Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Amazing! , Giveaway Winners!, and babble

It was amazing to see all the bloggers come together in support of Cathey, better known as Pumpkin. Here's her blog . I went to her blog and looked at her blog list and its all 'Pumpkins for Cathey'! Lol!

I, unfortunately, have experience with the evil 'C'. No, I've never had it, thank God, but I did lose both of my parents to C. My Mom died almost 24 years ago at the age of 49. I am 49! You can be sure I thought of that before I turned 49. She was so young. My dad, he died 6 years ago to lung cancer at the age of 71. I believe that attitude has a lot to do with the outcome of a battle with cancer. My mother, she just gave up and it took her in the 6 months the doc gave her. My dad, he was given the option of chemo and/or surgery but after hearing of the sizes of the tumors in both lungs, he said no and just wanted to leave the hospital and go home. He was gone in a month.

Whew. I don't know Cathey but I understand her struggle. The saying 'Mind Over Matter' comes to mind. If I can be of some help, if just to read and hear her rants of the unfairness of it all, I can do that.

I've picked the winners! Yee Haw! But first let me say that this app doesn't allow me to .....never mind!! I found where I can dress up, and make fonts large, etc. So here we go...

MYRA! You are the winner of the 4th of July package!!!! Myra loves the 4th of July, Autumn, and Halloween and has yet to meet a color she doesn't like!

Diana! She wins the main Autumn/Halloween pack and she chose Halloween!

And last but not least-Ann! Has won the package of leftovers (sounds bad but not really!) She likes Autumn and lo and behold her name was picked for the Autumn things that were left when Diana won for Halloween!

Well ladies, leave me an email with your mailing address at and after I receive some ONS goodies and finish the two items for Autumn and Halloween, I'll send it all on its way to you. By the way Myra, there isn't a stitched item to go with the 4th of July package but I think you'll like what you receive!

Thank you everyone for playing along. Wished I had consolation goodies to send to everyone! I'm thankful to you all for coming around to my blog, reading it, and leaving comments and to those who don't. When I first started blogging, many months went by without comments! But I just kept plugging on and now I have some regulars who come by. So I thank you all!

One more thing..are any of you going to stitch Paulette's (of Plum Street Samplers fame) Mystery Christmas Sampler? I am and I'm so excited! I love her designs. I've gone through all my threads and fabrics and found a 36ct vintage Lentil fabric from Lakeside. The funny thing is that the fabric I chose was kitted up with another of her designs! I have most of the threads, and I'll substitute with WDW the ones I don't have, if its possible. Here's the link to check out the details. It's going to be fun! My Ornament SAL plans are to start stitching Christmas ornaments ago this PSS mystery sampler will fit in nicely. Tomorrow Paulette will have the first part of the design over on her blog.

So, I'm going to have to ratchet up my stitching to keep up with this stitching. I've been vegetating in front of the tv some evenings. There's are some weeks where I'm not picking up the needle for 3, 4 days and that'll have to stop. Paulette is going to put up a new portion, 9 of them, every Sunday, so I'd like to keep up!

Congrats to the winners!

Take care, all!

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Pumpkins for Cathey

Happy Blogaversary, Cathey!! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fidgety and some finishes, etc.

Yay! The first day of Fall!

Yesterday, I was sitting in my usual spot on the couch, the stitching spot, thinking I had better get back to stitching the last giveaway item. I haven't picked up a needle for 4 days, yikes! So what did I do? I go to my bedroomslashcraftroom and start rifling through my fabric. Then I stop that and then go looking through my woolfelt looking for black because I spotted a very cute penny rug in a quilting magazine. I then drop that and think of all the small stitching that yells at me every time I walk into my bedroom, asking to be finish finished! Finally, something to settle on.

Left to right: Scary freebie that comes with the LK Very Scary Mystery Sampler (wow, I really need to get back to stitching on that!), Mardi Gras freebie by The Sampler Girl, and Ho Ho Santa by Val's Little Stuff. I spent a good amount of time with the ribbon ruching of Scary. I'm not too crazy about it. Maybe it'll grow on me. The neon cat fabric is also the backing. Remember Mardi Gras? I found these beads at a second hand store and yesterday, hot glued them on. My new best friend-the glue gun! Here's the backside of Mardi

I wanted to find a real OUT THERE fabric for the back but settled for this, yet another find at a second hand store! Ho Ho Santa, I machine sewed on the Pom poms, got to thinking I should have just had the Pom poms go around the entire thing. I'm going to sew on a hanger for it. The snowflake fabric is also the backing. It took a JABC button for the end of Santa's hat but I lost it! So I took some shiny trim, rolled it into a ball and glued it to his hat. How's that for improvisation! Don't forget to click on the pics for a better view. Folks, I now have just three smalls to finish finish, for now.

So I received my JCS 2013 Ornament issue the other day and upon seeing Vonna's cute cute finish of the acorn door-hanger, went out and bought the magazine. She was right. There are some other nice things to stitch. I only buy the magazine if I see things that I'd like to stitch and sometimes that's few and far between. Anyway, here's the magazines with my want-to-stitch markers in the JCS

At last count, there are about 20 Christmas ornaments I want to stitch. I went through my other Ornie issues also, and freebies looking for ornaments. Not sure I can stitch 'em all!

