Sunday, March 30, 2014

TUSAL time, and another Happy Dance!

Here's my jar, looking down into it

Lots of green and brown from In the Meadow which has been finished, btw. I've got finishes comin' out of the kazoo! Practically a finish every other post.

My iPad camera cannot get the color of the fabric right. This picture from the last post

shows the color the best. Stitched on WDW Scuppernong fabric with CC overdyes. I'm making this into a pillow. Here's my idea for it. I have this brown cord and this homespun plaid fabric for it

I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to see if I can get some ideas on the backing fabric and another kind of trim. I'm thinking pompoms for the trim though. I also miscounted somewhere but I couldn't find it! It's maddening! So everything below the trees had to be adjusted like the bases of the trees and the snow. I counted everything from the words on down and still couldn't find where I went wrong! All the items on this design are basically mirror images of each other; the snowflakes, the trees, everything except for the words and his arms. But I think it turned out great. I went through one and a half skeins of CC Bamboo though going 2 over 2. Just an FYI!

Oh and I forgot to put up a few Temptations! Here they are

This is Rebecca from La D Da, and Long May She Wave

from Barbara Ana designs. Both pictures from 123stitch. This patriotic one is sold out at 123stitch. And since I'm doing my best at keeping 123stitch in business, lol, I stashed!

Ruby Pemberton Sampler pillow (in the mood for pincushions!) by Beehive Needleworks and Calico Heart by Notforgotten Farm, so cute. All to the tune of $17.08. Best thing about these two is that I have the flosses and substituted fabric for them. Right now though, I'm back to stitching on some TT WIPs.

Be sure to click on the pictures to get a better view. Looking at them on this iPad, they're looking blurry.

Well! This was supposed to be just my TUSAL post and nothing more but I couldn't wait until the 10th of April to show In The Meadow! And the other stuff. I've taken Tuesday off from work, so I'm in the middle of a 4 day weekend and loving it!

Thank You ladies, for stopping in and leaving comments. Jan left an excellent idea for Celtic Birds and I have found a perfect quote from an Irish poet to stitch with the design. I just need to plot what style of font, and where to put this quote, on top or at the bottom. That ought to be interesting! Take care all!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Stitching from Stash, a Happy Dance

Time is just marching on, isn't it?! This SFS post is brought to you by Iwanna Buymore, and Anita Savesome, two divas who are tearing my life apart!

Anyway, here's the breakdown:
In January, I bought $15.19 worth of threads
Leaving me with 9.81 at the end of January

In February, I spent 0.00
Leaving me with $34.81 (25.00 + 9.81) at the end of Feb.

In March, I spent $1.24 in DMC
11.83 for CC, GAST, and a key charm
12.75 for Cats in the Garden (Mel, could this be
exempt?) for charity.
For a grand total of $25.82 spent. So, $34.81 minus 25.82 leaves 8.99.
Now I hadn't spent the $25.00 for March. So I'm left with $33.99 as of today. And that, my friends, is dangerous!

I hope my breakdown is understandable. For the month of March, I spent $25.82. That was from February's 25.00 and what was left over from January. Whew! I'm at the mercy of this iPad app, so all my figuring could be all over the place when you see it on your screens!

I had two new starts from stash

This is from Dream Big by CCN. Just the bunny. The color of this fabric isn't right but if you look at the extreme lower left, it's that's pleasant mint green color.

And Rabbits Delight by Cricket Collection, which hasn't been touched since last post

Actually, I stitched just a little more on it but not enough to put a pic up.

And I worked on one WIP

In The Meadow. I've added the snow below the trees and snowman, and the boughs below it all. I'm pretty sure I'll be done by April 10th because this is all I'm going to stitch on!

In other news...

I have a Happy Dance! And it turned out great!

Celtic Birds by The Sunflower Seed. It's on 36ct Lakeside of some kind, and Gloriana silk, Charcoal. I love it! Not sure what I'll do with this. I pulled out some fabric for a pillow, but they don't keep to the theme here. So I'll hit Joanne's to find fabric that will 'go' with Birds.

Monday I made Irish Soda Bread

Didn't last long though. It was pretty good.

