearly 1 month has gone by since my last post. Everytime I checked on my blog, I saw the date of the last one and kept thinking that I needed to post something! I've had some attention-stealing things happen in the last week of which I will mention one somewhere on this post. So keep reading!

Two posts ago I mentioned I was starting Wooly Wednesday. Well, Wooly Wednesday turned into Wooly Monday and Tuesday! I've finally finished up these hopping bunnies
It feels good to finally have a woolfelt finish! The black tongues were supposed to be blanket stitched in a perle cotton the same color as the moon and stars but I though it would look garish so I left that off. Besides, I was so tired of blanket stitching! I finished it up with that homespun cotton backing that matched the green of the grass and the smaller tongues. I began cutting out the black wool and felting it earlier this year sometime so I'm glad it's done!

Now I have the woolfelt mini tree skirt to finish and as soon as I find my large beads, it'll get underway. I'll probably keep it because we put up two mini Christmas trees on a table because of our cats who would knock down a larger tree. I can just see it waking up one morning to find the whole thing toppled over with broken ornaments. I like glass ornaments because plastic ones just doesn't seem right. I do have a mix of plastic and glass though! Some years are better than others financially!

I finished my exchange stitching about 2 or 3 weeks ago! I need some trim from Joanne's or Hobby Lobby so I'll finish-finish the stitching this weekend and of course, I can't show you any of it until she receives it! I was waiting for some extra things one of which begins my rant today! I put in an order for something from an ONS. I had emailed her and asked if this particular item was in stock as I needed just one. She emailed back and said we have more than one. So I ordered it, on September 20th. Everytime I got on her website for an order status, it said order is being prepared for shipping. So the days begin slipping away as they do this time of year. Couple days ago I emailed her to find out what happened to my order. Never heard back. So last night, I did the order status thing and find it has been shipped yesterday. This is why I quit ordering things from them but on the upside are their sales. I ordered this item because it had a better price than the other ONS's. Their item pages show everything and I assume that it's all available. Plus I'm on a time crunch here to get this exchange mailed real soon so she can receive her goodies before Halloween. I'm so looking forward to receiving my goodies from my partner, it'll be like Christmas! I noticed Elaine has started taking people for her new exchange for Christmas. Go check it out and sign up because they go fast! I'm not taking part in that one because I want to stitch more Halloween without interruptions.

I lost my mojo for about 3 days. Never picked anything up, just vegetated on the couch watching t.v. However I finally picked up this cute little stitch and am about finished

All Hallows Mini
Waxing Moon designs
30ct Gold linen (R&R or Weeks!)
using 310 DMC
What an awful pic! Anyway, it's charted for GAST Onyx but I'm using DMC. It's a very Halloweeny design and the scarier-looking the better! As you can see, I just have the wording to go yet which will be done today. I have a pic of the chart below that of my next start

Something Wicked
35ct Havana-Weeks
called for silks
So far I'm just allover the place with this one. I start in the middle and then try to stitch over to reach a border and then to the top. I don't trust myself to start in one of the corners and end up with enough fabric elsewhere. I love this one and I think it'll go fast! Here's the two charts and what they should look like!

Previously I said I was thinking about selling at a craft fair. Well, here's the one happening that's killed that idea. My daughter rear-ended a car on the highway last Saturday. Her car, a Toyota 4runner, is out of commission with a possible cracked radiator, missing alternator belt, and a few other minor things like replacing headlights and cracked side lights. She's ok, was sore for 3 or 4 days from the seat belt (thank God for the seat belt!). The Ford Mustang convertible she hit has a lot of damage to the back end and the two people in it went to the hospital to be checked. I know they'll be hurting because I was rear-ended sometime back and had whiplash. So my main concern right now is to get the 4runner back on the road because using 1 car between us with different schedules has been a b---h! And I'm waiting for the hit to my insurance rate. Great! But I"m glad everyone is okay.

Well, Pioneer Woman is on so I gotta go! Welcome my new follower Shannon! And thank you to the regulars for all your comments last post! I'll promise to post more. Take Care!