Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Stuff III

Hi all! How are all you beautiful people doing? Me, I have a cold. Not contagious I don't think. Rained all day yesterday and today it's supposed to rain and snow. At the moment it's foggy and windy. We'll see. Here we are, 9 days away from the end of this month! Just amazing how fast these months go!

So I have some FFOs, a finish, and progress on Big Momma aka Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs. Here she is now...
Yay! That is the work of 5 hours of stitching on the motifs. Last time, which was last year, I just had the borders as you see them here. I named it Big Momma as she is big, bigger than anything I've ever stitched. I think I'm using 30ct mystery fabric. Now, I wish I had used 32 or even 35ct something else. I won't frog all that out. I am hoping for a finish this year. Wish me luck!

Since the beginning of this month, I stitched on my exchange piece. I found a cute little chart with all the things my exchangee likes-blue, spring flowers, and sheep. I stitched furiously on that for 7 days straight and finished it. I used a small scroll frame and I tell you what, I ended up with sore shoulders and hands from using it. I never mentioned that back in the summer last year I found a lap frame with a scroll rod at a second hand store. It was $8 and brought it home. I haven't used it in my lap yet, but took off the scroll rods to use. I'll put it back together and see how it works. So last weekend I turned this exchange piece into a cube and it's very cute. The due date is the end of March for all this because Easter is in April sometime. I'm glad too because I've decided to go to Market Day at the Attic down in Mesa on the 11th and pick up a few little things for her and for myself, of course! That will be a nice little treat, I think!

Okay, back to progress. I'm doing the blocks of Frosty Forest once a month. Here is my latest block, just finished today..
I didn't think I would finish that home! More stitching on it than the previous block but so far my favorite. Some of you may know I don't do french knots. I do a version of them called Shelly knots! Well, the eyes of this cute raccoon are my knots and as you can see they're tiny. I may go back and make them bigger. His whiskers turned out fine. Glad to have this finished.

Here's the lone finish for February...Merry One by PSS..
All I had left to do was Merry because I wasn't sure I wanted the word. After looking at this made up into a pillow, well, I had to stitch it in. It came as a kit with the floss and chenille trim. I think this is on 35ct V Lentil by Lakeside that was in my stash. 

Onto my FFOs. This is Peace Bird, found in the 2012 JCS ornament magazine..
I love how this turned out. My first circle finish. I used mat board, not the foam stuff. Kind of nervous about the perfect circle but I managed.

Here's Snow Much by Barbara Ana..
Made into a pinkeep, no hanger. The colors are so pretty and the backing fabric too. I FFO'd these two things the day after I did the other two in my last post. I was in a zone! 

This one though, I FFO'd it end of December and just kept forgetting to post about. This is Santa's Workshop found in the 2015 Punch Needle and Primitive Stitch magazine. I see this particular design is now sold as a chart by Nebby Needle, I believe...
I managed to stitch both sides together and inserting the ribbon and stitching through that. I won't show you the back because it just doesn't look as good as the front! I found the skeleton key on eBay. I bought this red ribbon and a green that matches the holly leaves hanging off the big S. The red won out. I never really gave it much thought as to how Santa gets into the workshop but as he's a big man, he needs a big key! 

I believe that's it! Stitching the exchange piece and my Frosty Forest block took all my attention this month. My daughter turns 22 tomorrow, wow! I'm not sure where the time has gone but I'm taking her to see a movie after work, no matter how I feel tomorrow. 

Plans for March? Get caught up with my WIPs, stitch on Big Momma some more. I haven't felt the urge to have a new start yet but that could change! On the 28th of this month is the SAL for Mardi Gras-Laissez bon something or other, lol, on FB! I've got to remember that. Continue to catch that fleeting FFO bug because I have more that need it. Last weekend, I alphabetized my WDW flosses on rings and that took some time. Now my GASTs may get it next.

Thanks for your comments as always! Take care! See you in March!