Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Giveaway and more!

There's a Giveaway at Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby. Win some mystery stash. She is one busy mom!

We survived Thanksgiving! Ate too much, of course and still have turkey. Tomorrow I'll be stripping the bones and making a turkey stir fry from it. The rest of the leftovers are gone!

As for the stitchy front---nada, nothing, zilch. I've lost the mojo, for about 7 or 8 days and counting! After I finish finished my two ornaments for the ornament challenge, the stitching came to a screeching halt!

The top one is from a PS card with no name. This one right above is from a Sue Hillis freebie. I think all the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Turkey day probably killed off my mojo plus I've been reading the Diana Gabaldon 'Outlander' series and I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through the last one so that's all I've been doing! She has a new one coming out on the 29th of this month so I want to be done with this last one. Those two ornaments are all I have to show toward the ornament challenge! I find myself putting on the brakes whenever I stitch and have a due date. Like it's no longer fun because I have to hurry. That's why I never sign up for exchanges, although they sound like so much fun. Plus my vertigo (besides other health crap that's cropped up) has been back and forth with me and that'll bum me out. So with these three remaining days of my weekend, I'll try to get back to stitching.

If you look at my sidebar, you'll see I finally have my CJC '12 list up for your perusal! It's final but I realized I have mostly large ones. Some of those are stuff I've been wanting to stitch for years! I am so looking forward to January 1! A lot of those projects are ones that I had fabric for already and uses DMC or over-dyed's that I have. Others I have to buy the supplies for. That Buffalo Spirit design is real big with a lot of color changes so I'd better buy me several packs of needles. I have read that it's easier to stitch large projects with needles already threaded with the called-for thread for each symbol. There might be some tweeding too. I whittled my list of ornaments down to a manageable level because I have other things I need to finish that are not stitched and time is running out!

Every Christmas, I HAVE to watch my most favorite Christmas movie and that is this one

The Little Drummer Boy song is my favorite and so is the story. I found this at Kmart for $5.00. I didn't hit Black Friday sales at all, but bought this this past Tuesday.
My first blogoversary is coming up real fast, so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking a peek! And a big WELCOME to the newest followers! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late to the Party!

Here she is! I finally finish finished her..

If the Broom Fits Fly It!
the Cross Stitcher Oct. 03
14ct white aida
DMC fibers
She looks so much better in person! I bought shiny black ric rac and hot-glued it on! How do you all put on your trim, hot-glue or sewn on? It took awhile to like that bottom and backing fabric but it has grown on me. A month before Halloween, I found a black and orange check fabric that I thought would go great with this design but when I got there it was gone. This fabric makes me think of a psychedelic pumpkin dream. All those circles are hypnotic! The orange goes with the dark orange on the witch's dress and the circles play off the squares throughout the border and her dress. I love it and will keep it!

As promised, here is that 2nd ornament 'Let it Snow' that I finished into a flat ornament with the woolfelt framing. As you can see, the board under the design is not all that straight! That's something for me to perfect with more practice, and the purchase of a nice sturdy utility knife, I'm thinkin'!
See that left side? Sometimes I can be such a perfectionist! The hanger is a dark brown ribbon to match the snowman's arms. A nice fun design to stitch! Well, with best intentions I've joined yet another challenge! Like I have all the time in the world. This one is the Christmas Ornament Challenge over at Betsybees Stitching Hive. She still had room so I thought...What the heck?!!! I dropped the ornament I was stitching and started a new one, from a JCS ornament issue. I got to thinking that that one was going to take a while, so I started and finished a little Prairie School design from an untitled card

I think I'm going to place this design on a woolfelt pillow with buttons on the 4 corners and some kind of hanger. This one stitched up quick. It was great to break the ice on the challenge with this one. Because I work 10hr days, I'm doing this challenge for fun. I can only stitch at night and during my 3-day weekend. The challenge will pick someone with the most points to win a gift certificate from an ONS. Some ladies have aleady finished 4 or 5 ornaments! Oh well, like I intentions! Here is my new start for the challenge..

Santa dressed as a Pirate! I know, not very politically-correct! But he's cute. There's more beard to stitch, backstitching and the words Yo Ho Ho Ho above him. This is a Sue Hillis freebie. I'm not sure what I'll finish this into, maybe a hanging pillow. I will update my Christmas Ornament Challenge list on my sidebar because I just know I'm not going to finish half of those by December 31st! For the Crazy January Challenge 2012, I have a list of 12 right now and some of them are big. The last 3 are going to be small and fast to stitch. I may insert a WIP in there too. December, I will have the list up on the sidebar.
Hit any after-Halloween sales anyone? I checked out Walgreen's and found these..I'm so excited! Two coffin and two cauldron shaped metal containers. They have orange hot chocolate in packaging (which I have already drank up) but I really bought them for next Halloween's stitching. I'll turn them into pincushions with a spooky design.
The lids of the coffins are stamped metal so I'll cover that with a thin cardboard and then some kind of primitive Halloween paper on that. The bottom will be the actual pincushion. For the cauldrons, I'm not sure; I can see pincushion on top of lid or inside the bottom. Hang around and find out a year later! But please continue to visit!

I also bought some stash! Woo Hoo!
The charts are La D Da, various fibers and beads for those ornaments. Bottom pic is an R&R fab, bitter Betty Brew, 32ct for an ornament also. Just love that color. Not shown is an ivory linen, 32ct and also for ornaments.

Now for the usual news from home! We got some snow last weekend, about 2 inches. It was gone within a few hours. Daughter attended the defensive driving class today for receiving the red light running ticket. $175 buckeroos! Whew! But at least that ticket will not be on my insurance and I'm sure after sitting for 4.5 hrs, she will avoid tickets in the future!

Thanks for stopping in and since I rarely get another post in sooner, I will wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving right now! Enjoy your time with loved ones! I will be doing the same!