Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's hard to believe we're at this point! Since I'm not going anywhere tonite other than a hockey game, I'm going to try to finish up an ornament that I put down in November. That depends if I make it past 10:30 p.m.!

The test that I took Friday didn't show anything. Although the technician can't say anything, he did say that either my gallbladder is not functioning (ya think?!), something is blocking the bile ducts and therefore, the radioactive tracer didn't show up in the scan. I kept having to go back and forth to see if the tracer made it through (not a problem because I live less than a mile from the hospital!). He kind of thought that the insurance company can't argue with this obvious fact that something is going on. I'll know more in the coming week whether I get to have surgery. I hope so because I want to eat everything in sight! I want pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food like tamales and menudo, anything that has 1000 calories and lots of greasy fat lol!!

Meanwhile, I've lost 11 lbs. There are better ways to lose weight...

At midnite is the beginning of the Crazy January Challenge and I can't wait! At first I was going to abandon it but decided it might take my mind off of how lousy I feel. Well, I had to leave out the two PSS designs because of my budget constraints and I would rather stitch on fabric that is called for. If you look at the sidebar, I've included 3 Christmas ornies that I had kitted up for this Christmas but was unable to get to. Also I'm starting The Queen's Crowns from PSS because of my fascination with anything British! I've ordered the fabric for that. Everyday I'll have pics up to show my start and where I've gotten to. Check out the sidebar for the list as they're all shown from first days start to the last. As they say, I'm crazy! I'll try to keep up!

I'm looking forward to 2012. 2011 was tough physically, financially and emotionally. Every year I say the new year will be so much better. Well 2012 is going to be so much better. I finally have a decent job, my daughter is in her last semester of 11th grade, she'll have her own car to drive when I get my tax refund, and one large bill was paid off the first of December. On the stitching front, I finished up 13 WIP's, and stitched some ornaments and had quite a few people sign up to be followers. Thank You for following!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Take care, and have a great Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope this Christmas Eve finds you all finished with your shopping and baking!

I just wanted to thank you all for the kind words concerning my surgery and my grandmother's passing. However, the surgery was cancelled because my insurance company wants me to go through a test that'll PROVE that my gall bladder needs to come out! I will not even repeat what came out of my mouth when the surgeon's office called and told me this. I will not let this disappointment ruin my Christmas. I'm doing fine. Of course, I just can't eat much of all the baked goods that have come our way! Next Friday I will be at the hospital going through this procedure called the H.I.D.A. scan. I looked it up on the internet and I'm not liking the radioactive part for sure. But I'll do what they need me to do.

Mary, I received your package today, and it's the cutest ornament ever! Thank You, it is a great mood pick-me-up and it's now on our tree with its buddies! You do such beautiful finishing!

This is just a short post today. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Eventful Month

Hi All!

I haven't been posting because this past month has been something else. Let me fill you in:

I'm having surgery next Friday the 23rd for the removal of a bad gall bladder. How did this happen, you ask? I ask that myself! I had been having these pains in the middle of the night or early morning that would wake me out of a sound sleep. Usually after eating too late or something spicy. They didn't happen every day, just maybe once since summer, and then around 2 times a month if I wasn't careful. Until early Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago, around midnight. I thought my usual tricks of dealing with this would work; not this time. This hurt! It was like giving birth again! I woke my daughter to drive me to the E.R. They ruled out bad heartburn and ulcers. Morphine finally got rid of the pain, and then they released me with orders to get an ultrasound. I missed 3 days of work which is going to hurt (no pun intended) for Christmas. The ultrasound was done and after the words of the radiologist-"I don't like your gall bladder", was sent to my family doctor for a referral to a surgeon. Final diagnosis-inflamed gall bladder or Acute Cholecystitis.

I have never had surgery before. I spent the night in the hospital when my daughter was born but that was it. In one week I lost 6 lbs. because I just can't eat like I used to. And I've been tired. I fall asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m.! Fridays, I found out, are the normal times for surgery here at this hospital. I'm nervous about it but realize it's important to get this thing out.

The same day I found out about my gall bladder, I returned home to find phone messages that my 95 year-old grandmother had died that same morning! That was a double whammy Thursday! Her services were held this morning. She raised 9 children, 2 have already passed, one being my mom. She had 30-something grandchildren, 29 greats, and 5 great-greats. She was a strong woman, and I hope to face adversity like she did, with a smile and a steely resolve.

