Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TUSAL for May

I feel like I stitched a lot but my jar doesn't look like it!

See you all on the 10th for Turtle Trot! Sheesh, I guess I better get stitching on some WIPs!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stitch from Stash May


Time for SFS!

My beginning balance is $8.13

I spent: $0.00 Yay!

My ending balance: $8.13 + $25.00=$33.13!

New Starts: A Song A Song (finished and shown on previous post), Snowy Night, Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow

Here's Snowy Night
By Prairie Schooler in the '08 JCS Christmas ornies magazine. On 32ct fabric with mostly DMC. I substituted 939 DMC, which I didn't have, with GAST Black Crow because of its dark blue variations, all from my stash. This is my 4th ornament, 6 more to get caught up! Like that's going to happen!

And, the Sampler Pillow
This is Beehive Needleworks. On 36ct mystery fabric with the thread there. This is going to be big! I started this after becoming bored with what I had been stitching and thought I needed a new start to get out of my doldrums! It worked somewhat! Also from my stash.

WIPs that I worked on: Fancey Blackett, Hornbook Angel (no longer a WIP, see previous post), A Song A Song, Winter Wind Sampler.     

And wonders of wonders, no temptations this month either. I see charts I would like but I start thinking of the 50+ charts I have now and that kills that off. 

Most of my time has been spent reading the 7th book of my most favorite author and getting ready for number 8 coming out on June 10th. Some of you may know of her, Diana Gabaldon who writes The Outlander series. I reread the whole thing before a new one comes out and it takes a month for me to read one. So I've been reading every chance I get during breaks at work, at night, whenever. I'm almost halfway through the latest with time running out! I even took the 10th off to buy it and spend the day reading it. I'm so excited!

Well, I'm off to blow my nose. I never have allergies but this year, they're kicking my butt. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turtle Trot May, Finishes

After a morning of vacuuming and laundry, I can now sit down and type this all out. After finishing my 3rd ornament I took 2 days off from stitching. Two days turned into 3, then I finally picked up Fancey and added more stitches to her
I'm getting a little bored with the green corn stalks and there are two more on the right side. This is the only TT WIP that I worked on. I'll be done with her by next month.

Of course, I have more WIPs in all my 2014 starts and I have managed to finish another!
The color of the fabric is a little washed out. Hornbook Angel by The Primitive Needle on mystery 36ct fabric with overdyed thread.

Speaking of 3rd ornament-here is A Song A Song by A Sunflower Seed, found in the '08 JCS ornament magazine
Why two pictures? Because I love it and its the most favorite Christmas song of mine with Little Drummer Boy a close second. I'm not sure of the count of fabric. It's stitched with overdyed thread, Kreinik, and finished off with Mill Hill glass beads in the border. The tops of the waves were charted for Rainbow Gallery braid but I thought it had enough bling. The snow below the trees are a mix of white DMC and Kreinik silver filament. The funny looking squidgy things near the trees and Song are musical notes. I cut down on the amount of them too. Mostly because I wanted to be done! I will turn this into a pillow ornament as soon as I find a perfect fabric for the back.

I also framed one of my finishes from either last year or earlier this year (pretty bad that I can't remember!). My original plan was to make it a door hanger but did this instead
Peace by Erica Michaels. I thought the green in the frame went perfect with the greens in the trees. Sorry for the poor view.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Off to stitch and watch the NFL draft. Thanks for stopping by!