Monday, January 23, 2012

Some good news and a Trims/Embellishment Giveaway!!

Let's get straight to the more exciting news I have to offer-my Trims and Embellishment Giveaway, to celebrate my b-day on the 29th and my gallbladder surgery on the 27th! The insurance company couldn't argue with the test results! I have more 'stuff' on order coming for this giveaway, but here's what I have now
On order are undyed chenille trim to try your hand at dyeing and pastel dyed ric rac, mother-of-pearl buttons, and a special surprise! I may have to go back and order me a special surprise too! I just hope it all gets here in time! What are the particulars for your chance to win you ask? None! Just leave a comment. That's fine and great if you want to follow, and fine and great if you don't. You have 'til the 30th to comment. On the 31st, my daughter will pull a name out of the hat and I'll announce the winner the next morning here since I'll be home recuperating. Who knows, I may surprise someone else with a second place draw for a smaller bunch of goodies!

I survived the CJC 2012 Challenge and took a week to stitch more on Tweet from the 2010 JCS ornament magazine

Here's what it looked like before
Yes, a pitiful start but it's coming right along. I stitched almost all day Sunday. Today, in keeping with my plan to stitch on a new Crazy every week, I've picked up Stars and Angels from JCS ornaments 2011

I'll stitch on this for the week.

I got me some stash too!

I've been admiring Zippity Doo Da for awhile after seeing some finishes of it. Any of you stitched it on a different fabric? I'm not too crazy about the Tin Roof WDW linen used. I'm envisioning it on Days Gone By linen used for Tweet above! And of course I'm getting a nice collection of PSS going. All the threads are for a couple of my Crazies.

Well that's it folks! I have to go pick up my daughter. A huge WELCOME to all the new followers! It's so exciting to see all of you; the more the merrier! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Procrastination rears its ugly head!

Well, I pulled it out! Barely! I know the rules aren't set in stone but still...! Here are my starts for the last 6 days, counting from the last to #10

I thought I had a picture of the chart but I didn't. This is 30ct WDW Gold linen, using WDW threads. How shameful, lol!

O.K, here's my 14th start

This is the beginnings of the pattern at the bottom, the pillow. Using 32ct Queen Anne's Lace jobelan with a mix of CC threads, DMC and some beads. That's a pretty fabric; wish I could find it in linen.

The 13th start is a re-visit to my favorite WIP-Winter at Beacon House or WaBH, from the Jan/Feb '10 issue of JCS. I stopped stitching on this in August to start my holiday stitching. Here's what it looked like then, here's what I stitched Saturday and was having fun, I might add.

I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of the year. Just being realistic!

The 12th start

This is Stars and Angels and I don't have a pic! Sorry! It is stitched on 30ct Parchment by WDW with just two WDW threads.

11th start

Christmas Magic, on 32ct white linen using DMC threads, Mill Hill beads. Still no pic! I'm almost to the finish line! Here's #10

Meet Tweet stitched on ?ct Days Gone By linen with a mix of GAST, WDW, and Kreinik braid. I stitched up one like this, different year from a JCS ornament magazine and same designer, and it was enjoyable so going to make this my focus point for this week. Another Yahoo group stitcher mentioned she was going to spend a week on one of her new starts and then move to another start the next week and I think that's an excellent idea!

Whew, my computer is really acting up. I have a blank square smack in the middle of the screen so I will apologize first-hand for any punctuation, spelling and whatever else mistakes are in this post!:))

I now have 17 WIP's (2 are ones that I already had) and will spend tomorrow and the following days on Tweet. But for now I'm going to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while listening to Kill Bill 1 on the t.v. I know, a bloody, bloody movie but it's entertaining!

Have a super week! And a big WELCOME to the new followers!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Starts 8 and 9

Well, I've encountered yet another bump in the CJC road. My 9th start was supposed to be Buffalo Spirit. I began stitching it this morning on 22ct Hardanger fabric with 2 strands. After a few stitches, I thought it was not looking good. The stitches with 2 strands was looking like using 2 strands on 40ct fabric! Holes next to each stitch were shrinking because of 2 strands of thread. I should have thought out my choice of fabric for it. Therefore, here is the substitute #9 start
Stitched on 36ct PTP fabric with Belle Soie Plush Plum (I love this color!). I've made this before and had the leftover fabric and the silk.

Here's #8 start

Klagetoh Navajo Rug kit by NP Designs. Stitched on 14ct aida. For some reason, the flash on my camera is not working.

I'm hoping this'll be the end of the frantic scramblings through the stash for substitutions! I'm taking the rest of this afternoon off from stitching! Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing catch-up!

