Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finishes and more

How's everyone today? I'm in the last week of my month long leave of absence from work and dreading my return, lol. So I will live it up these few days left! This is why I've been able to stitch so much. Oh, and picture heavy!

I have finishes to show. First up is a WIP from last year, The Journey by LHN. Yay!

Ta da!! I'm so happy I finished this. Journey was a crazy start from last year. How to finish finish this? I'm not sure, either framed or turned into a pillow. I have a tan, suede-like fabric that would go nice with the colors and subject, maybe some fringe. We shall see. This is my 7th finish of the year. Happy happy! 

Next finish is Witches Night Out by WTN&T..

Yes, I did manage to pull on the big girl panties and got the kettle done! However, I noticed I forgot to stitch her legs in. She is basically hovering above the kettle. But hey, she's a witch! 

Next finish is Bad Hare Day by Mosey 'n Me, a freebie that is still available on their website..
On 30ct Cocoa linen, beads for French knot eyes, and DMC. It looks kind of blurry or it's just my eyes! I have a flat ornament in mind for this one. I'm not keeping track of these because they are not WIPs from last year.

Last Saturday, Attic Needleworks had a Market day and I drove down..

It was warm, the skies blue, and easy parking. I didn't take pictures because my cell camera doesn't let me have my pictures after I've taken them but the walls are just covered in samplers. I walk in and I'm just overwhelmed! I have a list and managed to find the market things I wanted plus a few other things. One complaint I had though is all the new market items were just spread out all over. One fellow customer saw the new PSS chart I wanted over at another area and not anywhere near other market items. Oh well, I enjoyed my shopping there. Here is what I bought..

Had to have some Halloween-ish things in there! I have PSS's Salem Sisters I and III and picked up the 2 chart. I didn't intend to buy the LK kit but that fabric color is so pretty in real life and not the super pink that shows up in pictures. Threads for future projects, SB dyed ribbon, and that great thread holder, and fabric.

I received my Valentines Day stash order also..

Beau Leggy is perfect for these here parts! I love how he is squatting over the cactus. Ghostly Guard and the tribal rooster that I saw stitched up over at another blog in 1 variegated thread and it looks great. 

For this chart, I'm seeing a metallic color fabric, maybe a light copper or bronze with the symbols being a color resembling coins or something. I'll have to do some research on fabrics and thread.

So there you have it. New stash that should take care of me for the rest of the year. Should! Haha.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great stitchy day!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Finishes and a start

How are you all doing? 

I am back again after a pretty productive week or so. Finished up a woolfelt candle mat from last year. This is Autumn Apples..
It's cute. I have more woolfelt kits that I really should start doing.

And here are a couple of WIP finishes, yay! First is Blackbird by BBD..
I wanted to ruche brown ribbon for the trim but turns out I had none. Shucks. So I took two pieces of transparent ribbon and just attached it to the bottom. It's a different look. This is my 5th finish for 2016 and was a DUCJ/FSAL2015 start.

The second WIP I finished is Peep, a Cricket Collection design from the chart called Rabbits Delight #243, in case you want to know..

Adorable! Peep has been in the WIP pile for two years and stitched up rather fast. All I had was the triangular portion at the top done. So last night watching yet another Harry Potter marathon, I finished Peep. I used black beads for the eyes instead of French knots which I can't get the hang of. I have another carrot from the designer that I finished with stuffing and trim. This one though, I'm thinking of a flat ornament with large white ric rac sandwiched between the pieces of mat board that I use. This is finish #6. 

And of course, I still have the startitis! Here is Witches Night Out by Brenda Gervais..
It looks slightly blurry and skies are somewhat overcast. On 36 ct Mello. I got so used to stitching on lower count fabrics that this one is dainty. I just have the kettle and the pumpkins to stitch. I stopped at this point because I've been looking at that kettle with some trepidation! There's a lot of kettle! Lol. I'll pick it back up once I get the big girl panties on!

That's it. I have two Easter-y/Spring-y freebies that I want to stitch and they shouldn't take long. 

Take care all! Appreciate your stopping in!