Sunday, September 18, 2016

Finishes, new starts, progress, sad:(

Good Afternoon or Evening! Hope your weather has been cooler. It has been here, dipping into the high 40s in the mornings.

For the last two weeks, I have had finishes, some new starts, and progress on things. All of my stitching is Halloween and Christmas, as it usually is this time of the year. I'll try to keep this a short story!

I finally finished Autumn Leaves, yay! I started this last year for the Crazy 15, or 31 starts. I gave up at 27 days!
The fabric is Lambswool jobelan so my picture is a bit dark because I took the picture at night. I love this. I have a question though and hope you'll give me your opinions. The fence posts there at the bottom are backstitched, I did that to the first two. In your opinion, does it look better with or without backstitching? I'm on the fence about it, haha. So let me know what you think. The house and the fence posts are in WDW Pewter and I think that is my new favorite color. 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, which is mentioned at the bottom, I couldn't settle down to stitching on just one thing. I bounced around on some new starts, one of which is Christmas Fruit Basket by Threadwork Primitives..and I finished it also..

It didn't take me long at all to stitch this up. I bought this as a kit so I don't know what kind of fabric it is. At first I was going to leave off that bottom lace-like border but then decided that it almost looks like a table with a lace table cover on it, so I stitched it in. It's so pretty. I've been really taking notice of this designer's items. I have stitched a freebie of hers but this is the first real pattern I've done. 

My other new starts are these..

I didn't have the WDW Havana linen but I pulled out a 35ct Straw linen and I had the silks in my stash already. I like anything Edgar Alan Poe so this was perfect. I'm almost finished with it.

And the next new start is Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street..

The fabric, Periwinkle, just arrived yesterday so I grabbed my DMC's and got a start on the witch hat, as seen here..oops, I thought I had a picture of the PDF but I don't. There is a picture on the last post though.

Here's progress on some other stitching..

I'm all about the Halloween! Haha. The Lizzie Kate I'm almost finished with the first section. I just have to stitch in those other Kohl quilt motifs and then add stitches to the border at the bottom. That middle project is Halloween Revelry found in a JCS Halloween preview magazine. Last time I had one cat stitched in and the pumpkins had no eyes or teeth; they do now! And Little Lamb has all the wording and the beginnings of a roof. I'm finding it hard to stitch the roof going all across and then coming back with the top stitch. I'm using all DMCs but the fabric is 36ct Edinborough something. I'll keep plugging away at it though.

So I was on eBay looking at prices for OOP Prairie Schoolers and look at this..

Would you look at the price for that middle chart?! Wow! Somebody would want that in the worst way to pay that much!

Now the sad part..
My little T, sweet T I called her. We had to put her to sleep on the 3rd. Her real name is ET because her eyes were real big, bigger than her entire kitten body. She was 7. I assumed all my cats were going to live to the teens, you know, 13, 14 years. Nope. The last part of August she started turning her nose up at the dry food they mostly eat. I give them wet canned food about once a week to make it interesting. Then she started losing weight, not really noticeable at first, and spending all her time down stairs like she was hiding. I started feeding more canned food because she would eat that, trying to put weight back on her. September 3rd, we take her to the vet and a mass was discovered in her tummy area. Because she was spayed, and being middle aged, her tummy looked like it always did. Believe me, I have racked my brain wishing I had noticed earlier! They didn't want to operate so we had to let her go. It was for the best. Last time I had to let a pet go was more than 20 years ago, Scruffy who was blind, 14 years old, and was having trouble walking. This is painful. My weeping had gone down some. It's unusual to find just 3 cats at my bedroom door in the morning now. It's just not right. RIP ET.

I'll leave you with a recent sunset picture with the remnants of a tropical storm moving past. No rain, just clouds.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about sweet T. That is the worst. I'm still not over losing our basset 2 1/2 years ago.

    Your stitching is fantastic! Great finishes and love your new starts. The Raven is so cool!