Due to my imminent surgery, I'm going to have to shelve my plans to have a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year blogoversary. My birthday is coming up at the end of January so I will have a giveaway to celebrate my birthday. So please be sure to check out the details for that in the middle of January.

Now it's time for more cheerful news! My Christmas ornament stitching has been almost non-existent. For the Christmas Ornament Challenge, I've stitched AND finished just 2. I have a small one that I finished but don't know about the finish on it. I am stitching one from a JCS ornament magazine but it's taking awhile.

The first weekend of December, Prescott has a very nice Christmas parade. My daughter and her ROTC group from school were to march in it. Saturday dawned with a bleak sky, low temps with the forecast of snow.

My daughter is the third one from the right. As you can see, it's snowing like the dickens. It was 32 degrees. And here's the rest of her group

When they were done, we just left and headed to the nearest Starbucks!

About a month ago, I put in an order for fabric, threads, and a few buttons. Well I just received the package yesterday

I'm still awaiting a backorder for 1 button. That's 30ct Parchment linen from WDW, Belle Soie for PSS's The Queen's Crowns, and DMC for one of my CJC 15 projects. Of course, the linen was for an ornament that I just won't have time to get started! Speaking of CJC 15, I'm so excited! I pretty much have all the supplies for most of them. There are 3 that take Lakeside Linen. I'm not a stitcher who likes to pick a different linen. 123 Stitch, I've noticed, have small cuts of Lakeside, and they're affordable. Of course, this will depend what my finances will look like in January. Here are some pics of what I have planned for the CJC:

I'd better quit now, Blogger is acting up. I'll post more pictures soon!

Surprise, Surprise! I actually won a giveaway! A secret giveaway for being the 500th comment at Mary's blog. I was asked for the holiday of my choice of something stitched and finished. I just can't wait to receive it! Thank You Mary! I've seen your finished stuff and just know it'll be gorgeous!

This'll be it for now. I'm off to stitch on my ornament and watch some t.v. It's been a couple of emotional weeks for me and I just want to couch potato. Wishing one and all a Merry Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Giveaway and more!

There's a Giveaway at Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby. Win some mystery stash. She is one busy mom!

We survived Thanksgiving! Ate too much, of course and still have turkey. Tomorrow I'll be stripping the bones and making a turkey stir fry from it. The rest of the leftovers are gone!

As for the stitchy front---nada, nothing, zilch. I've lost the mojo, for about 7 or 8 days and counting! After I finish finished my two ornaments for the ornament challenge, the stitching came to a screeching halt!

The top one is from a PS card with no name. This one right above is from a Sue Hillis freebie. I think all the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Turkey day probably killed off my mojo plus I've been reading the Diana Gabaldon 'Outlander' series and I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through the last one so that's all I've been doing! She has a new one coming out on the 29th of this month so I want to be done with this last one. Those two ornaments are all I have to show toward the ornament challenge! I find myself putting on the brakes whenever I stitch and have a due date. Like it's no longer fun because I have to hurry. That's why I never sign up for exchanges, although they sound like so much fun. Plus my vertigo (besides other health crap that's cropped up) has been back and forth with me and that'll bum me out. So with these three remaining days of my weekend, I'll try to get back to stitching.

If you look at my sidebar, you'll see I finally have my CJC '12 list up for your perusal! It's final but I realized I have mostly large ones. Some of those are stuff I've been wanting to stitch for years! I am so looking forward to January 1! A lot of those projects are ones that I had fabric for already and uses DMC or over-dyed's that I have. Others I have to buy the supplies for. That Buffalo Spirit design is real big with a lot of color changes so I'd better buy me several packs of needles. I have read that it's easier to stitch large projects with needles already threaded with the called-for thread for each symbol. There might be some tweeding too. I whittled my list of ornaments down to a manageable level because I have other things I need to finish that are not stitched and time is running out!

Every Christmas, I HAVE to watch my most favorite Christmas movie and that is this one

The Little Drummer Boy song is my favorite and so is the story. I found this at Kmart for $5.00. I didn't hit Black Friday sales at all, but bought this this past Tuesday.
My first blogoversary is coming up real fast, so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking a peek! And a big WELCOME to the newest followers! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late to the Party!

Here she is! I finally finish finished her..

