Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lethargic stitching and more

Hi all!

Yes, the title says it all. It should be my new blog title! I am so ready for temps around the 50's! I promise to not complain about the cold! I had today off so I spent it on the couch stitching on this
It's too hot to do much of anything else around here. I've added more to it since the pic was taken and I also apologize for that flash reflection. It's on 14ct Fiddlers lite aida, a nice break from the linen I've been working on lately. I like the cartoony look of the house. I was also thinking of stitching the insides of the tombstones gray but decided to leave it as it is. I will probably finish it as a flat ornament. I finished the PSS design 'My Pretties'. This particular one is Quothe the Raven Nevermore!
Stitched on 36ct V Basketweave from Lakeside. I will stitch the other designs as soon as I can order some more NPI silks. At the rate that I'm stitching, I may be done with all my Halloween stitching way before October. I would normally sell all of this but it's nice to hang onto it. Most of the craft fairs in this area seem to be right after Halloween. Don't know if anyone wants to look at anymore Halloween! That'll give me an early start on Christmas projects. I'm already going through all my Christmasy things, the JCS ornament mags, making lists of needed supplies, and putting in a conservative order at J.J.'s Collectibles. And I DID NOT order any new Baltimore releases, although I could have really done some damage there! Having water, electricity, and internet/phone (gotta check out everyone's blogs, of course) is a little more important!

I also went on a crazy magazine shopping spree!

I do this every year when everyone puts out their Fall/Halloween issues! I'm sure I'll be picking up at least a couple more. The JCS issue I bought from eBay. I haven't seen it on store shelves yet but the middle one is-from Joanne's. There are some great designs in there to stitch for the Fall/Halloween season, which is my favorite!

In my previous post I mentioned I was going to take a class. Well, I decided not to. I couldn't really come up with the money (I can sure buy magazines, can't I?!). I will take the rest of this year and save money to take a few classes in January.

In homefront news, my newly licensed daughter was driving home from school and drove through the red light at an intersection where they have a red light camera set up. She says she saw the flash as she got through the intersection. AArrrgghh!! It's a $180.00 ticket. Hopefully, there were other cars going through at the same time. Wishful thinking! We'll find out in a couple weeks though. I got caught going 1 mile over at a different speed camera last year and had to take a $175.00 defensive driving course just to keep it from my driving record. I hate these cameras but they make everyone pay attention.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! The skies look like they want to dump on us but it'll probably do nothing. So I'll just sit and sweat! Take care my 17 followers and anyone else who just happens to drop in!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holding my Breath and some finishing

You're probably wondering what the title of this post means, right? Two weeks ago my 16 yr. old daughter got her drivers license and I feel like I hold my breath everytime she takes the car somewhere. I listen for sirens, and generally feel fidgety until she pulls into the driveway. Not to mention the hike in my car insurance rate-Wow!

How're you all doing?

Sunday, as stated before, was the last day to stitch on WaBH. I stitched religiously on this thing for the past 5 days. I still have the 1 over birds to do down by the trees, and have smyrnas to do in the air near the left side of the house and around the birdhouse. I like the whimsical alphabet going on. The sand and snow are a little tedious!
I apologize for the fuzziness of the pic (for some reason I just can't take a decent picture of this project!!). There's also another smaller house next to the bigger one and another 1 over bird on the birdhouse. I can't wait to get back to this after I've stitched all the Halloween and Christmas designs I have planned.

Months ago, I was working on a Fall table runner with leaves on it. Well, in a fit of finishing this past Sunday, I finally finished it!
All it needed was for the ribbon to be sewed on at the ends and the blanketstitching. I also finished a few stitched items:

The little framed stitching is Faith by Shakespeares' Peddler. It fit perfectly in this little frame from my stash. There is no glass on it. On the left is Letters and Leaves (or vice versa) from La D Da, a freebie. (I wish my stuffing skills were better!). The bottom and back fabric is a homespun cotton, and I used the white ruffley ribbon, a skinny burgundy ribbon, and the faux mother-of-pearl button to finish it off.

I've begun stitching on my Halloweeny things. Here's my start from 'My Pretties' by PSS:

Nothing much here! The rest of the raven and lettering need to be stitched and then I'll be on to the next thing. I believe I have the necessary silks for one of the other designs from that chart. The model of this was made into (from what I can make out on the picture) a flat-fold or a flat ornament. I have a simple stitching of a Mission on 14ct Aida and I'm going to use that to attempt my first flat-fold as soon as I find a perfect fabric for it. I've been studying some tutorials on different blogs so wish me luck!

I'm jumping the gun with my latest woolfelt creation, this Christmas tree skirt
I need to cut out a hole in the middle and a cut thru to the edge. Cream-colored stars with large red beads and perle cotton will be glued onto the red portion and then blanketstitched with cream perle cotton. Then both red and cream edges will be blanketstitched. Now, I followed the directions for the large skirt but this will not fit a large tree! It will for a mini tree. Which is ok because last Christmas we put up a mini tree instead of a big one. Stay tuned because I've been going thru all my prim craft magazines for projects that I have woolfelt for. Can you tell I have a hankering for Fall?!

All these projects I want to do will hinge on whether I take the 3 credit online class I'm interested in. It's Microsoft Office 2010 and like other online classes I've taken, I may have a lot of work to do. I have 3 weeks to register. We'll see.

Take care, thanks for the comments and to my 16 followers, thanks for following! I'll leave you with a pic of our 4 cats enjoying the shade before the sun moves and comes to the front!