Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ornament SAL 2013-January edition

Or the title could be the 'Pink Blog Post'. Keep readin' and scrollin' and you'll find out why!

Here we are, the last Wednesday of January, time to post my ornament that I actually finished the first week of this month! I haven't finish finished it yet, got lazy! I took a bunch of light gold beads and sewed scattered them across the front. I know Mardi Gras is not a holiday, but I think it should be! 
Mardi Gras
The Sampler Girl freebie
on Mystery linen
using over-dyed floss

Here's a blurry shot of Mardi Gras! I have some crazy plans for the finishing of MG so be sure to check back (can't say for sure when that'll happen!). It involves chains, wooo! We had been dealing with days of rain and then of snow, so my pics are going to look dreary!

In between stitching the ornament and working on WIPs, I started Baby, It's Cold Outside from Heartstring Samplery.

It looks pink which isn't the true color. Now I'm using 36ct fabric, like the model on the chart, but the finished design measurement is soo different from mine. Mine is smaller. I worried that the words on top weren't going to fit but as you can see, they do. It'll be interesting to see how the big house and trees fit!

I  recently stashed too

Wow, what is up with that pink?! Anyway, I'd seen a few bloggers stitching 'Ghoul' this past Fall, admired from afar and bought it. The 'Salem Sisters' from PPS is the first of 3 and I want to stitch 'em all, so cha-ching! I also bought on eBay these charts from Victorian Motto, the letters V and S, along with some chenille trim that isn't in the pic.

Very cute designs. V is for my daughter and she is graduating this coming May so I want to stitch the little sampler-type design at the left right below the 'V' for her. S is for me!

Aaaanndd, here's Hope of the LHN Sheep Virtues, I'm not too sure of the title. This is the SAL that Vonna is hosting. I have the fabric and the threads to start this NOW but I'm just pooped so I'm planting my rear end on my side of the couch and watching TV! I just might start stitching on Hope for a little this evening, Might.

My last post or the one before I think I mentioned a birthday giveaway. Well my B-Day was yesterday and no Giveaway! I ordered some stuff and I'm still waiting on it. So I'll have a giveaway sometime soon and name it-oh I don't know, maybe Shelly Actually Sunk a Needle Into 'Hope' Giveaway!! Haha! I'm hoping this isn't a sign of a loss of MOJO! I can't have that happen, not with all these SALs I'm a part of!! Oh, the pressure...

Thanks for coming by! A big HUGE WELCOME to my new followers too! So glad you're here! I really appreciate the comments you all leave, it does my heart good. Take Care!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Turtle Trot 2013

I just about forgot I was supposed to post photos of my Turtle Trot stitching! I just worked on two WIPs. Right below is Thee I Love from an old issue of JCS (see my sidebar at Turtle Trot 2013 to see date of magazine). The stitching is a little difficult as there are several shades of green that has me changing needles constantly. The color of the fabric is actually a light green and the flowers are white! Don't know what happened here! The bottom one is Winter House Sampler by Homespun Elegance. The only thing I stitched on the sampler was the snowman! I had to buy more DMC for both projects. Now that I have thread, I'll be dedicating some time to both.

Okay, so Blogger wants to do center! Whatever Blogger wants, Blogger gets!

This is just a short post for my Turtle Trot WIPs.

Thanks everyone for stoppin' in and visiting!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Okay, it took me a while to figure out how to get pictures on this thing. I was 'cleaning' up my computer the last couple of days and I must've deleted something or uninstalled whatever it was. So I uploaded pictures to Picasa Web Albums and tada! Without further ado, here's my TUSAL jar

Yeah, not much. Pretty sure there will be more ORTs the next time. I'm going to put this into another container each month and save it. I'm mostly working on my ornament for the Ornament SAL, it's small and a perfect project for this time of the year. Both ornament and the two WIPs I've been working on, I'll have a post about them near the end of this month.

I finally found my MIA pictures of the 4 WIPs that I was missing. Here they are
I'm out of DMC for this one right above, Thee I Love. So after I post this, I'm headed to Hobby Lobby.
Here's the wonderful Fancey Blackett. I'll have to frog the 'hanging' trunk, lol. It doesn't line up in the middle of the bottom trunk. So a-froggin' I will go!

A short post for sure. My birthday is at the end of this month so I just might have another Giveaway! Yay! I think I like giving away more than winning stuff as I don't enter many giveaways.

Take care everyone!

TUSAL and technical difficulties

It's the 11th of January already. Amazing! It's going too fast!

Anyway, I tried to post a picture of my jar but something is wrong with the pop-up window to insert images. There is no buttom to browse for pics from my computer.

Therefore, I will tell you that I have 14 threads, yes 14!, in my jar. And since I can't post pictures I'll tell you that I found the MIA pictures. When I figure out what is going on here, I'll get pics on.

This sucks..

I will now leave and find out what is going on with Blogger and/or my computer.

Thank You for the comments last post! Have a great weekend! Here in the Southwest, we're being visited by an Arctic cold snap and I will be hibernating!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Minute Happy Dance!

Happy New Year to everyone in Blogland!!!

I have finished Something Wicked by La D Da
On the called-for fabric with silks. Love it, it's definitely smaller than I thought it was going to be! Onto the to-be-framed pile with the other inhabitant!

Here's the 3 other WIPs for the Turtle Trot

This is Winter House Sampler by Homespun Elegance. I started this in early December and put it down to start ornaments. It replaces Something Wicked.

Well I've lost pictures in my computer somewhere but the other WIPs are the LizzieKate Mystery Sampler-I stitched to the middle portion. Fancey Blackett Harvest Dance-wish I could show you a pic of it. I started it in the Spring of last year and got to the tree trunk and found I had counted wrong somewhere so I put it down! And the project that I'm going to work on today is Thee I love. Stitched on evenweave, I'm hoping I don't get confused on it. Everytime I start on evenweave I don't know whether to count over two like on linen or if I'm supposed to count over 1. I'll take a cue from my stitches already on Thee I Love and go with it!

I wanted to show you my Ort jar. I didn't belong to TUSAL last year but I do this year-2013.
Filled it up. I kind of hate to throw these out! They're like an good old friend-stayed there beside you through thick or thin! I must be in a contemplative mood, thinking of last year and all the changes I'm GOING to make for 2013.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all my followers, old and new, for hangin' with me this past year. It's exciting to reach 75, 76 followers and although I don't always answer everyones comments, I do read them because I'm on this computer Every. Day! Please keep leavin' those comments though! Take Care y'all!