  2. So sorry to hear of your lose of Sweet T.

    Your stitching is beautiful, both finishes look great. I would leave out the backstitching on the fence posts as I think it suits the piece.

  3. Sad to read of your loss...My Sherlock and Zoe will greet her at Rainbow Bridge....

  4. Awww so sorry to hear about ET it's so hard when you loose a beloved pet.

    I love all your stitching :-) You were brave to have a go at 31 starts!

  5. Beautiful stitching, designs & fabrics.
    Sorry to read about ET.

  6. Oooh, you're going to love those Halloween designs, and the Merry Christmas is lovely.
    I'm so sorry about ET's unexpected illness and passing. Our four-legged babies give us so much love.

  7. I am so sorry! It is so hard. Our fur babies always make us smile.
    Your stitching is beautiful. Take good care.

  8. Oh, Shelly, I'm so sorry to hear about ET. They leave such a hole when they go.

  9. My deepest sympathy at the loss of your sweet pet. It is so hard when we lose them. They bring so much joy to our lives. You have made great starts on some cool patterns. And I'm impressed with all of your finishes. I live down in Surprise and we've just begun opening the house up in the mornings because it's in the 60s. Ahhh! I love it when we can turn the A/C off and have open doors and windows!

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss Shelly. I can so sympathize with you. We had to put our 9 year old Schnauzer down on July 25th. He had cancer.
    Love all of your stitching projects and congrats on the cute finishes.


  11. I'm so sorry about your cat. Terribly sad. Don't blame yourself. I love everything you are stitching! You've picked lovely patterns!

  12. I am sorry to hear about ET, it is so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    I love the look of backstitching so I would say to backstitch the fence but it is beautiful no matter what you decide.

    I love Halloween and all your WIPS and finishes are wonderful.

  13. I'm so sorry Shelly to hear about ET. I come form a big pet loving family so I have an idea about what you have been going through. All your stitching is great! I love anything Halloween!

  14. Great stitching.
    I just stitched The Raven and made it into a pillow for a friend's B-Day.
    WOWEE, that's a big price tag for the PS!!
    Love the storm pic.
    I'm sorry to hear about ET.
    Take care.

  15. Hugs to you, Shelly--I am so sorry about your kitty. The same thing happened to our Shadow cat--a tumor in his kidneys :( I know you'll feel an empty spot in your heart for little ET for quite some time (It's been 8 years and I still miss Shadow!)...

    Love your finishes and as far as the backstitching goes--it's your call. I think it looks fine without and none of the rest of the piece is backstitched, is it? That Christmas finish is gorgeous--I look forward to seeing more :)

    Glad your nights are cooling off--I just heard that this was the hottest year on record for the U.S. so I guess we will all welcome these cooler nights.

    Take care now...

  16. So sorry about ET. :( It's especially hard when they're still young.

  17. Love all your pretty stitchy projects - you have been stitching up a storm! It is so hard to lose a pet since they become like family to you. I am so sorry about ET. :(

  18. I'm so sorry to hear abbout Sweet T, it's always hard to loose a furbaby, they are always part of the family.
    Love all your projects :)

  19. I'm a bit behind with blog reading as you can see...sorry for your loss.
    Your stitching update is so lovely...really like Autumn Leaves and the Threadwork Primitives piece. I don't think the fence posts need backstitch, they look great in your photo just as they are.

  20. I'm a bit behind with blog reading as you can see...sorry for your loss.
    Your stitching update is so lovely...really like Autumn Leaves and the Threadwork Primitives piece. I don't think the fence posts need backstitch, they look great in your photo just as they are.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about et! She was beautiful. You've made lots of lovely progress

  22. I am so very behind in reading some blogs, and I guess yours is one of them.
    I am so sorry to hear that you lost your kitty. I am a cat person, and I know how much
    they mean to us. She looks very sweet and beautiful. I hope you are doing better now that some time has passed. It is hard to let them go.