Saturday, March 31, 2012

Testing, testing....

Testing, testing.....

My posts seem to have lost their titles! This is a test-run to see if this post will have a title. And no it doesn't. So I'll have to type the title on this section of the new post page like I've done above.

Stash for Sale!

Hi All!

I have spent the last 3 hours on this blog changing the layout and the design. Needless to say, I'm pooped! But I love how it looks. I've also added an extra page to sell any stash that I probably won't stitch. I'm hoping that the page will work correctly.

I'll have more up tomorrow as I have to scan the rest. So be sure to check them out!

Time for me to hit the sack.

Nitey nite!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Award and updates

Good Evening!

I've won an award called the Liebster Blog award. It's for those newer blogs with 200 followers or less. Thanks Penny (click for her blog), for awarding this to me. I rarely win anything so you gotta get 'em where you can! I'm hard-pressed to find blogs that haven't won the Liebster yet!. What I will do however is let you in on 5 random facts about me:

  1. I am an American Indian, from Arizona. I do bead-work and leather-work. But right now cross-stitch has my total attention!
  2. I love anything Red Velvet, i.e. cake (cup and/or otherwise!), ice cream, yogurt, candles, etc. etc.!
  3. I have 30 cousins, 27 of them live either within 2 miles of me in Prescott Valley or within 30 miles. Two are in Tennessee, 1 in Oklahoma,
  4. My two brothers and I are orphans, having lost our parents to cancer. My mom died 22 years ago, and my dad just 4.5 years ago. It has made us closer than before.
  5. I once left the Christmas tree up clear into March! My dad said I might as well just leave it up for the next Christmas!! Yes, I can and will procrastinate!
Since I didn't nominate 5 other blogs, I'm not sure if I can accept this award just because of the wording. I know-splitting hairs! That would be the 6th fact for my list! But I appreciate it Penny! And Welcome!

While I'm here I might as well update you all on my March Freebie Madness. Here's the newest one with the fabric that is going on the back for a pincushion
Freebie by Midsummer Night Designs
(Don't know the name!)
32ct French Vanilla linen
The picture turned out nice just because I tweaked the brightness/contrast controls. My camera is still not taking nice pics. Here's another freebie with its fabric. Okay, this one's going to be the pincushion and the one above is going to be a pillow. I can't wait to use some of the trim that I bought for the giveaway in January. Obviously I did not use the brightness/contrast controls on this pic!
Here is my fourth freebie, 90% done

2010 Carrot
The Cricket Collection freebie
30ct Hush-a-bye Yellow R&R
Called for DMC
This picture doesn't show the right color as it's a nice light yellow color. And there's my favorite purchase, my needleminder! I've had this freebie in my stash for awhile so it was time to stitch it up. All I need to do is stitch all the greenery at the top. I'll finish it as a hanging pillow in the shape of, oh you know, a carrot! So that makes 4 freebie finishes for the month of March.

I'm anxious to return to CJC stitching. I know what I'll be stitching--the Christmas Mitten (you can click on the link).

I need to hit the sack now. TGIF tomorrow! It's been a long week and this is one weekend I'm looking forward to. My brother is out of town working and my daughter will be camping the entire weekend with her ROTC group. So it's just me and the kitties and my date with Zach Fagen (or Hagen) of Ghost Adventures and Chinese food for dinner. Can't wait!

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Oatmeal Hare and more

I know it sounds like the name of a health food store. But it's not! That's the name I've given to this Hare in this Freebie Finish. Yay, an actual finish! It's much nicer in person

Alphabet/with Hare
LA-D-DA freebie
36ct Summer Khaki linen
Belle Soie Poison Apple, Oatmeal

The freebie has the hare being the same color as the alphabet but I thought he/she should be another color, why not Oatmeal! This is a good sized design even stitching it on 36ct and it called for 32ct. I have a nice frame in my stash that would look very nice with this. I also just finished another freebie