Today, I had to put some stitches into my 5, 6, and 7 starts to say I'm caught up! Thursdays is when my 10 hour days start to catch up with me and we got home at 7 p.m. that night anyway, already dark and not good picture-taking light. Enough of the excuses! Here's #7
This pattern is from an old BH&G Christmas issue, 2001. I've had this project kitted up for a long time; time to make it! Do some of you long time stitchers remember Linaida? This is 14ct with DMC threads.

#6 From the November '08 issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine. On 28ct Lambswool Jobelan with DMC threads.

#5 Unofficial title is the Ark Sampler. On 28ct tea-dyed linen with just 4 DMC colors! I like this one! From a JCS '88 issue.

I planned on starting PSS's Queen's Crowns for my 13th start. However, I've been unable to find the 36ct Vt Maritime from LL at a decent enough price. So I"m moving everything up on my CJC list and I've picked Candy Corn by With thy Needle & Thread in place of Crowns. I ordered the Gold WDW linen from eBay so I should receive it in a week.

Well I'm hanging in there. Still haven't heard whether the insurance company got the test results. I'll be doing some calling on Monday. I'm really hoping they'll see that I need surgery. Fingers crossed!

I'm going to sit and stitch on the mitten while watching the Phoenix Coyotes vs New York Islanders hockey game. It's already dark out here! You all have a great evening!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And on the Fourth day...

Here's my fourth start...
I made the picture large so you could read the sentiment!lol. I started this at 7 p.m. watching my favorite show-the Ghost Hunters. I need to buy an owl button for this. I just found out that the Lakeside Linen fab that I ordered for PSS's Queen's Crowns was going to be backordered for 4-6 weeks so I cancelled and tomorrow I'll find another ONS to order the 36ct Vintage Maritime linen. Crowns is my 13th start so I got to get going with ordering that fabric.

Oh, BTW, Hoo Knows is stitched on 14ct Lite Fiddlers aida with DMC threads. This is a nice break from stitching on higher count fabrics.

Good night all. My gall bladder is hurting me a little so I took half a painkiller and I really need to hit the sack! My next start is a sampler from an old JCS issue with just 4 colors!

P.S.: I'm joining the new Winter Challenge that Becky is hosting. Stitch anything that has to do with winter. It ends March 1. I'm in deep now!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy start #3

I isn't much, but it's a start. The castle (I love castles!) is stitched on 28ct pink dahlia hand-dyed Jobelan. It's a pretty fabric. DMC and Kreinik braid and blending filament are used on this. Right now, these two pictures are side by side. It'll be interesting to see what Blogger does when I press submit! If I had looked carefully at the graph, I might have noticed that there are fractional stitches in this design. I'm not a huge fan of fractional stitches but oh well, I started it and I'll finish it.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Crazy 2nd start

I had today off so I stitched on and off for about 5 or 6 hours. But for some reason, it sure doesn't look like it! It's called Pretty Poppies from the Cross Stitch and Needlework May 2010 issue.

This design called for 25ct beige linen but I'm using 28ct natural undyed linen that I had in my stash. It'll make a real difference what it looks like when finished but I think it'll look fine. I'm also using a mix of regular DMC and variegated DMC listed.

I also finished the beading on this cute ornament that comes from the 2009 JCS ornament magazine

This is Rejoice by Mosey 'N Me. The body of the sheep took a while but it's so cute! The beads are the snow.

Being Crazy that I am, I saw that Becky at BeckyBee's is hosting a BAP Challenge. I took a look at my stash and found that I have only one design that is big enough to meet the requirements! But it means buying a nice big chunk of fabric because one side of this design is over 300 stitches. I think it's a sign that I'll have my hands full enough with this Crazy Challenge! AND at Laineys Stitching Hoose, she's hosting a year long SAL for ornaments. But you know what? I have two ornaments in my 15 so that's good enough. I might become tired of Christmas by the time it arrives after stitching ornaments for 12 months straight!

Well this is it. My daughter and I like to watch this series on tv called Pretty Little Liars and the new season starts tonight but right now they've got re-runs on, so I gotta go!

Welcome to my new followers, BTW! And Thank You for your comments too! It's exciting to see 7 comments left!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Crazy Challenge start

I did make it to midnight to start my first start in this Crazy Challenge. Here she is
I used the called for fabric and threads: 32ct Lt Mocha, and CC, WDW threads. I stitched all day today, watching movies and in between making dinner.

I'd been itching to stitch something big and different and Pumpkin Hollow Farms fits the bill. I'm going to have fun with this challenge.

Have a great evening! See you tomorrow!