Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Casey Anthony sighting and more

Long time no blog! But being MIA means I have lots of show and tell!

Yes, according to local info (or gossip!!:)), Casey Anthony was said to have landed at our small airport overnight Monday. The husband of a co-worker works at the airport and said he re-fueled the small airplane she was on. He SAYS it was an F.B.I. plane. How he knew this the co-worker didn't say. The newest stuff being said is that she is looking to buy a place in Prescott, which is 9 miles west of where I live. Latest news reports has her broke. She may have to move to Borneo if she wants an anonymous life! Instead of Where's Waldo, it'll be Where's Casey!

Okay, onto stitchy stuff. I've been stitching on WaBH and here's what I've got:

I'm loving the big red house. I've since added more onto it. I had finally received the thread needed for the house, birdhouse, and the alphabet. It was a lot brighter than the skeins I already had. It's a good thing I separated the older stuff for the border. I'm going to stop stitching on WaBH the end of this month because I want to start some Halloween designs. The designs are 'My Pretties' by PSS, some Halloween freebies, and designs from The Stitcherhood:

I just love Halloween!

I also bought some stash:
That's the JCS Jul/Aug Ornament Preview, CC fibers for another project, and those silly, cute Pirate frogs from Stitchy Kitty called Toadally Arrrgh! After I've stitched all that, I'm starting Christmas! I'll tell ya, Halloween and Christmas has already arrived at the Hobby Lobby! It's crazy! Can we please get through the hot summer first?! Speaking of hot, I sure feel for everyone living back East who are dealing with those high temps and outrageous humidity. One word: water.

Right at the 4th of July our Monsoon season finally arrived with lots of thunder and lightning, and rain. This is what our skies looked like for a week or two:
See that rainbow in the top photo? These storms arrive fast and dump a lot of rain or not, and then leave as quick. We're not used to the humidity and it's been humid for sure.

Back in April, I had a package of wildflower seeds and planted them in an area under our living room window. I had no idea what kinds they were. Lo and behold, we now know!
Wild sunflowers! They stand about 6 ft. high. They're very pretty and growing like gangbusters since all the rain arrived! At the end of this weekend, we're due for more rain because of a storm off the coast of Western Mexico. It's movement will send moisture up through Baja California and into Southern Cal. and Arizona.

Bring it on!! Arrrggh!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Check out Valerie's Birthday Giveaway here at A Shenandoah Sampler . Happy Birthday Valerie!