Sunday, July 22, 2012

6th Crazy Finish and more f f's

Without further ado..wait, let me say what 'f f's' mean. Finished finishes!

Here is Hoo Knows, my 6th CJC finish

Hoo Knows
Called for DMC, fabric
This is so hilarious, I get a chuckle every time I read it! A labor-intensive stitch for sure with the big tree on the left and the border with the two colors and the backstitching. But it's worth it!

I have moved on to Pretty Poppies but no pic. I'll put one up the next post. It's turning out quite colorful and cute. I took a break between Hoo Knows and Poppies to read "The Help". I just loved it! I couldn't put it down but I hated the end. I was sorry to see Aibileen let go. I finally watched the movie yesterday and I thought the book was better. I then moved to "Glass Castles" by Jeannette Walls. This was a memoir of her young years with her siblings and two very dysfunctional parents. Just by reading the reviews, I knew there was going to be a positive outcome but it just bummed me out with the attitude of her parents. Lots of starving, alcohol abuse, irresponsibility, and so on and so on. I won't say how the ending was in case some of you want to read it. After that book, I picked a bodice-ripping romance set in Scotland. After "Castles", something ridiculous is just what I needed! Whew!

I've finished two more ornaments
Here's Tweet. She's on mounting board surrounded with greenish chenille that I'd hoped would match the grass under the mama bird. Then I glued on the ribbon for the bow and hanger. I see I have to trim up the woolfelt a little. BUT here's the star of the day
This may be the prettiest thing I've done! I've had the trim forever waiting to be used on something. It's gold trim that I picked up at an after-Christmas sale. I sandwiched it between the stitching and gold woolfelt on the backside. If you look carefully you'll see yellow pins on the sides; half pinkeep, half flat ornament! The hanger is a sparkly gold trim with little white smidgens (for lack of a better word!). Hobby Lobby has all these trims in small lengths that go for very cheap in their sale corner.

I planned on starting the LK mystery sampler but I don't have the thread for the border so I'm waiting for the order for that and two others. I've decided to stitch on something during the Olympics and unlike many others, I've decided on something British!
Can't wait..for the Olympics and to stitch this.

My box for Antique Keys and Locks is coming along. Tomorrow I should have the lining paper installed, and the stitching on the top. I'm learning as I go and running into problems such as-take off the hardware first! I'm having to scrape the paint off the latch in front. And don't go wishy-washy on the color. I bought some Minwax yesterday and should have put that on in the first place. I sanded the paint that was already on so the wood grain would show and then applied the Minwax. Next time, just buy the Minwax and just use that. I have some ideas for these small keys that I have..I won't say though! You'll have to wait to see the finished product!

Well, there's a storm brewing and I've got to get dinner started. Last weekend, it rained for 2 1/2 days. My zucchini plants just went..BOING!!..and I should have some zukes to cook soon. I've been looking for zucchini recipes and have found several.

Take care y'all! And a big huge WELCOME to my new followers. So exciting!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Halloween Heaven, etc, etc.

Good Afternoon ladies (and gents?!)! Hope those of you living in the Midwest and elsewhere dealing with the heat are managing alright. It's been a brutal summer and we in Arizona are waiting for the monsoon rains to start for some relief.

I now have my 5th CJC finish

Ark Sampler
JCS Mar/Apr '88
28ct tea-dyed linen

Here's another angle. The blue on the words and the border sure shows up. That was 823 or 832 DMC. This took some concentrated stitching! It's all I stitched on but I'm proud of it as it's one of the few big designs I've stitched. Here's what the Ark looked like the last time I picked it up-February 19! Shameful! 

I'm now closing in on my 6th CJC finish, take a look-see
That border is killing me. Funny, the border looks like a couch we used to have in the 70's lol!! Anyway, all I have to stitch are the words, pine branches at the top, finish the backstitching in the border, and I need an owl button to finish it off. Below is how it looked on the 4th day of the Crazy

Yesterday I managed to finish-finish two of my finished items
It turned out wonderful. I plan to hang this with a wide satin ribbon with a bow at the top. I'll take it into Michael's or Hobby Lobby to find the perfect ribbon. It'll be primitive with a touch of elegance! I finally invested in a utility knife but it still had problems going through the mounting board. And here is Candy Corn

The fabric she's sitting on is her back side. I filled the bottom with the lizard sand and the top with stuffing. She's a nice petite size. I'm getting ready to put another layer of paint on my box because the first color doesn't quite match the thread on Antique Keys. Aanndd...I've got two ornaments to finish-finish. So my next post should feature those two ornaments.

Sorry I don't know how Beckham got in there but he's so freakin' gorgeous!

Ok, back to business--Halloween Heaven indeed! I just received this long awaited magazine!

I thumbed through it saying this one, this one, this one, so on and so on! And then I took the plunge and got into the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler club

I have most of the WDW but need the fabric called for. It's charted for 30ct but I think I'll stitch it on 32ct. Now if I can just find the time to stitch all this!

Couple weeks ago my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to count my stash; Behold!
  • 60 Freebies
  • 33 Charts
  • 6 of those charts have fabric
  • 8 Kits (meaning fab and fibers)
  • 11 Magazine patterns w/fab
  • 21 Magazine patterns w/no fab or fibers
  • 2 Books w/fab (like the BBD books I have)
  • 6 Books w/out fab or fibers
  • 52 Misc. copies from magazines and charts
  • 16 WIP's.
My recent purchases are included!

I can't wait to retire! Then I can just sit and stitch and stitch and when I get tired of that, I'll read and read!

I don't know if you all know it but today is Malware Monday. Malware, if you don't know, is inserted into computers by advertising and causes havoc. Since I'm the only one on this computer, I think I'm safe. Just having the same issues from Blogger because of the amount of pics I put on here! So it's time to send this on it's way.

Thanks everyone, for your comments on the last post and for hangin' with me. Keep cool and safe!

BTW, I've added a few more things to my Stash for Sale page. I have more but Blogger or my computer, is slowing waaaay down. I'll add the other things tomorrow. Check 'em out!