Sweet as the Flower
Midsummer Night Designs freebie
32ct French Vanilla R&R linen
GAST Dried Thyme, Antique Rose, Apple Cider
Tiny little design, I added the '2012' xo in place of this-'dt to d't. The fabric is lighter in person, my camera is just not working good. It's the 18th of March already and it took me all that time to stitch up these two small designs! I've started on my third freebie already. Hopefully, I'll have that done by this time next week.
Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day! I actually have a smidgen of Irish in me, courtesy of two great-grandfathers. In honor of that I baked up a Soda Bread, my first time. I took the recipe off and tweaked it a little by just adding raisins. Since I've never tasted Soda Bread, I really don't know what kind of taste it should have. Here's my creation

It turned out allright. For dinner was a chicken breast/stuffing skillet also taken from Allrecipes and I ended up burning that. I salvaged the chicken breasts and the top portion of the stuffing but it all had a slight burnt taste to it. I blame the distraction on Facebooking with my friend of 32 years who lives in Wisconsin. She got me excited by telling me that she and her husband may be coming to Arizona in June for their 4th wedding anniversary. She still has family here. I haven't seen her in 18 or 19 years.

This past week, I got the discount shopping and yard saling bug and hit the road. I found this fabric and the 3 1/4 yards of trim at Hobby Lobby in their discount section. The trim was just $1.07, what a deal. And the fabric would look great with 4th of July stitching. I have freebies for that holiday too! I've just got freebies coming out of my orifices ears! And I sat here yesterday printing out even more!

Yesterday, I hit this estate sale that was offering stuff for half off. They must've sold a lot on Friday because when I got there, there wasn't much left. However, I left with a Christmas Wreath, a pretty one since I don't have one, a clip board to attach a pattern to, a Mayan calendar (I think) wall hanger, and this cute Hershey's Kisses tin that was made in England in 1982
I'll put buttons or something stitch related in there. All of that for $4.00! Then I raced home to catch the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network channel only to find I missed it by an hour because I forgot about the time change. We in Arizona, with one exception, don't change our clocks. Shucks! I love Pioneer Woman!
I had received a gift certificate from Barnes and Noble for Christmas and have just barely used it. My order came in this past week
I have become such a mystery fan that the top book and the bottom are mysteries. The top book by Craig Johnson is the first in a series that has become quite popular. It's set in Wyoming with the main character being a Sheriff who overlooks a large area and solves crimes. I lived in Wyoming for 6 months until the snow and snow drifts sent me packing back here to AZ! The bottom is of course the Egyptian series by Elizabeth Peters. And no, I didn't live in Egypt! I'm fascinated by everything Egypt though. These books are favorites of mine. And the main character is such a strong female and her favorite saying is "Another shirt ruined!". The middle book is called The Worst Journey in the World. It's about the Robert Falcon Scott expedition to the South Pole and what went wrong. It's pieced together with the accounts of the survivors of this expedition. I'm a big chicken and am just amazed at other people's attempts at doing incredible things!

And lo and behold, look what I woke up to today!
I know some of you haven't had the winters you're used to after reading your blogs. They had been talking about this big Pacific storm coming in this past week. On Friday it reached 70 degrees! In 24 hours, it started raining and overnight, snowing. It's been snowing on and off all day today. The sun came out just now for 10 minutes but has retreated again. It's supposed to snow more tonight which makes my daughter hope for a snow day tomorrow!
Here's another picture to remind you what snow looks like! I'm ready for spring and short-sleeve weather!
I'm fighting off the urge to start some new stuff. I've seen some bloggers stitching Christmas Garden and checking out their fabric choice. I'm not sure I want to stitch it on 30ct Sheep's Straw. I thinking a 32ct fabric. The one freebie I finished is stitched on French Vanilla and I like the color. I don't know, we'll see! I want to get through this month with these freebies, and then start stitching on the challenge starts. I just know I need to get some progress on those before I start stitching on my new stash. Decisions, Decisions!

Thank You for stopping by and spending time here and for your comments! I enjoy reading them. I'm coming up on 50 followers and thinking it's time for another giveaway! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trip to the Mother of all LNS's! IMHO!