If the Broom Fits Fly It!
the Cross Stitcher Oct. 03
14ct white aida
DMC fibers
She looks so much better in person! I bought shiny black ric rac and hot-glued it on! How do you all put on your trim, hot-glue or sewn on? It took awhile to like that bottom and backing fabric but it has grown on me. A month before Halloween, I found a black and orange check fabric that I thought would go great with this design but when I got there it was gone. This fabric makes me think of a psychedelic pumpkin dream. All those circles are hypnotic! The orange goes with the dark orange on the witch's dress and the circles play off the squares throughout the border and her dress. I love it and will keep it!

As promised, here is that 2nd ornament 'Let it Snow' that I finished into a flat ornament with the woolfelt framing. As you can see, the board under the design is not all that straight! That's something for me to perfect with more practice, and the purchase of a nice sturdy utility knife, I'm thinkin'!
See that left side? Sometimes I can be such a perfectionist! The hanger is a dark brown ribbon to match the snowman's arms. A nice fun design to stitch! Well, with best intentions I've joined yet another challenge! Like I have all the time in the world. This one is the Christmas Ornament Challenge over at Betsybees Stitching Hive. She still had room so I thought...What the heck?!!! I dropped the ornament I was stitching and started a new one, from a JCS ornament issue. I got to thinking that that one was going to take a while, so I started and finished a little Prairie School design from an untitled card

I think I'm going to place this design on a woolfelt pillow with buttons on the 4 corners and some kind of hanger. This one stitched up quick. It was great to break the ice on the challenge with this one. Because I work 10hr days, I'm doing this challenge for fun. I can only stitch at night and during my 3-day weekend. The challenge will pick someone with the most points to win a gift certificate from an ONS. Some ladies have aleady finished 4 or 5 ornaments! Oh well, like I intentions! Here is my new start for the challenge..

Santa dressed as a Pirate! I know, not very politically-correct! But he's cute. There's more beard to stitch, backstitching and the words Yo Ho Ho Ho above him. This is a Sue Hillis freebie. I'm not sure what I'll finish this into, maybe a hanging pillow. I will update my Christmas Ornament Challenge list on my sidebar because I just know I'm not going to finish half of those by December 31st! For the Crazy January Challenge 2012, I have a list of 12 right now and some of them are big. The last 3 are going to be small and fast to stitch. I may insert a WIP in there too. December, I will have the list up on the sidebar.
Hit any after-Halloween sales anyone? I checked out Walgreen's and found these..I'm so excited! Two coffin and two cauldron shaped metal containers. They have orange hot chocolate in packaging (which I have already drank up) but I really bought them for next Halloween's stitching. I'll turn them into pincushions with a spooky design.
The lids of the coffins are stamped metal so I'll cover that with a thin cardboard and then some kind of primitive Halloween paper on that. The bottom will be the actual pincushion. For the cauldrons, I'm not sure; I can see pincushion on top of lid or inside the bottom. Hang around and find out a year later! But please continue to visit!

I also bought some stash! Woo Hoo!
The charts are La D Da, various fibers and beads for those ornaments. Bottom pic is an R&R fab, bitter Betty Brew, 32ct for an ornament also. Just love that color. Not shown is an ivory linen, 32ct and also for ornaments.

Now for the usual news from home! We got some snow last weekend, about 2 inches. It was gone within a few hours. Daughter attended the defensive driving class today for receiving the red light running ticket. $175 buckeroos! Whew! But at least that ticket will not be on my insurance and I'm sure after sitting for 4.5 hrs, she will avoid tickets in the future!

Thanks for stopping in and since I rarely get another post in sooner, I will wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving right now! Enjoy your time with loved ones! I will be doing the same!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! And a BIG THANK YOU!

First things first....

Not long after my last post, I received an email from Dawn (no blog) who read the post and said she had an extra JCS Christmas ornaments magazine and would I like to have it? You bet! It arrived not long after and here is what I received:
Not only did she send the magazine, but she also sent the pink ribbon tissues and the little ort container. Dawn, if you're reading this, I'm so appreciative of your generosity and now know personally that stitchers are very kind. Thank You!! I dropped what I was doing and read the magazine from cover to cover!

