Saturday, August 30, 2014

My first cube finish!

Yay! Thanks to two tutorials with Vonna and 
Little House Needleworks, I got it done!

This design is Buttons Black by Plum Street Samplers

To me, the wire ribbon on top looks like a big tarantula. I had the piece of styrofoam for awhile, thinking it was  
going to become a cube finish one day. Side note: I'm slowly becoming a hoarder! I see things like that styrofoam
and into my craft room it goes. Here's another view

The fabric for the back has some purple running through it and it matches my ribbon. This was so easy to
This fabric was amongst the bundles of fabric that I bought from Terri of Dixie Samplar fame. Thanks Terri! I knew 
I wanted a classy look to this, nothing with grinning skulls or witches. Both Vonna and LHN don't use any glue   
on this except for Vonna using spray glue to adhere the padding to the styrofoam. Just flat headed pins are used.

I love it!

Thanks for stopping by to see what the big commotion is!

Monday, August 25, 2014

August TUSAL

Lots of Fall colors in my Ort jar

Back to stitching on my exchange project and Downton Abbey. Quite!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Stitch from Stash, Finishes, another book giveaway!

It's SFS posting time as I watch these last months slip away. I walked around in Hobby Lobby yesterday and they're in full Christmas mode! Over on my TUSAL dates at the right on this blog, I see only 5 dates left! Yikes!

On to SFS-

My beginning balance for this month was $52.75.

I spent: $3.16 for DMC
              5.97 for trims for finishing (though I could swear Mel stated that finishing items are exempt)

After that, all you-know-what broke loose! Market is its name and selling to a hapless stitcher on a budget is its game! I've asked Mel for my first Free Month which we're allowed when the willpower has all but disappeared. I've got to ask 'Have you seen the new Blackbird Designs?!!' I ordered 4 charts, 3 with fabric and fibers. Not to mention, Terri from Dixie Samplars has hand dyed fabric and they are scrumptious. I bought two pieces at great prices and they look and feel great. So, hence the Free Month!

New Starts from Stash-Merry Moose Wishes ornament, and exchange projects, which I cannot show. Speaking of this exchange, I have finished up the handmade item and have ordered and about to receive some goodies to ad to the package. We're to keep the goodies to $15-20. All of this is exempt from SFS because they're gifts. My time has been spent stitching this item. I wanted to slow down my new starts and am doing that.

WIPs or UFOs worked on-Lydia Broome Sampler-finished, LK Scary Sampler, Pumpkins and Sunflowers, and Winter Wind Sampler, here it is
I love stitching houses. Here's what I had last time
Pitiful, right?!

I spent almost all of yesterday doing some finishing. When I got out of bed, I thought it was a good day to do some finishing. As fleeting as that thought is, I grabbed it by the tail!
I finally stuffed it. Love all the skeletons.

Remember this, the Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow? I had run out of a GAST for it, and when I got it, it was darker than the older. Thanks to Annette who commented and said just finish it! Haha. Sometimes my indecision paralyzes me and now you can't even tell the difference! I decided to use a mixture of lizard sand and balsam to fill it and I used vintage seam tape to trim it. I ran a running stitch along the edge of the tape for the ruffle look. That took some time because not only did I have it sandwiched wrong between the front and back, I misplaced my seam ripper so off to Hobby Lobby to buy another! Here's what I have on the back
I'm lousy at whip stitching so I open a place in the back to stuff and slap a woolfelt heart to cover the opening! I love it and it smells so good from the balsam.

Remember the Mystery Christmas Sampler from Plum Street Samplers last year? Here she is
Kind of wonky at the lower left but oh well, it's not leaving my house! I decided to trim with the gold stuff because of the gold stars in the piece. Here's the back with my woolfelt heart!
One of the fabrics I also bought from Terri. It goes perfectly with the stitched colors.

Whew! I'm about to make my first cube finish and its going to look great! I've been checking out some tutorials on how to. I was supposed to do that and then post but forgot.

No one wanted the book in the last giveaway so how 'bout this one? :)
Chock full of Christmas designs. Here are some examples
Well taken care of. So follower or not, comment that you Want It and if at 7 days end, no one else wants it, you win! If more people want it, I'll draw names on the 31st. I'll ship overseas.

Another pic heavy, wordy blog post! Maybe I should post more in between my SFS and Turtle Trot posts. Tomorrow is TUSAL, so I'll be back for that. Thanks for coming by. I'm doing better at replying to comments I feel. Oh and please say a prayer for Debbie at Debbie's Stitching (I apologize if I have that wrong). She was said to have had a heart attack last Thursday evening and is in the hospital. Take Care y'all.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turtle Trot, Lost and Found, a finish

Morning all!

Yesterday was a great day. Preseason football games, the first episode of Outlander..woohoo.

It's Turtle Trot today and I worked on two WIPs. As usual, pic heavy!

LK Mystery Scary Sampler
Horrid picture. I finally started the bottom portion. Last time, all I had was the 5 blocks with the leaves and the black. my stitching has been in the past month, I have a problem
I have 4 and 1/4 inches below the house to add the lawn, a row of acorns and leaves, and the border. It's not going to happen! This is what I get for being thrifty and buying the fabric separate from the kit. Oh well. I have raised the house to two lines below the black/green line, shortened up the roof, raised the windows to a line below the roof. Because I shortened the roof, I had to pull in the windows. Everything below the windows will be as charted. I will get this framed so I'm trying to leave enough fab at the bottom to do that. I'm thinking the satin stitch portion of the lawn will be shortened up too. Can't leave that out!

And from the Lost and Found Department, here's Pumpkins and Sunflowers! I misplaced this and it's been MIA since the beginning of this year. Here's what I had before

And where I'm at now
This is so much fun, so much that I found myself still stitching at 11pm last night! Ever have a stitching like that where you lose track of time? There will be a good amount of backstitching. This is on Lambswool Jobelan. I'm really enjoying stitching on an evenweave. I always became confused on whether I was supposed to stitch over 1 or 2. 

 I have a finish also
By Pineberry Lane, Lydia Broome Sampler. I saw this sewed up into a pin pillow on another blog and it was very nice. My first thought was a large needlebook since I've never made one. It'll get the lizard sand treatment!

I started another ornament from a JCS ornament mag but not enough work to show it.

I bought more trim, feeding this trim obsession I've got!
From Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

And I up and joined an exchange for the Fall/Halloween season. Over at the Dixie sampler 

Its been a couple of years since I joined an exchange and I'm pretty sure cross stitch gifts are allowed under SFS rules.
It'll satisfy my urge to splurge! Speaking of SFS, Mel has given us a $25 bonus to spend during Market week! So
looking forward to that! 

How about a small Giveaway?! When I found P & S (pumpkins and sunflowers), I came across a couple of things that I don't want. Here's one:
There are tons of patterns in this thing. Here's a few peaks:
There are instructions to put all these different uses together.

Leave a comment saying I Want It. If more people leave the comment, on the 17th, I'll draw a name. I may just throw in a few extras that pertain to the designs in this book just to get you on your way! Open to everyone, overseas too. To heck with the cost of global shipping, eh?!

I also have a few Christmas stitching books that I'll giveaway too in the upcoming weeks.

But today I will be doing this.....

Thanks for your comments as usual! Welcome to the new followers that are following through Bloglovin! Take care.