I'm seeing a few bloggers out there who are doing the college basketball brackets. Yay! I'm doing alright with mine. I have Florida and Arizona (of course!) making it to the Big Dance. This is the second year I'm doing this. Do I watch college basketball? No! I just looked at predictions, and win loss columns to come up with my bracket.

Well that's it ladies, and maybe the rare guy who stops by! Thank You for your comments, as always. I'm enjoying the fact that I have 'regulars' now! Take care, all.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

March Turtle Trot

Irises coming up, little purple flowers, and the trees are budding-Mother Nature is a little confused!
Turtle Trot:
I worked on just one WIP

The snowman now has a body and there are a few more leaves/needles on the smaller tree. I have run out of the CC Bamboo (Crescent Colours is now Classic Colorworks). That was an entire skein I used but there's not a whole lot of white on this. It's a mystery for sure how I used up a whole skein. I should be getting my order in from 123 in a few days and will get back on Meadow.
New starts and progress:

Carrots! I'm doing the Peeps design that, on the chart, is right next to the fabric. My other carrot, also a Cricket Collection, needs company!

I will probably stuff it also.
Here's my other Spring and Easter designs that I'll start soon

Here's one of my 2014 new starts and the progress


I will be done with this real soon! The bird on the left is completely done.
And if all those projects aren't enough, here are Christmas ornaments that I kitted up!

14 of them, lol! All from the JCS ornament mags from 2008 to last years'! It took a couple of hours to do this but I also whittled my mystery/small cuts fabric stash down. I need to get some Halloween ornaments in there too.
I'm sure you're seeing these pop up everywhere

I have 4 cats and I couldn't pass this up. Love the floss, it reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake! I just wonder if the price is exempt from the Stitching from Stash rules; I'll have to email Mel and see what she says. It's a great idea though and hope that the organization I picked is one that gets some of the donations.

Oh yes, I wanted to show you my first attempt at a project bag

It's long enough to fit a chart in it. I may use Velcro for a closure since I don't know how to sew in a zipper. Anyone know of a good zipper tutorial? Let me know.

Okay! That's my TT report and then some! I'm off to do a little housework, and stitch the rest of the day! Have a wonderful Monday!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

TUSAL, and more on this drizzly day. Yay!

Yay, rain! We have not had precip since sometime in December. Sometimes storms leave the worst of it in California and by the time it gets here, they're just showers. I don't think anyone here in AZ has any flooding. Thank goodness.

So it's TUSAL time!

I had more orts last month but I've been stitching steady, except for two days. I'll explain further down!

Happy Dance! Two of them

This is Home, A Diminutive Sampler by Pineberry Lane. I loved stitching this. From the over one in Home at the top (yeah, I put on my big girl panties and did it!), to the satin stitched lawn right below the house. I had run out of GAST Roasted Marshmallow and bought more with b-day $$ and luckily it matched. I'm going to look for a frame for this, something that won't overpower the design because it is.....diminutive ;))

And Snow Day by LK

Don't you like how that one weak ray of sunshine is passing through the snowman?! I used the called for threads except for maybe the snow. It said GAST Whitewash, and I'm pretty sure I used it but there are no variations. So I think I used DMC white! It looks pretty good though. I'm thinking pillow for this but I'm not sure of the fabric to use with this like do I use a color that matches some of the colors or a solid that matches the trees or white? What do you all think? So anyway, I could SMELL finishes last weekend stitching these two and had tunnel vision, ignoring everything else. After I was done, I gave myself two days off of stitching! Lol. Home is one of my Turtle Trot WIPs and Snow Days is a new 2014 start.

I was taking pictures on my craft table and looked over at my pile of finished things and thought I should try to finish finish at least one thing and here's that result!

Yellow Bird by La D Da. I trimmed it with chenille and stuck 3 gold colored pins into it. And that was it for finishing! After that I kitted up a couple ornaments.

I don't know when I'll start on these because Spring and Easter-y designs are whispering at me. I have three projects kitted up for those. I've just been a kitting fool! Kits here, kits there, etc.....

Well that's my Ort report. I've been bad in responding to your comments the last post so I'll do better here on out. I really appreciate everyone stopping by, regular commenters or lurking. I lurk a lot too! Take care you all! I'll be back on the 10th!

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