I couldn't let October go without one last post. I've been busy finishing some of my Halloween stitching. I did sell two of my the Stitcherhood designs and one of the PSS 'My Pretties' ravens designs. The other raven design I finished into a standing pillow (I'm not happy with how it turned out).
On the left is the Notforgotten Farm's Halloween Eve made into a pillow, the little Blessed Be freebie from Plum Pudding Needlearts, and PSS's Welcome design. I tried finding velvet for the bottom for Welcome and couldn't, so I used fabric that was like velvet. I pinned a homemade tag of an old time poison label with a rusty safety pin, which is hard to see in this pic, at the top. In the middle is a decorative edging. The PSS pillow just looks funky to me. Remember my witch on a broom that I finished? Well, it's ready to be stitched up as a pillow with Halloween fabric for the backing and a small portion at the bottom. I decided black ric rac across the middle would look great so I don't have a picture yet. I will when I get my hands on that black ric rac. Tune into my next post for the picture of that.

I've started my Christmas ornament stitching. I made a list of all of them and put it on my sidebar of the blog. Currently I'm stitching the 'Rejoice' design by Mosey 'n Me. I finish finished one design

Let it Snow
Glory Bee
JCS Christmas Ornaments '09
14ct Williamsburg aida
I made two of these; I used checkered homespun for this pillow on the front and the backing, two burgundy-colored buttons with a skinny white ribbon. I have to say that I hit this one out of the ballpark because this is my first try at this kind of finish and it turned out great! The second one I've finished as a flat ornament but with two different pieces of woolfelt for a 'frame'. That's also the first time to try that kind of finish. I have learned something though, and that's to cut the cardboard AND the woolfelt more straight. You'll see when I post a picture of that one in the next post. My camera batteries decided to die on me, so no picture!

I have sold my soul to the devil and decided to join the Crazy January 15 (or 31) Challenge 2012! This challenge is to stitch a new start every day for 15 days or 31, whichever you want. I spent hours upon hours following everyone's starts this past January and thought it looked like fun. I have a list together for the 15 and some of them I could start now. Others I need to buy the fabric and fibers for. As soon as I finalize the list, I will put up pictures and a list on my sidebar. Hopefully, I"ll be done with my Christmas stitching by then, otherwise this'll be one busy blog! It should be interesting because I barely picked up my stitching yesterday after not stitching for an entire week! Tune into the madness startching January 1st!

December 20 will be the 1st year of this blog! Since it's so close to Christmas, I'm thinking of moving it a week earlier. What do you all think? Let me know.

Ah Halloween! I love Halloween! My daughter is going out with her friends tonite and may go trick-or-treating. I stopped doing that when I was 15 but I notice kids that age and older still trick-or-treat. Me? I'm staying home and watching every single scary thing I can find on t.v. I love Ghost Hunters and they'll have a special episode tonite. I'm just shaking my head at how fast these last few months are going by! Thanksgiving is next, and then Christmas...Yikes!

That's all, folks! May you have treats and no tricks tonite!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blabbering and so on...

Almost a month later...Yikes! Just when I thought I was doing better at updating this blog, I go and disappear for nearly a month! But there's a reason for that!

Last week I started a new job. I work 4 10 hr days, Tuesday thru Friday. And let me tell you..I'm exhausted! I wake up at 4:15 a.m. or so to take a shower. I start at 6 a.m. It's been years since I've had a job like this one. But having Mondays off makes it all worthwhile; not to mention more hours and a better paycheck. The downside is when I get home all I want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing...nothing like stitch or update this blog! In fact, it's 16 minutes past my bedtime right now. I get home at 5 p.m. and there's hardly any time to do anything like cook, wash dishes (I do dishes the old-fashioned way!), or read stitching blogs. We've been living off of microwave food, my daughter and I! I know it's not healthy but it sure is quick. Tonite, though, I went grocery shopping and bought food that'll have to be cooked!

This past weekend I finally picked up some stitching while watching the Pioneer Woman's last Food Network show on Saturday. I'll sure miss it! Anyway, here is what I THINK I was stitching!((O)) yawn, oh exuse me!!
This is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers. It's stitched on some kinda linen with WDW thread. You pick your own linen and threads. This was my 12th WIP from last year. Glad to say I'm done with those from 2010. I have 4 new WIP's created this year. Probably not enough to join the Up for A Challenge 2012! Joining that challenge was the best thing as I finished stuff that hung around for years and years.

I finished the last of my Halloween Sal-e (stitch alone) projects.
 From the Stitcherhood on 14ct Fiddlers lite aida. Quick and easy stitch. I finished Blessed Be, another freebie, this one from Plum Pudding Needlearts and finished it into a hanging pillow. It turned out real cute!

