Friday, January 11, 2013

TUSAL and technical difficulties

It's the 11th of January already. Amazing! It's going too fast!

Anyway, I tried to post a picture of my jar but something is wrong with the pop-up window to insert images. There is no buttom to browse for pics from my computer.

Therefore, I will tell you that I have 14 threads, yes 14!, in my jar. And since I can't post pictures I'll tell you that I found the MIA pictures. When I figure out what is going on here, I'll get pics on.

This sucks..

I will now leave and find out what is going on with Blogger and/or my computer.

Thank You for the comments last post! Have a great weekend! Here in the Southwest, we're being visited by an Arctic cold snap and I will be hibernating!


  1. Some of my photos posted sideways so I'm sure it's a Blogger issue. I think you beat me for thread count! Hope you get your photos uploaded.

  2. I was told by someone else that you have to make an album in Picasa in order to post pictures to your blog now. I have not tried it yet, so I am not sure exactly how it works.