Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Olympic Finish!

I'm awarding myself a gold medal for stitchy butt! I've slowly weaned myself off of the Olympics and managed to go to bed at a decent hour this past week. Two days after my last post I made it to the finish line with Crowns

The Queen's Crowns
36ct Vtg Maritime White-Lakeside
Belle Soie silks
Is it me or is there a light red blotch in the center left? I have a right eye that's lazy so when I look at this picture with my right eye I don't see a blotch but with my good left eye, I do. What do you think? I slightly misted this so I could iron it as the steam option doesn't work on my iron. Maybe it's just all the red of the crowns that makes it seem like the blotch is there. But the color of the fabric is right on so that's nice for a change! I love it! I'll have this framed sometime in the next 3 months.

I'm waiting on some thread for the LK Mystery Sampler, so I'm biding my time on the bonus pattern from Part 1

It called for lilac linen but I had this, bitter betty brew linen from R&R, in my stash. It's a tiny design. But I think my linen might be a 32 or 35ct and the lilac linen is calling for 30ct. Another small finish to finish! I recently received Part 2 of this mystery sampler. I've been seeing some nice starts of this mystery sampler on other blogs and I just can't wait to get started.

We are positively broiling here in AZ! This past Wednesday it was 100 here in my area. Phoenix was super hot I guess, like 114 or 15. And I read that July was one of the hottest on record for the whole entire country! Don't know what's going on but it's crazy. Well I won't bore you anymore! I appreciate each and every comment you all leave and once again, WELCOME to my new followers! Stay cool and stitching!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Queen's Crowns

We're a week into the Olympics now with some minor sleep-deprivation and this, my Olympics start which I started during the Opening Ceremony last Friday

It's partly cloudy here and just can't get good light. Still having camera issues too. Anyway, here's The Queen's Crowns by PSS. I was so sure this was going to take me past the Olympics to finish, but I'm thinking I can get it done by the end of the games. Not as big as I thought it was, I'm enjoying stitching this. All the crowns are different but for the row of crowns at the bottom. I like the fabric which is 36ct Vtg Maritime white from Lakeside Linens. It's an off white with a touch of very light beige, I think. I may use this color and linen for my Christmas Garden by BBD.

And finally, here's my box with Shakespeare's Peddler's Antique Locks and Keys mounted on it. In person there are lighter colors in the silk that match the trimming on top and the paint in my mind!

See those keys at the lower left? I was thinking of gluing those on the front and/or the sides. But I decided not to. And here's whats going on inside

I trimmed the bottom with burgundy colored ric rac. I like the touch of the wood planks on the sides! For me, this was a gargantuan task because this is my first box. I've read tutorials from other bloggers on how they do their boxes, and I sat here and said to myself---Ohhh, okay! and Oops! and That makes sense!. I like how it looks because as you might know, things look better in person! Now my daughter wants me to make her one and so now I'm on the lookout for a small design that screams 'her'.

Here's what I was working on before the Games started-Pretty Poppies from my Crazies list
I'm thinking of leaving the 'pretty' off of the top. As soon as I'm done with Queen's Crowns, I'll pick this back up. I believe when I finish Poppies, that'll make it my 7th finish?! That leaves just 8 CJC projects.

I will abandon my CJC projects after Poppies for the LK Mystery Sampler. I just ordered Part Two and a few more WDW threads from 123 Stitch, which I just know I'll receive on Monday! They ship fast and it helps that they're in a neighboring state. I know I won't have the Mystery Sampler done by this Halloween anyway and besides that, there's so many other things to stitch. I went and ordered an e-pattern of Quaker Boo by the Sampler Girl. I'll fit that in there too! I keep saying that 3 more hours need to be added to the day to do everything that I need and want to do!

Went grocery shopping this morning and found this annual Holiday magazine that I always buy
I don't know about you but I'm ready for some Fall. I'm tired of sweating and tired of the humidity that arrives with our Monsoon rains. My prickly pear cactus is coming along and I've got it completely covered with chicken wire to keep critters from taking the fruit. My zucchini is going nuts and I'm starting to give some of it away! It's too funny!

I mentioned sleep-deprivation watching the Olympics; Wednesday morning I was one minute late for work because I over-slept! I've been staying up watching the swimming and gymnastics clear up to 10:30 at night and then waking up at 4 a.m. to get ready. I knew it would all catch up with me sooner or later!

Take care everyone and Thanks for your comments!