That'll be the end of my Halloween stitching. Unfortunately, I may be selling those same stitchings on eBay to help us through the week and a half of waiting for my next paycheck. But I'm keeping Blessed Be! Anyway, last Monday I started on my Christmas stitching, earlier than I thought I'd be able to. I have a lot of ornaments I want to stitch. I still haven't found the new JCS Ornaments magazine around here. In related news--our local Barnes & Noble is going to close at the end of this year:((. I usually found the newest JCS ornament magazine there. This just sucks!

Sorry I lied!! Here's the last of my Halloween stitching! Sorry again! I guess I didn't take a pic. It's from Plum Street Samplers 'My Pretties', the welcome one with the raven.

A couple posts back I mentioned I was going to make Prickly Pear jelly and add a jar to my blogoversary giveaway. Well guess what? We got this crazy hail storm a couple weeks back and here's what I had left:

A whole 3 left! Not enough to make a half a cup of jelly! This cactus is bigger and more spread out than the picture shows. There WAS about 15 to 20 fruits before that storm came thru. That great Prickly Pear god just does not want me to make jelly, I guess!

It has finally cooled down around here, to the point of having to use a blanket at night. But it's what I've been waiting for. I just don't do hot very well and you'd think I would because I'm a lifelong Arizonan. I'm just getting old!

Well I'm off to bed! Thanks for stopping by and listening to my blabbering! ZZZZZzzzzzz

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finish and Dinner

Good Evening!

Do not worry-two weeks have not gone past without your knowing it! I'm here earlier than usual!

Anyway, I just finished this little freebie. It's sure cute and tiny. I'm envisioning a pillow (I'm probably repeating myself from the last post) and have the perfect fabric for the back. All I have to do is wait for that finishing mood that afflicts me from time to time. Here it is:
It's stitched with DMC thread on 28ct whatchamacallit linen. It stitched up quickly. The next Halloween design I"m doing is called Magick Spells by The Stitcherhood! Sorry no picture.

We're finally having some cooler temperatures. I decided to bake some Snickerdoodles earlier. I've baked them before, making them huge that time. This time, however, they're smaller. Ignore the mess! I make a mess when I bake!

These are just a few of the cookies; the rest are eaten up. out of range. Dinner was beef stir-fry with sugar snap peas on white rice:
Yummy! Please ignore the counter of this 30+ year old house lol! This recipe came from the March '07 issue of Cooking Light. It has some bite to it as 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes are added. It's scrumptious and my rice-hating daughter likes it. You gotta do what you gotta do!

Back to the weather! AAAahhhhhh-me breathing a sigh of relief! We actually had to close a few windows last night. It got cool and comfortable. Right now it's 80 degrees at 6:28 p.m. Arizona time and I'm loving it!

Well, it's just a short post today. I am now going to grab a few more cookies, inhale them and get to stitching on the new start. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And a big Welcome to the new followers!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cooler temps ahead!

Yes, it's supposed to dip down into the 80's! Hence, the new blog design and the need to look at more pumpkins. It's been a brutal summer here. My daughter and I went window shopping today, looking at all the Fall/Halloween decorations. I should have put an epiletic seizure warning on my blog; I've got several things going on with it with all the different backgrounds, the birds and the small header that I can't figure out how to center. Hang in there, I'll figure it out.

How're you all doing?

My Halloween SAL (stitch alone!) is going great. Remember this?
Haunted Holler
The Stitcherhood
14ct Light Fiddlers Aida

It looks so much better in person than the chart picture. I actually lost my mojo for about 5 days while stitching this. I'd look at it and say naa! I finally picked it back up last week and finished it Thursday the 1st of this month. It's cute and I think I'll finish it as a flat ornament. Here's a close-up:
This is my new start-a freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart
Not a great picture and I don't like to press my stitching until I'm done. It'll be small and will magically turn into a hanging pillow. Stitched on mystery linen, with DMC. It's not really spooky, but I love ravens. After this is done, I'll probably start on the other design from The Stitcherhood (see earlier post). I have lots of Fiddler aida in my stash for it. I'm trying my hardest to keep stitching for my SAL. There are so much other stuff that are catching my eye and I promised myself that I wouldn't start any Christmas projects until I was done with all my Halloween things!