A few posts back, I mentioned some magazine stitching I wanted to do in the new year. Here's a couple

These are both from JCS. On the top picture, you can see the date of the issue...2004! This is how long it's been a want-to. The Manse has a bit of foreboding to it don't you think? Now that I'm looking at it this way, I'm wondering if those flowers are French knots. French knots and I, we don't get along! I'll have to look at the magazine to see if they are.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Today, I am making myself break out the needle and get to the last giveaway item, and work on an ornament for the Ornament SAL. Usually, by this time, I have an ornament already done but not this time!

Don't forget to enter yourself for the giveaways that end on the 27th. Thanks for your comments on the last post-appreciate it! Enjoy the first day of Fall!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Turtle Trot September

A Day Late and A Dollar Short!

A day late with my Trot post. I was too exhausted when I got home from work to take a picture and post something. I vegetated on the couch and started nodding off at 8:30 p.m.! So here's my WIP and yes, just one

I replaced a different WIP with this one. This is called Dead of Night by Funk & Weber Designs. It's on 32ct black linen with DMC. I'm nearly done but I may frog that one line on the left ghost right above the cat. It's a different color white if that's possible. The WIP that was replaced was the Navajo rug. It's on 14ct Aida using 3 strands but I used 2 and it still went through the holes roughly. So I've decided to re-do it on 32ct white linen sometime in the near future.

Don't forget to throw your name in for my giveaways! Here's the link-

Or just go back to the last post.

I know it's real early yet but I've been thinking of some stitching themes for 2014. I have about 2 magazine designs plus WIPs from magazines that I'd like to stitch. They're from various JCS magazines and others. For 2014 my stitching would consist of nothing but designs from magazines. I have a couple kitted up already.

Then, I have some kits, 3 to be exact, that I've held onto. They're big ones. Two that are started but not finished and one that its floss has been separated and that's it. All 3 are on Aida, however.

Thirdly, a BAP (Big A__ Project) year. I have that Christmas Sampler from BBD, a few PSS designs, and one that I'm planning on buying, the witchy sampler just out by BBD. I just got to have that one!

I would only do one of these of course!

Hope the weather is nice where you're at!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Little Finish and a Giveaway

Two posts back I mentioned I wanted to start a bunch of small stuff. Here's one for ya. I received this from Ranae from Stitch to Stitch when I won a name-that-designer contest she put on.

This is from LizzieKate. It called for 32ct linen but I used 28ct which is why the design almost runs out of room on the sides. But there's a method to my madness-I'm taking the fabric there and making a little table mat. The top 4 fabrics I like for this but the bottom plaid I'm not so sure of. What do you all think?

Okay, so lets get on with the Giveaways!

There will be 2 Giveaways, a 4th of July one because of my missed celebration of 100 posts, and an Autumn/Halloween one. The Independence Day package consists of a cross stitch kit of red, white, and blue goodness with all sorts of goodies with it.

The A/H one is a little different. You choose which one you'd like to win, the Autumn one or Halloween. I'm stitching two items now for both choices. I know that some of you aren't as Halloween-crazed as I am so that's why you'll have a choice. Once a winner is chosen, I'll have a stitched item plus goodies that go along with what they chose, scary stuff or Fall-ish stuff. And since one person will win, the other stitched piece with goodies left over will go to a person whose name I'll draw. So it's like 3 giveaways!

Leave your comment here on this post with your favorite color, the initial of your first or last name (for those of you who go by the name of your blog, just give me an initial you like), and which of Autumn or Halloween you'd like a chance at.

You have 'til September 27th midnight to comment and I'll pick names the next day. If you're only interested in one of the giveaways, let it be known in your comment. But I'll assume you're interested in both of them. I'll need a little extra time to order some of the things and hoping the ONS has it all in stock!

Whew! I hope you can understand all that because I'm not sure I do! I didn't want to turn this into a lot of mumbo jumbo.

Back to stitching! Oh, and this giveaway is open to follower or not, near or far, to everybody. Good Luck!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

TUSAL September '13 (pssst-scroll down!)

Good Evening! Here's my ORTS!

I'm not sure I stitched that much to end up with this many orts! But I'll take it!

I finish finished my black cat ornament, take a look

It turned out great! Click on the pics to see them better.

So I see that I've reached 103 followers-Yay! So it's giveaway time! Since I didn't put up a giveaway when I reached my 100th post, I decided to have 2, yes that's 2 giveaways. My 100th post came around the 4th of July and I have giveaway stuff in red, white and blue. The second giveaway is all about Halloween/Autumn and I'll be stitching up a few little things for Halloween and Autumn. You just have to pick which you'd like, Halloween or Autumn, because I know that not everyone is as Halloween crazy as I am!

This weekend I'll nail down the particulars on a post where you can leave your comment saying you'd like to be included. Oh, you have to tell me what's your favorite color, and your first name or an initial you like, like B or T, etc., and Halloween or Autumn. Anyone and everyone, follower or not, are welcome to sign up. So be sure to check my blog this weekend!

Gotta go! I appreciate you all stopping in and leaving comments! Welcome to my new followers. Thanks for making it 103!

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