Monday, January 9, 2012

Starts 8 and 9

Well, I've encountered yet another bump in the CJC road. My 9th start was supposed to be Buffalo Spirit. I began stitching it this morning on 22ct Hardanger fabric with 2 strands. After a few stitches, I thought it was not looking good. The stitches with 2 strands was looking like using 2 strands on 40ct fabric! Holes next to each stitch were shrinking because of 2 strands of thread. I should have thought out my choice of fabric for it. Therefore, here is the substitute #9 start
Stitched on 36ct PTP fabric with Belle Soie Plush Plum (I love this color!). I've made this before and had the leftover fabric and the silk.

Here's #8 start

Klagetoh Navajo Rug kit by NP Designs. Stitched on 14ct aida. For some reason, the flash on my camera is not working.

I'm hoping this'll be the end of the frantic scramblings through the stash for substitutions! I'm taking the rest of this afternoon off from stitching! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Shelly, my first visit to your blog finally. Waving at you from northeast Phoenix! Your new starts look great. I am trying to control myself and work on some WIPs but there's so many tempting projects out there.

  2. The keys look great! It's too bad that the other project didn't work out and you had to substitute again. Thank goodness you didn't stitch a lot of it before you changed your mind!