Monday, November 28, 2016

Winner! WIP progress and more

Hi all! Coming to you from a chilly snow-on-the-mountains-around-us-but-none-down-here kind of day. I thought I would make this post before I go to work.

I drew names of all you contestants, linen and Aida stitchers, together and a linen stitcher was picked and she is.....

            CRICKET-BUG! I will email you for your mailing address. As soon as I get the rest of the
               goodies in the mail, I'll ship it off to you.

And then I drew names between the Aida stitchers and the name drawn for the LK chart and Aida fabric is.........
            CJ! I will be emailing you soon for your mailing address. Since it's just the chart and fabric,
               I have it already and will get it in the mail this week.

Thanks ladies, for taking part in my giveaway! 

I've been toiling away at a WIP, Little Lamb by Kathy is before...

And now..

A good amount of progress, I think. Santa is awaiting reins to all three animals but I'll do that at the end. I'm having fun stitching the house. Sorry for the blurry picture. I try holding my breath to take a picture and sometimes it works, sometimes not! It's not a huge design. The width is what you see there. I hope to have this finished by Christmas but we'll see because there is a forest and two or three more deer. I have one deer partially stitched next to the house.

Two or three posts ago I mentioned a Kickstarter campaign by Ship's Manor that I took part in? Well, I received my package! I love all that he sent, take a look..
On the left is the fabric I chose, a 32ct fat quarter of this beautiful orangey, perfect for Halloween color. On the right is backing fabric, dyed also, and a skein of his silk and a cotton floss. Yummy. His fabrics are beautiful.

I have stash also, again! Everytime I look at this chart, I smile!
Aren't they cute! I saw this and had to have it.

Last but not least is this, the Christmas issue of..

They really outdid themselves on this issue, IMHO. Here are a few cross stitch designs that caught my eye..

Soo pretty! I've been itching for a new start so one of these might be it.

Alrighty! That will be it. Congrats to Cricket-bug and CJ! Thanks to you all for playing along.

Take care and stitch, stitch, stitch!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wicked Dance, 'Tis the Season

Hi all! Just got home from grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal. I can't believe it's almost the end of 2016 but after the year we've had, my daughter and I, 2017 can only be better!

I have a finish! Here's Wicked by Barbara Ana..

I'm not sure of the fabric I used but the floss is DMC variations and regular. The orange is called Chilean Sunset or #4130 and up close it has some pink in it and it's very pretty. The floss color of the key though I don't know as I lost the plastic sleeve it came in but I thought it was a good color for a key! I started this in 2014 and put it in time out because somewhere in the key handle is a counting mistake. I know where it's off but it doesn't really mess with how it looks. As for the date in the cartouche, I didn't know what to put in it because I misplaced the number graph that came with the chart. I didn't want the 1976 that the designer has on the model so I just stitched that 8 in there. I also shortened the web to the spider on the right so that it stayed in line with the bottom of the design. This is one cute design and just makes me want to stitch all the other Barbara Ana designs!

Giveaway time! My 6th Blogaversary is a few days before Christmas but I want to do this early enough in time. So sign up starts now and ends November 27th. I know everyone will be busy throughout next week. Open to followers on Blogger/Google and Bloglovin and I will mail overseas too. You have to let me know 3 things though:

1. Are you a linen stitcher or Aida stitcher? I have chart/fabric combos for either one. So you just  
    mention which one you would like and just the one.
2. What kind of candy do you like? It's cooled down now so I can mail chocolate!
3. Do you like Christmas-y scents and what kinds? Examples: baked goods scents, spruce/tree, 
    and so on.

This is a Prim kind of giveaway, the prizes are prim looking, rusty, etc. Here's what is for the linen crowd..

Comes with 32ct linen called for.

For the Aida stitchers is this LK chart of Santa with a nice chunk of 14ct dyed Aida

Winner gets their of choice of linen or Aida and all the goodies to go with it. If the winner chooses the Aida, then the linen package without goodies is still up for grabs and I will draw names for whoever chose linen in the first place and vice versa. Is that understandable? I don't know why my giveaways are so convoluted! 

It's a short post this time around. I spent most of my stitching time on Wicked so I have nothing else to show. As soon as I post this, I have to put together my exchange project. I don't know why I've been procrastinating on it but it has to be mailed on the 30th so I better get with it.

I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and Happy Stitching to those who don't. I'll be back on the 27th or 28th to announce the winners of the giveaway. Good luck and take care! I'll leave you with a funny picture of two Saguaro cacti Somewhere in Arizona. 
This is a hold up, Pardner!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hi all!

Couldn't think of an attention-grabbing title! I'm a little on the tired side, bored so I thought I would take some last minute pictures and here I am! I do have some finishes, progress, and Stash!

So the progress I have is on Jack's Bash by PSS..
I don't know why I get that big red splotch in the middle on nighttime, lamplight pictures but there it is. This fabric does have some small areas of red splotchyness but nothing like the picture. Anyway, I got the sawtooth border in below the first row of alphabet, nothing hard about it and it went fast. I have another row below the last part of alphabet. Below that are the tops of heads and a roof and then I'll have stitched half of this design, folks! The rest of it becomes interesting as there's a house, 4 people, a verse in tent stitch, and a very large lawn (well, to me it's large!), and two large urns with plants!

Here is Jack before

I quit stitching on Jack because I received my exchange partners' info and started stitching right away which is also one of my finishes. I don't think she knows I have a blog. So, she likes Plum Street and the color blue. She was in luck because I like PSS also and had the perfect design-The Favorite Font Sampler..
On 36ct something Edinburg linen. I made the fox a little more browner and the house blue. We can't make a pinkeep so I'll make it into a flat ornament with a hanger. Mailing date is the 30th. This weekend I'll put it together and get it in the mail next week or the week of Thanksgiving. Yay! 

My other finish was a little Christmas ornament for the Keeping Christmas Project hosted by Honeybee.
This is a freebie by Stitchorizeit. I added green Kreinik to the green floss for the stars? on the sides for some bling. Here's the link to this design. You just have to scroll down until you run into it:

I'm stitching another ornament and its half way done but no picture yet.

Stash! I bought all the charts from Stash Unload and Stash Unloading on FB, and the fabric on etsy.
The fabric is 36 ct with some light beige coloring for only $6.50, the Fleur de Lys chart for $4 ppd because I've joined a Mardi Gras type SAL on FB in February or March, the PSS chart for $9 ppd, the Hands on Designs chart for $4 and the two PS minis for $2 each. Not bad at all. Then I ungrouped myself from Stash Unload! 

I have joined a Stitch from Stash 2017 on FB. I think my stash buying has been pretty mild this entire year compared with previous years. The Nashville market always trips me up though! I gave myself a $25 budget but I doubt I'll go over it, maybe a thread or two here and there. 

Some of you may have noticed no Halloween giveaway this year. The time got away from me and then my kitty died and the bill was over $300 and then my daughter's pickup broke down and there went $500 so no giveaway:( But stay tuned for the end of this month because I'll announce a Christmas giveaway. It's my 6 year blogaversary in December and well, it's the Christmas season! It's a prim kind of giveaway so if you like prim, this ones for you!

I think that's it. I have a couple people messaging me so I better attend to that.

I want to say Welcome to new followers, on Blogger and Bloglovin'. There were so many of you checking out the blog hop that a few of you stayed! Glad to have you!

I better get. Take care!