Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stitch from Stash-February

Hi all! Hope this finds you enjoying warmer weather maybe?

Time for SFS14!

I am proud to say that I did not spend a cent this month! But we were given a Splurge weekend, which at first I resisted but on the last day, I put in an order for these! I was below the $100 for the splurge.

Hopefully, when you click on them, they'll show up nicely. Yes, the two are HAEDs! In my defense, they were on sale! Ha! I'm attracted to the artwork of James C. Christensen, they're so whimsical and I love the fish. The design in the middle is 525 x 700! I did not notice that when ordering. The one on the left is 400 x 201. So with the way things are going with my stitching, look for ONE of those HAEDs to be started next year. I also bought one of my temptations from last month, the LHN The Journey. Looking forward to stitching that one soon.

I had no new starts from my stash this past month but I did work on my Halloween ornament, Snow Day (soon to be finished), Hornbook Angel, School Days, and Blackwater Hollow Sampler. On WIPs I worked on: In The Meadow, Home (almost finished), and Fancey Blackett. Here's where I got to on School Days

By La D Da. I'm using a different fabric than what is called for, Goldfinch by R&R. I bought American Chestnut to use. It's identical to the model on the picture. All the words are to be stitched with GAST Tarnished Gold. I nearly subbed that with a darker gold color because I thought the words were going to disappear in the fabric. Not so it looks like. This is nice medium size and I feel I'll be done with it soon.

The Temptation this month is this, borrowed from the 123Stitch site

PS Mini Card Collection E (Black Crow). Fall-ish designs, my favorite would be that first one at the top at left. The pigs on the bottom, naaah! The pig commercials for Geico drive me bonkers. The latest one with the boots n pants, boots n pants, ugh! I haven't really taken a good look at Market things so I'll do that soon. The Attic down in Mesa has a great Market set up. Last time I went, I had a hard time restraining myself. I did end up spending almost $200 and that's without Market goodies! I do recall picking up a LK limited kit though.

I almost came close to joining the Chatelaine stitching challenge. There's still time, I believe the cut-off time is in April. But I talked myself out of it! I did print some small freebies from the Chatelaine site and will give one a trial run sometime. At any rate, they are just beautiful and intimidating all at the same time!

Enjoying the Olympics? I'm a hockey fan so I've been watching that along with most of the skiing. And tomorrow night's episode of Downton Abbey is the end of this season, arrgh! I don't know what I'll do with my Sunday nights, probably stitch! I always put down what I'm stitching to watch it.

Well, that's all folks! My daughter and I are having a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie marathon and its about to start. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I enjoy reading them! And a huge WELCOME to new followers, glad you're here!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Turtle Trot Feb. 2014, Horse of Another a Color, Ghostly Green Snowman

Hi all! It's TT time!

I worked on three of my WIPs, which is unusual for me. Here they are:

Home, A Diminutive Sampler. Before

And after

I'm so glad this picture is not really a closeup because my stitching is not all that great for some reason! One of my purchases with my SFS-exempt birthday money was more floss for Home because I ran out at this point. By this next time month, I should be doing a Happy Dance!

In the Meadow by CCN, Before


See the Ghostly Green Snowman, wooooooo. I'm seeing a reddish splotch in the middle area, must be my pink fuzzy socks since I have my snaps leaning on my crossed leg. Those leaves on the trees are probably the toughest things to stitch on this-there's soo many!

Fancey Blackett by Pineberry Lane, Before


I've added a few more leaves and one and a half of the levitating owls! I can't wait to start stitching Fancey and those freakishly large rats! Eww.

And Horse of Another Color! I'll explain!

Since the last time I stitched on Blackwater Hollow Sampler, I've added the legs to the horse, the vine, and flower. That horse is Supposed to be GAST Walnut but for some reason I've turned it into an Onyx horse! I don't know what happened. My best guess is that I was watching tv and stitching! So be it, I'm not going to frog the horse. It looks fine.

In summary, I'm looking at at least 3 Happy Dances by the time March rolls around. And what's up next? Posting for the SFS on the 22nd. I can proudly say that I haven't bought anything. I used some of my birthday money on some thread for some Spring and Easter stitching, and I bought another Q-Snap, all of which are exempt. I love being exempt. Now if I can find a way to be exempt from working!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks Ladies for your comments. I enjoy reading them. Take care to those of you dealing with more snow and cold. We had a scare last Friday of 1 to 3 inches of snow, which never materialized! Then 2 days later it hit 61 degrees! Weird weather we're having. But I worry about our fire season which may start sooner than later. We're at the mercy of Mother Nature, aren't we? See everyone on the 22nd!

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