Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! And a BIG THANK YOU!

First things first....

Not long after my last post, I received an email from Dawn (no blog) who read the post and said she had an extra JCS Christmas ornaments magazine and would I like to have it? You bet! It arrived not long after and here is what I received:
Not only did she send the magazine, but she also sent the pink ribbon tissues and the little ort container. Dawn, if you're reading this, I'm so appreciative of your generosity and now know personally that stitchers are very kind. Thank You!! I dropped what I was doing and read the magazine from cover to cover!

I couldn't let October go without one last post. I've been busy finishing some of my Halloween stitching. I did sell two of my the Stitcherhood designs and one of the PSS 'My Pretties' ravens designs. The other raven design I finished into a standing pillow (I'm not happy with how it turned out).
On the left is the Notforgotten Farm's Halloween Eve made into a pillow, the little Blessed Be freebie from Plum Pudding Needlearts, and PSS's Welcome design. I tried finding velvet for the bottom for Welcome and couldn't, so I used fabric that was like velvet. I pinned a homemade tag of an old time poison label with a rusty safety pin, which is hard to see in this pic, at the top. In the middle is a decorative edging. The PSS pillow just looks funky to me. Remember my witch on a broom that I finished? Well, it's ready to be stitched up as a pillow with Halloween fabric for the backing and a small portion at the bottom. I decided black ric rac across the middle would look great so I don't have a picture yet. I will when I get my hands on that black ric rac. Tune into my next post for the picture of that.

I've started my Christmas ornament stitching. I made a list of all of them and put it on my sidebar of the blog. Currently I'm stitching the 'Rejoice' design by Mosey 'n Me. I finish finished one design

Let it Snow
Glory Bee
JCS Christmas Ornaments '09
14ct Williamsburg aida
I made two of these; I used checkered homespun for this pillow on the front and the backing, two burgundy-colored buttons with a skinny white ribbon. I have to say that I hit this one out of the ballpark because this is my first try at this kind of finish and it turned out great! The second one I've finished as a flat ornament but with two different pieces of woolfelt for a 'frame'. That's also the first time to try that kind of finish. I have learned something though, and that's to cut the cardboard AND the woolfelt more straight. You'll see when I post a picture of that one in the next post. My camera batteries decided to die on me, so no picture!

I have sold my soul to the devil and decided to join the Crazy January 15 (or 31) Challenge 2012! This challenge is to stitch a new start every day for 15 days or 31, whichever you want. I spent hours upon hours following everyone's starts this past January and thought it looked like fun. I have a list together for the 15 and some of them I could start now. Others I need to buy the fabric and fibers for. As soon as I finalize the list, I will put up pictures and a list on my sidebar. Hopefully, I"ll be done with my Christmas stitching by then, otherwise this'll be one busy blog! It should be interesting because I barely picked up my stitching yesterday after not stitching for an entire week! Tune into the madness startching January 1st!

December 20 will be the 1st year of this blog! Since it's so close to Christmas, I'm thinking of moving it a week earlier. What do you all think? Let me know.

Ah Halloween! I love Halloween! My daughter is going out with her friends tonite and may go trick-or-treating. I stopped doing that when I was 15 but I notice kids that age and older still trick-or-treat. Me? I'm staying home and watching every single scary thing I can find on t.v. I love Ghost Hunters and they'll have a special episode tonite. I'm just shaking my head at how fast these last few months are going by! Thanksgiving is next, and then Christmas...Yikes!

That's all, folks! May you have treats and no tricks tonite!

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