A couple years ago this woolfelt tablerunner caught my eye in an issue of Create & Decorate and I started it. It's definitely a WIP!
The bottoms of the pumpkins, the crows, and the stars need stitching. Then all the way around a feather stitch but I think I'll do a blanketstitch instead. AND I have yet another woolfelt tablerunner to start! It's a Halloweenie one with cats heads on a more shorter tablerunner. I have all the heads and designs cut out and the needed woolfelt for the background. All I need is Time! Now that I've publicly mentioned it, I feel like I should get the two tablerunners finished. As for my quilted Halloween tablerunner top (see previous post!sorry!), I have found the perfect fabric for the backing at Joanne's. That'll have to wait 'til I can afford it.

I picked this magazine up recently
And I see more in stores that I need also! It's all about need!

I've been watering my prickly pear cactus regularly, and have quite a few fruits on it. I'll give them another month to turn a dark red, then it's time to pick them. I've been threatening to make jelly out of them for many years so this time I'm doing it! I'll add a jar to my 1 year blogoversary coming up; stay tuned!

Take care everyone! And thanks for dropping in!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lethargic stitching and more

Hi all!

Yes, the title says it all. It should be my new blog title! I am so ready for temps around the 50's! I promise to not complain about the cold! I had today off so I spent it on the couch stitching on this
It's too hot to do much of anything else around here. I've added more to it since the pic was taken and I also apologize for that flash reflection. It's on 14ct Fiddlers lite aida, a nice break from the linen I've been working on lately. I like the cartoony look of the house. I was also thinking of stitching the insides of the tombstones gray but decided to leave it as it is. I will probably finish it as a flat ornament. I finished the PSS design 'My Pretties'. This particular one is Quothe the Raven Nevermore!
Stitched on 36ct V Basketweave from Lakeside. I will stitch the other designs as soon as I can order some more NPI silks. At the rate that I'm stitching, I may be done with all my Halloween stitching way before October. I would normally sell all of this but it's nice to hang onto it. Most of the craft fairs in this area seem to be right after Halloween. Don't know if anyone wants to look at anymore Halloween! That'll give me an early start on Christmas projects. I'm already going through all my Christmasy things, the JCS ornament mags, making lists of needed supplies, and putting in a conservative order at J.J.'s Collectibles. And I DID NOT order any new Baltimore releases, although I could have really done some damage there! Having water, electricity, and internet/phone (gotta check out everyone's blogs, of course) is a little more important!

I also went on a crazy magazine shopping spree!

I do this every year when everyone puts out their Fall/Halloween issues! I'm sure I'll be picking up at least a couple more. The JCS issue I bought from eBay. I haven't seen it on store shelves yet but the middle one is-from Joanne's. There are some great designs in there to stitch for the Fall/Halloween season, which is my favorite!

In my previous post I mentioned I was going to take a class. Well, I decided not to. I couldn't really come up with the money (I can sure buy magazines, can't I?!). I will take the rest of this year and save money to take a few classes in January.

In homefront news, my newly licensed daughter was driving home from school and drove through the red light at an intersection where they have a red light camera set up. She says she saw the flash as she got through the intersection. AArrrgghh!! It's a $180.00 ticket. Hopefully, there were other cars going through at the same time. Wishful thinking! We'll find out in a couple weeks though. I got caught going 1 mile over at a different speed camera last year and had to take a $175.00 defensive driving course just to keep it from my driving record. I hate these cameras but they make everyone pay attention.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! The skies look like they want to dump on us but it'll probably do nothing. So I'll just sit and sweat! Take care my 17 followers and anyone else who just happens to drop in!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holding my Breath and some finishing

You're probably wondering what the title of this post means, right? Two weeks ago my 16 yr. old daughter got her drivers license and I feel like I hold my breath everytime she takes the car somewhere. I listen for sirens, and generally feel fidgety until she pulls into the driveway. Not to mention the hike in my car insurance rate-Wow!

How're you all doing?

Sunday, as stated before, was the last day to stitch on WaBH. I stitched religiously on this thing for the past 5 days. I still have the 1 over birds to do down by the trees, and have smyrnas to do in the air near the left side of the house and around the birdhouse. I like the whimsical alphabet going on. The sand and snow are a little tedious!
I apologize for the fuzziness of the pic (for some reason I just can't take a decent picture of this project!!). There's also another smaller house next to the bigger one and another 1 over bird on the birdhouse. I can't wait to get back to this after I've stitched all the Halloween and Christmas designs I have planned.

