Friday, September 30, 2016

To the Moon, and a SAL finish

Hi all! It's just amazing that it's the last day of September! I have a finish, well, two finishes to show and a new start, and some info to share with you all.

But first I want to say Thank You to all of you on your kind words on the passing of ET. Stitchy folk are some of the nicest people and everyone is so supportive whether it's a death of a family member, human and fur, sickness, or something as simple as a loss of stitching mojo! So, again, Thanks!

Onto the business at hand:

Last post I was working on The Raven by La D Da and now she's finished..
On 35ct WDW Straw. I took the picture at a distance to show the color of the fabric. Closer, it looked almost white! I hope it's not blurry on your side. 

My next finish is for the Keeping Christmas Project SAL that Honeybee/The Copper Fox is hosting..
Silent Night by Lizzie Kate, a Jingles design. On mystery 32ct fabric. I added my own snowflake there near the 't' in night and beads for the snow which was called for but mine are sparkly. Christmas needs sparkly! And that was it, no second finish like last month. Blah

Here is my new start, A Trip to the Moon by Ship's Manor. I think I was getting bored with Halloween and Christmas stitching, so when I saw this, click click on Etsy...

I love it! This is all I've been stitching since I downloaded the pattern last week. I liked the colors, the Victorian look of the motifs and the chandelier look of that middle part. Called for 40ct Legacy but I only had 36, and DMC's, 25 DMC's to be exact. I took the picture of mine to get the color of the fabric. I took the picture this morning as the sun was streaming into my bedroom window. This portion is easy but that moon is confetti stitching. You would think that a solid 2 hours of stitching a day in a week would produce more but nope. 

There is a story behind this new stitch. I was looking at blogs and came to the one from Ship's Manor. He had a new post up and it was about getting into fabric dyeing so he started a Kickstarter campaign. It has since raised his goal amount and has gone over. I donated my $10 and will receive a piece of his hand dyed fabric. The different levels you will receive nicer things like getting his new dyed fabric every month. Since the goal has gone way over, he has added other rewards like a skein of his cotton hand dyed floss, a skein of his silk floss, and so on. If you want to check it out, here's a link:

After checking that out, I went to his Etsy store and bought Moon.
With these Kickstarter campaigns, you have to hope they pull through and send you the rewards they promise. A whole bunch of us got burned last year when a designer started a campaign, the goal was met and she promptly disappeared with over $1000 of donated money and no rewards. She shall remain nameless. Donating to these campaigns is a bit like gambling, you never know if your dollar results in a return. My $10 that I donated to Ship's Manor is small enough that I'm not worried about it but still..

So that's it! Not picture heavy as usual. I think Flosstube is taking all my attention so I'm not stitching on tons of things. I do stitch as I watch but I end up making mistakes because I look at what the person is holding up! Who knew I would become addicted to Flosstube! 

Plans for October? Get back to stitching two Christmas ornaments, keep stitching on Moon, maybe maybe pick up a WIP. I have had 20 some odd finishes this year so I feel like I can take it easy on finishing more WIPs.

Okay now I'm going! I want to say Welcome to those who have joined via Blogger and Bloglovin'. Glad to have you! Take care, y'all!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Finishes, new starts, progress, sad:(

Good Afternoon or Evening! Hope your weather has been cooler. It has been here, dipping into the high 40s in the mornings.

For the last two weeks, I have had finishes, some new starts, and progress on things. All of my stitching is Halloween and Christmas, as it usually is this time of the year. I'll try to keep this a short story!

I finally finished Autumn Leaves, yay! I started this last year for the Crazy 15, or 31 starts. I gave up at 27 days!
The fabric is Lambswool jobelan so my picture is a bit dark because I took the picture at night. I love this. I have a question though and hope you'll give me your opinions. The fence posts there at the bottom are backstitched, I did that to the first two. In your opinion, does it look better with or without backstitching? I'm on the fence about it, haha. So let me know what you think. The house and the fence posts are in WDW Pewter and I think that is my new favorite color. 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, which is mentioned at the bottom, I couldn't settle down to stitching on just one thing. I bounced around on some new starts, one of which is Christmas Fruit Basket by Threadwork Primitives..and I finished it also..

It didn't take me long at all to stitch this up. I bought this as a kit so I don't know what kind of fabric it is. At first I was going to leave off that bottom lace-like border but then decided that it almost looks like a table with a lace table cover on it, so I stitched it in. It's so pretty. I've been really taking notice of this designer's items. I have stitched a freebie of hers but this is the first real pattern I've done. 

My other new starts are these..

I didn't have the WDW Havana linen but I pulled out a 35ct Straw linen and I had the silks in my stash already. I like anything Edgar Alan Poe so this was perfect. I'm almost finished with it.

And the next new start is Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street..

The fabric, Periwinkle, just arrived yesterday so I grabbed my DMC's and got a start on the witch hat, as seen here..oops, I thought I had a picture of the PDF but I don't. There is a picture on the last post though.

Here's progress on some other stitching..

I'm all about the Halloween! Haha. The Lizzie Kate I'm almost finished with the first section. I just have to stitch in those other Kohl quilt motifs and then add stitches to the border at the bottom. That middle project is Halloween Revelry found in a JCS Halloween preview magazine. Last time I had one cat stitched in and the pumpkins had no eyes or teeth; they do now! And Little Lamb has all the wording and the beginnings of a roof. I'm finding it hard to stitch the roof going all across and then coming back with the top stitch. I'm using all DMCs but the fabric is 36ct Edinborough something. I'll keep plugging away at it though.