That just means that I haven't been anywhere else! This past Saturday Daughter and I went back to Phoenix to see a hockey game and for me, the Attic. Attic Needleworks, of course. Saturday morn, before we left, I checked their website and found that it was Nashville Market day. I had a feeling that it was going to be busy there. And was I right! First let me say that the front of this shop has reflective film on the windows and the door. When we drove by looking for a parking spot, my daughter said "It looks closed" (wishful thinking on her part!). I said that it couldn't be, today was Market day. We parked and I talked her into coming inside with me. Wow! It was crowded, and I felt I had arrived in Heaven (can you tell I haven't been in a needlework store in awhile?). By the way, my daughter ended up going to the car and waiting for me! Off to the right was a table with a class in session and a long line checking out. There was all the samplers on the walls, samplers that I've seen other bloggers stitch. But let me tell you, they look so much better in person. Especially the Sarah Elizabeth Brooke sampler. That was front and center, first thing you saw when walking in. This one was stitched on what looked like a stained fabric. It wasn't as huge as I thought either, and all the samplers were framed without glass. Made me think of framing without glass. You could spend 3 or 4 days at the Attic and not look at the same thing twice. All I wanted to do was look at the samplers!

To make a long story short, I found almost everything on my shopping list, plus a little bit more. Take a look
I had been looking for this chart and always thought it was a stand-alone. It wasn't until recently that I learned it was in the Joyeux Noel BBD book. I also got a cut of Lakeside Vt Pear, right below the book, to stitch it on. I'm not a big sampler stitcher, having stitched only one, but I've admired the Christmas Garden design by BBD and grabbed it as it was the last one left. The other fabrics above are 40ct Vt Meadow Rue and 36ct Vt Maritime. Below are leaflets that were NOT on my list!

It wasn't until I got home that I noticed I had bought all Christmas and Halloween. Beginning at top left, left to right: The House that Jacks Built II by Prairie Moon, Fancey Blackett-The Harvest Dance by Pineberry Lane, by golly be jolly by LK w/fabric, Ghostie Manor by Bent Creek, Bringing Home the Tree w/fab and fibers by LHN, and Dead of Night by Funk and Weber Designs.

In another room was all the new Market stuff. By then I had all the above in a basket, which was getting heavy. I was trying not to add it all up in my head. I looked around at all the things in the Market room but decided I'd better quit while I was ahead. Besides, my daughter was still in the car! Luckily, the weather outside was a pleasant 70 degrees or so. The whole 2 hours I was in the store, I stood in line to checkout for 30 minutes of that. I know for a fact that a lot of money was spent in that store. One woman in front of me had dozens and dozens of skeins of fibers, fabrics, and a few charts. She put it all on credit. Then it was my turn..ouch! But you know what? I'm good with it. I kept it below $200! And it'll keep me out of trouble!

February is basically the time when me and my daughter do a little splurging. I receive my tax refund and do some of the things that we don't get to the rest of the year. After the Attic, we headed out west to go to Cabela's and to the Arrowhead Mall, to look around and kill some time before the game. Unfortunately, the Coyotes lost 4-2. Here's where they play, arena
It was a great weekend!

Last week, for the first time ever, I took a stitching of mine to Michael's to be framed. I already had the frame. I am very happy with it!
This was one of my WIP's from 2011. I had non-glare glass put on with spacers. The framer did an excellent job stretching the stitching and the cost wasn't all that bad. I'll have to wait another year to have anything framed because I know bigger things will cost more. Here's another side of the frame
I stitched on one of my Crazy starts the last week of February, Candy Corn by With Thy Needle and Thread

She's coming along. I began my Freebies Madness Challenge on the 1st. I don't have a pic of that but I should be done stitching it this week. I hope so! At the rate I'm going, I'll have dozens of WIP's for next year!

I just received more stash in the mail today

More needed floss, yet another scary design, and a needleminder that I really, really needed! This is seriously the last of the Stash that I will be buying (lol!). I'm counting on my willpower to not start any of my new purchases and just concentrate on my freebies for March and go back to CJC starts in April. When I've actually finished a couple of designs, then I may reward myself with a start on something new! We'll see!

Thanks for coming along for the re-cap of my trip! Since I spent enough at the Attic, I will wait for another year to visit! I know, very hard but if you've been to Phoenix in the summer, you'll understand!