Months ago, I was working on a Fall table runner with leaves on it. Well, in a fit of finishing this past Sunday, I finally finished it!
All it needed was for the ribbon to be sewed on at the ends and the blanketstitching. I also finished a few stitched items:

The little framed stitching is Faith by Shakespeares' Peddler. It fit perfectly in this little frame from my stash. There is no glass on it. On the left is Letters and Leaves (or vice versa) from La D Da, a freebie. (I wish my stuffing skills were better!). The bottom and back fabric is a homespun cotton, and I used the white ruffley ribbon, a skinny burgundy ribbon, and the faux mother-of-pearl button to finish it off.

I've begun stitching on my Halloweeny things. Here's my start from 'My Pretties' by PSS:

Nothing much here! The rest of the raven and lettering need to be stitched and then I'll be on to the next thing. I believe I have the necessary silks for one of the other designs from that chart. The model of this was made into (from what I can make out on the picture) a flat-fold or a flat ornament. I have a simple stitching of a Mission on 14ct Aida and I'm going to use that to attempt my first flat-fold as soon as I find a perfect fabric for it. I've been studying some tutorials on different blogs so wish me luck!

I'm jumping the gun with my latest woolfelt creation, this Christmas tree skirt
I need to cut out a hole in the middle and a cut thru to the edge. Cream-colored stars with large red beads and perle cotton will be glued onto the red portion and then blanketstitched with cream perle cotton. Then both red and cream edges will be blanketstitched. Now, I followed the directions for the large skirt but this will not fit a large tree! It will for a mini tree. Which is ok because last Christmas we put up a mini tree instead of a big one. Stay tuned because I've been going thru all my prim craft magazines for projects that I have woolfelt for. Can you tell I have a hankering for Fall?!

All these projects I want to do will hinge on whether I take the 3 credit online class I'm interested in. It's Microsoft Office 2010 and like other online classes I've taken, I may have a lot of work to do. I have 3 weeks to register. We'll see.

Take care, thanks for the comments and to my 16 followers, thanks for following! I'll leave you with a pic of our 4 cats enjoying the shade before the sun moves and comes to the front!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Casey Anthony sighting and more

Long time no blog! But being MIA means I have lots of show and tell!

Yes, according to local info (or gossip!!:)), Casey Anthony was said to have landed at our small airport overnight Monday. The husband of a co-worker works at the airport and said he re-fueled the small airplane she was on. He SAYS it was an F.B.I. plane. How he knew this the co-worker didn't say. The newest stuff being said is that she is looking to buy a place in Prescott, which is 9 miles west of where I live. Latest news reports has her broke. She may have to move to Borneo if she wants an anonymous life! Instead of Where's Waldo, it'll be Where's Casey!

Okay, onto stitchy stuff. I've been stitching on WaBH and here's what I've got:

I'm loving the big red house. I've since added more onto it. I had finally received the thread needed for the house, birdhouse, and the alphabet. It was a lot brighter than the skeins I already had. It's a good thing I separated the older stuff for the border. I'm going to stop stitching on WaBH the end of this month because I want to start some Halloween designs. The designs are 'My Pretties' by PSS, some Halloween freebies, and designs from The Stitcherhood:

I just love Halloween!

I also bought some stash:
That's the JCS Jul/Aug Ornament Preview, CC fibers for another project, and those silly, cute Pirate frogs from Stitchy Kitty called Toadally Arrrgh! After I've stitched all that, I'm starting Christmas! I'll tell ya, Halloween and Christmas has already arrived at the Hobby Lobby! It's crazy! Can we please get through the hot summer first?! Speaking of hot, I sure feel for everyone living back East who are dealing with those high temps and outrageous humidity. One word: water.

Right at the 4th of July our Monsoon season finally arrived with lots of thunder and lightning, and rain. This is what our skies looked like for a week or two:
See that rainbow in the top photo? These storms arrive fast and dump a lot of rain or not, and then leave as quick. We're not used to the humidity and it's been humid for sure.

Back in April, I had a package of wildflower seeds and planted them in an area under our living room window. I had no idea what kinds they were. Lo and behold, we now know!
Wild sunflowers! They stand about 6 ft. high. They're very pretty and growing like gangbusters since all the rain arrived! At the end of this weekend, we're due for more rain because of a storm off the coast of Western Mexico. It's movement will send moisture up through Baja California and into Southern Cal. and Arizona.

Bring it on!! Arrrggh!!