So I was on eBay looking at prices for OOP Prairie Schoolers and look at this..

Would you look at the price for that middle chart?! Wow! Somebody would want that in the worst way to pay that much!

Now the sad part..
My little T, sweet T I called her. We had to put her to sleep on the 3rd. Her real name is ET because her eyes were real big, bigger than her entire kitten body. She was 7. I assumed all my cats were going to live to the teens, you know, 13, 14 years. Nope. The last part of August she started turning her nose up at the dry food they mostly eat. I give them wet canned food about once a week to make it interesting. Then she started losing weight, not really noticeable at first, and spending all her time down stairs like she was hiding. I started feeding more canned food because she would eat that, trying to put weight back on her. September 3rd, we take her to the vet and a mass was discovered in her tummy area. Because she was spayed, and being middle aged, her tummy looked like it always did. Believe me, I have racked my brain wishing I had noticed earlier! They didn't want to operate so we had to let her go. It was for the best. Last time I had to let a pet go was more than 20 years ago, Scruffy who was blind, 14 years old, and was having trouble walking. This is painful. My weeping had gone down some. It's unusual to find just 3 cats at my bedroom door in the morning now. It's just not right. RIP ET.

I'll leave you with a recent sunset picture with the remnants of a tropical storm moving past. No rain, just clouds.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ornaments, FFO's, progress

Greetings from a cloudy cool Arizona high desert town! 

We had so much rain in the last two weeks that we are so green right now! If you look at my header picture, at the left where it's a dark green in the distance, those are trees and that is the town where I live. At the forefront, though, lots of green with another rain shower going on. It hasn't rained since the day before so I'm hoping for a dry period, said no one ever! Who hopes for a drying period?! Never fear, in another two, three weeks, we'll be back to our drab shades of brown! That is, if the monsoon stops!

I hadn't realized I only posted once in August. Can you believe it's September already? I have a new job where I'm on my feet for 12 hours a day so when I get home I'm exhausted. I haven't picked up a needle in about 5 days. I did today to backstitch in a wing, details below 

Enough babbling. I joined The Copper Fox's SAL The Keeping Christmas Project. We stitch an ornament a month, maybe more if you can. I got two in last month. Here is Bluebird of Christmas Happiness...

She comes from the JCS 2008 ornament issue. In the magazine, there are Smyrna's scattered about around the bird but I chose just to stitch in the simple star at the top left, paired with a sparkly metallic, which of course doesn't show up! There is a button of holly sewed on at the white portion of her hat but I didn't have one so I'll look around in my stash for something else. She's so cute!

My second ornament is this..Merry Primitive Christmas from the Primitive Hare, a freebie from . I dyed my own 32ct white linen with Vanilla and coffee, so it smells wonderful when I iron it! I used a variegated DMC thread in shades of dark reddish brown to match a red checkered homespun fabric that I will use for this as a pinkeep..
Sorry for the blurry-ness.

For September, I'm stitching another one of the above but with white and red, same kind of fabric, nothing fancy. Dixiesamplar alluded to a possible pynkeep exchange for Christmas and a lot of those ladies like the Prim style. I don't think anyone there at the group knows I have a blog so I'm safe!

My work schedule is 4 days on, 3 days off and 3 days on, 4 days off, every other week. The 4 days off gives me lots of time to stitch. Here's my progress on two items..Here's Autumn Leaves..

And where I was last time..

The words are WDW Rum Raisin and I ran out. I ordered the floss and a chart that is on sale. All I have left to stitch is the rest of the fence at the bottom, the body of the crow, three more leaves, the rest of Ground, and backstitching the fence posts. So pretty in person.

My other progress is on the Spooked Mystery sampler by LK. It's no Mystery anymore as the 3rd and last chart was released..

The fabric color is perfect. So I think I made a booboo already! The right side border, in between the diamond shapes is supposed to be a stitch in a different color floss. Not here! I forgot and just kept on stitching! I was probably watching more TV than paying attention. I'm going to leave it. 

I caught the finishing bug that lasted long enough to make this mini cube..

This design is from Santas and Samplers, or is it Samplers and Santas?! Sorry if I got that wrong. It's one of her Pear designs. At first I was going to frame it but then I had this perfectly sized block of florist foam..yes, you read that right!, that I bought with the styrofoam from Walmart. You have to be careful with that foam because it falls apart easily and slight pressure will leave it with craters! It turned out great!

The trees on the ribbon are sparkly, the larger ribbon is satiny. Here it is against the next size up cube that I have made..

Last but not least...Wool!
This is Apple..

One day's work on Apple. There are two pieces of wool for the background and the backing so it has nice heft to it. Anyone want to try their hand at Apple? I will give away the chart, and just the chart to  whoever does. If there are more than one person, I will draw names. Let's make the draw date for September 10th, at noon Arizona time. I can mail overseas also.

I bought a little bit of stash, just a chart and a pdf..Here's an oldy but goody and for sale at 123 for $4.60 I think, Taos Pueblo..

I was feeling Southwestern so this will satisfy that and then this very cute Halloween design from Satsuma Street on etsy at the grand price of 6? Boy, my memory is just going! ..

A PDF. I want to stitch it on an identical fabric, no overdyed as there are enough colors and swirlies in the design!

I think that's the gist of it! Plans for September? Keep stitching for the Christmas ornament SAL, keep working on a WIP, continue stitching on the Spooked Sampler, and maybe just maybe start Halloween Cat above, and get my sewing machine back and working for its keep! Haha.

Take care everyone! Hope you get some stitching in today!