Monday, March 28, 2011

Long time no blog!

Hello my faithful followers and whoever else happens to drop in!

Yes, I'm still among the breathing. You know how life just kinda gets in the way of things. Nothing bad, but between working, school, general house-stuff (cooking, cleaning), I just couldn't find time to update this blog. However, as you probably have noticed, I changed my blog a little. I'm not too fond of how it looks, so changes are forthcoming! I really like reading everyone's blogs, where I get great ideas to finish and see progress on BAP's. I really admire stitchers who tackle these huge samplers out there! When I grow up....I want to be a BAP stitcher!

I have found time to stitch though! Today I received more stash from Shakespeare's Peddler:

I had been waiting on these since a few days before market in February. The Faith design on the right was a little something Theresa threw in. It comes with the fabric and the threads. So Cute! And I love crowns, so Gloriana from Plum Street Samplers is perfect. I'm fascinated with British royalty and will be watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate. Okay, folks....SOMEONE ENROLL ME IN A 12-STEP PROGRAM FOR STITCHERS!!! My bedroom/craft room is a mess so I stepped in this morning to fondle stash and count and organize all my stitching stuff. Here is what I found (sheesh!):

I have 6 WIP's done.
Remaining WIP's for the Up for the Challenge 2011:   4
New WIP's for this year and into next:                        6 (there will be more, trust me!)
Kitted up projects (fab and threads):                           3
Projects with just fabric:                                             14
Kits:                                                                           5
Freebies yet to be stitched                                        46! Yikes! (not sure if these will ever get stitched!)
Chartpacks/leaflets (including the new acquisitions):    25
AND asst'd designs from magazines, etc.:                  57
Assorted fabrics                                                        16

160 unfinished or even started projects for me to stitch! And I'm 47 lol. I'll just ask my survivors to pack all these with me when I'm buried! I keep everything in these plastic storage bins and in file boxes. This is just one:

Lately, I've had trouble landing on just one thing to stitch. I put a few stitches in one thing, and then move on to something else. Maybe it's the numbers above that are causing me to flit around or just because I've received some new stash. Who knows. Check out the new freebie I'm stitching now: Thankful for Ewe with CC thread by Sharon Crescent. I love the fabric, it's 32ct French Ivory from R&R:

 I finally sewed these Halloween blocks together. I bought these off eBay two years ago. It'll be a table topper:

It was fun and didn't take much time. I may have to wait 'til Halloween to find some fabric for the backing or maybe there's some on eBay because I want the backing to keep to the theme.

Spring has finally arrived here in Arizona (I think! We always seem to get some snow the end of April). This area has been blanketed by these little purple flowers:

They are everywhere! They sure add some color to the brown landscape around here.

Hope the weather's fine where you're all at and spend it stitching!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yippee! Can you guess why?

Yes, I finally received the fabric I've been waiting for...

32ct Winter Sky (L)
36ct Quicksilver (R)

Did you hear that big thump? That was me dropping all my new starts! I'm suffering from startitis right now and started these two projects which have been kitted up for about 2 years:

Just a cute baseball design inside an old cross stitch calendar. On forget-me-not linen, 32ct. This is the one that has been kitted for 2 years.

Thee I love-in case it's unreadable. On this pretty moss-colored lugana. There's a lot of color changes on this one for being what looked like an easy stitch. From an old JCS magazine.

Gosh, I'm so excited to start Winter at Beacon Hill. I'm a center starter but with this one I'm going to start at the upper left-hand side so I can get that entire double-border done. I'm going to start saving up to get Winter framed. It's worth professional framing! It'll take a while to finish it but I'll enjoy the ride!

It's supposed to be 70 degrees today and I've got the startitis AND spring fever. I want to clean the house and pull weeds and stitch! Which one is going to win? You got it!

Have a great weekend wherever you are and spend it stitching!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicks Rule!

Yes, I've finished Chicks Rule!

Chicks took me 4 days to finish, and it was a fun stitch. Yes, Natasha, I've seen the new LK kit for this year. Very cute!

And the waiting game still goes on :(. A week ago I emailed the INS where I ordered the LL fabric and the Winter Sky fabric is still on backorder but the other fabric has arrived at their shop. I just told them to save the fabric and send it along with Winter Sky whenever it comes in. Sheesh! A pet peeve I have of some of these INS's is that you never receive emails about what the holdup is. After 2 weeks, I'm assuming that they've had to order fabric or thread. In commiserating, I've started a new project, just an old design of three baseball players on linen from an old cross stitch calendar. And once again, it's full of fractional stitches and backstitching. I'm starting WIP's for the 2012 Up for a Challenge!! No good time like the present, huh?! People, I have so many kitted up designs ready to go that I shouldn't even be adding new stuff to the pile. I am looking forward to retirement when I can just sit and stitch all day! And the funny thing is all these same kitted up projects will STILL be there waiting for me to start on them LOL. That 's still a ways off, but it's something to look forward to!

All day Sunday, I had to throw a case study paper together, about 6 pages for my Medical Ethics class due last night at 11:59 p.m. I got it in at 10:30 p.m. My procrastinating is rearing its ugly head! I'd rather stitch.

Well, folks, here's hoping your day will be full of stitching!