Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2016!

Hi all!

Happy Halloween! It's the Witching Hour! I have joined in the merriment of this blog hop hosted by Jo, the Serendipitous Stitcher, and since I'm a Halloween fanatic, it's a win win! I'm a rookie, so bear with me!

Here we go with the letter 

And my stitched piece..

This is #SpookhouseSelfies by Just Another Button Company, a chart that is free with the purchase of the buttons. I finished it into a flat ornament with a hanger. I love the hashtags! 

The next blog hopper to check out is..

        Tiffany at:

She has her blog hop post up. Go check her out to get the next letter and see what frightening item she has been stitching on!

Also, go to Jo's blog at to see the lineup of everyone taking part and to leave your answer to the mystery phrase.

Hope you receive treats and no tricks!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jack is back and that's a fact! Stuff, etc.

Hi all! 

Here we are, more than halfway through October. It's zooming by! So I have progress on a couple items, two finishes, and comments on comments. Let's do the comments first..

Barb, Flosstube is addicting. I have my favorites. I mostly watch/listen to Flosstube while I'm stitching. It's nice to see what others are stitching so you may like it.

Honeybee, I had no idea the weird moon pic with the spaceship crashed in its eye was from a silent movie. I agree with you there, silent movies are kind of creepy!

Marilyn, thanks for the link for tent stitch and here's why..

Jack's Bash is back and I did the tent stitch on Happy Hallowe'en there in the middle. I'm back to taking close up pictures again. Here is what he looked like last time..
I wish I knew what the fabric is. I know it's a Lakeside, maybe vintage Examplar. I follow a FB site Plum Street Samplers stitchers and this woman had a recent finish of Jack's Bash on it and I got reinvigorated for Jack. He's all I've been stitching on for the last 3 days.

Also, Halloween Cat received some attention..

And before..

I have two finishes, one for the Keeping Christmas Project SAL with Honeybee and a WIP that I had to frog. First is Santa's Workshop..
This design is found in the 2015 Christmas issue from Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher. The two sides are attached with a grosgrain ribbon in between and then a big skeleton key tied on with the ribbon. It's very pretty. The directions say to stitch in a back stitch around the design, both pieces, since the pieces get sewn together. Well, this fabric is quite thick, I think it's Creek Bed Brown by WDW. I think I can sew it up without using backstitching to run a needle through. 

And here is my WIP where I had to frog out part of Christmas last time and it's tiny, on 36 ct..

It's a little dark though. On 36ct Vintage Lentil, Lakeside. Tent stitch, Marilyn! I like it! Haha. 3" square, it's so very cute. I'm thinking of it mounted on top of a square wood box or paper mâché box. Because my tent stitch did so well here, it made the return to Jack painless. Oh, this is Christmas Wreath Pincushion by Beehive Needleworks.

One of these pieces may go to an exchange recipient because Teri/Dixiesamplar is having a Secret Santa Smalls Exchange 2016 and you make just one piece and send off with a card. She is taking sign ups right now until the 30th I believe. I don't know who my partner is yet but I hope she likes prim because I have two things already stitched up that are prim-ish and I would have them FFO'd in no time!

For the first time, I have signed up with the Hallowe'en Blog Hop that Jo/Serendipitous Stitcher hosts. You'll see me back before the end of the month with that which means I had better get stitching more on what I have picked for the Hop.

Are some of you familiar with Stash Unload on Facebook? Holy smokes, good thing I have a handle on my expenses, otherwise I would be buying loads of stash! I noticed though that some of the charts cost more there than eBay or even 123stitch. I did buy a chart of fleur di lis on a pincushion though, just $4. I also see some oldies but goodies on there. One Heart in Hand chart that I stitched about 9 years ago was being sold. Crazy. It's a dangerous place!

Okay, that's it! I'll be back in the next week or so with my Halloween item and Hop letter; I'm looking forward to that. So I'll be setting Jack down for awhile.

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'll leave you with a picture of my Upside Down cat!