Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ornaments, FFO's, progress

Greetings from a cloudy cool Arizona high desert town! 

We had so much rain in the last two weeks that we are so green right now! If you look at my header picture, at the left where it's a dark green in the distance, those are trees and that is the town where I live. At the forefront, though, lots of green with another rain shower going on. It hasn't rained since the day before so I'm hoping for a dry period, said no one ever! Who hopes for a drying period?! Never fear, in another two, three weeks, we'll be back to our drab shades of brown! That is, if the monsoon stops!

I hadn't realized I only posted once in August. Can you believe it's September already? I have a new job where I'm on my feet for 12 hours a day so when I get home I'm exhausted. I haven't picked up a needle in about 5 days. I did today to backstitch in a wing, details below 

Enough babbling. I joined The Copper Fox's SAL The Keeping Christmas Project. We stitch an ornament a month, maybe more if you can. I got two in last month. Here is Bluebird of Christmas Happiness...

She comes from the JCS 2008 ornament issue. In the magazine, there are Smyrna's scattered about around the bird but I chose just to stitch in the simple star at the top left, paired with a sparkly metallic, which of course doesn't show up! There is a button of holly sewed on at the white portion of her hat but I didn't have one so I'll look around in my stash for something else. She's so cute!

My second ornament is this..Merry Primitive Christmas from the Primitive Hare, a freebie from . I dyed my own 32ct white linen with Vanilla and coffee, so it smells wonderful when I iron it! I used a variegated DMC thread in shades of dark reddish brown to match a red checkered homespun fabric that I will use for this as a pinkeep..
Sorry for the blurry-ness.

For September, I'm stitching another one of the above but with white and red, same kind of fabric, nothing fancy. Dixiesamplar alluded to a possible pynkeep exchange for Christmas and a lot of those ladies like the Prim style. I don't think anyone there at the group knows I have a blog so I'm safe!

My work schedule is 4 days on, 3 days off and 3 days on, 4 days off, every other week. The 4 days off gives me lots of time to stitch. Here's my progress on two items..Here's Autumn Leaves..

And where I was last time..

The words are WDW Rum Raisin and I ran out. I ordered the floss and a chart that is on sale. All I have left to stitch is the rest of the fence at the bottom, the body of the crow, three more leaves, the rest of Ground, and backstitching the fence posts. So pretty in person.

My other progress is on the Spooked Mystery sampler by LK. It's no Mystery anymore as the 3rd and last chart was released..

The fabric color is perfect. So I think I made a booboo already! The right side border, in between the diamond shapes is supposed to be a stitch in a different color floss. Not here! I forgot and just kept on stitching! I was probably watching more TV than paying attention. I'm going to leave it. 

I caught the finishing bug that lasted long enough to make this mini cube..

This design is from Santas and Samplers, or is it Samplers and Santas?! Sorry if I got that wrong. It's one of her Pear designs. At first I was going to frame it but then I had this perfectly sized block of florist foam..yes, you read that right!, that I bought with the styrofoam from Walmart. You have to be careful with that foam because it falls apart easily and slight pressure will leave it with craters! It turned out great!

The trees on the ribbon are sparkly, the larger ribbon is satiny. Here it is against the next size up cube that I have made..

Last but not least...Wool!
This is Apple..

One day's work on Apple. There are two pieces of wool for the background and the backing so it has nice heft to it. Anyone want to try their hand at Apple? I will give away the chart, and just the chart to  whoever does. If there are more than one person, I will draw names. Let's make the draw date for September 10th, at noon Arizona time. I can mail overseas also.

I bought a little bit of stash, just a chart and a pdf..Here's an oldy but goody and for sale at 123 for $4.60 I think, Taos Pueblo..

I was feeling Southwestern so this will satisfy that and then this very cute Halloween design from Satsuma Street on etsy at the grand price of 6? Boy, my memory is just going! ..

A PDF. I want to stitch it on an identical fabric, no overdyed as there are enough colors and swirlies in the design!

I think that's the gist of it! Plans for September? Keep stitching for the Christmas ornament SAL, keep working on a WIP, continue stitching on the Spooked Sampler, and maybe just maybe start Halloween Cat above, and get my sewing machine back and working for its keep! Haha.

Take care everyone! Hope you get some stitching in today!


  1. Shelly, your ornaments are beautiful! And your WIPS & cubes look great... for someone who is on her feet 12 hours a day and exhausted when she gets home, you've been super productive! Thanks for showing that Satsuma Street Halloween design... now I want it! Her designs have caught my eye, they're so bright and colorful, but I hadn't seen that one. Must get.

  2. Thanks Honeybee! I'm productive after I have recovered on the first day of my weekend! Isn't Halloween Cat colorful? I, too, have been noticing her bright colors. I must look at my PDF and see what fabric is used on the model.

  3. Glad you have that great work schedule with 4 days off so your stitching doesn't suffer. A regular 2-day weekend often just isn't long enough to get things done you need to do and want to do!
    Years back our family took an Arizona vacation in September and I couldn't get over how green it was! Enjoy it while you can, Shelly!

  4. What an inspiring post. Your finishes are so nice....beautiful work.

  5. What a great header! Now I know where all the rain has been hiding!! Arizona green, Washington State brown, now does that make sense! Anyway, you have so many great projects going on. I do love the Halloween mystery sampler I would have kept going on that border too. It looks just fine! Don't get too tired with a 12 hour day!

  6. Great finishes and nice new stash as well. I hope your work slows down soon so you're not feeling so rushed!

  7. Your new work schedule sounds good - long weekends for stitching! Though 12 hour shifts sound like hard work.
    I love the Autumn sampler you're working on, the colours are gorgeous. And your cube finishes are amazing!

  8. Great stitching and finishing!
    Love the Halloween Cat stash, can't wait to admire your handy work on that one.

  9. Your new work schedule sounds very interesting, Shelly. As long as you can stand those long days, it will be nice to have up to 4 days off every other week :) I'm glad you've had some much-needed rain--must be nice to see all that green.

    Lovely variety of autumn and Christmas projects--you are getting to be a master of the cube finishes! And I do love the way the LK mystery sampler is turning out.

    Hope September is a good stitching month for you!

  10. Sorry to hear about the 12 hours. :(
    Hopefully the off/on schedule will help.
    Great projects, and the Satsuma piece is so colorful and cute.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. You always stitch so much! I am impressed with your output!
    You have become a pro with the cube finish! I'd like to try one some day--I'll have to see what I have that looks like it would be cute on a cube!
    That little bluebird is precious!

  12. Great post! I love your finished cubes... one day I am going to try and do one of those! The bluebird is so sweet and really like the idea of the vanilla/coffee dyed fabric for your Primitive Hare finish.
    I love LK designs but not sure about the latest mystery - I will wait to see it all stitched up before I decide if I am going to get that one. Love the colours though. And I have to say that every time I see the Satsuma St Halloween cats I have to stop drooling - they are so gorgeous!
    Hope Sept is good time wise so that you get lots of stitching done!
    Hugs xx

  13. Wow Shelly so many great progress pictures! Everything looks great and I love the Halloween kitty :). Congrats on the new job it sounds like my perfect schedule!

  14. Hi my dear, thanks so much for visiting my blog and stitching my freebie :)))) Everything look great and well done!!!!
    Have a nice week end!