Saturday, August 13, 2016

WIP, progress, and more

Hi all!

I just want to thank you all for commenting on the last post. My smoking needle is now smoldering as I work on another longtime WIP. I'll show that below. Right now though I will answer and comment on a few comments left last time as I listen to the 5th season of Downton Abbey in the background:

Honeybee, I checked out that link you left for the other Barbara Ana 'tree' design! It's very pretty and there's another one that is Halloween. I've put them both on my 123stitch wish list!

Tiffany, I wish I was a neighbor! I was working on a project bag when my sewing machine went 

Carol, I hope I won't have to buy another sewing machine! It seems like it might be a minor repair thing.

I was making a project bag, ala Vonna, when I was trying to sew through sticky Velcro. I have a feeling I gummed up the inner workings where the bobbin is. I have to pull out the wheel when doing the bobbin. So I think it's a matter of un-gumming that area. I hope! There's a repair shop just down the road from me. I just need to find the time to get it down there.

Here is the evil project bag that I was working on!

had the great idea of just sewing together all the different fabrics I have that I wouldn't use for pin keeps and pillows. See the Velcro? I made it to fit my 11 1/2" qsnaps. 

Here's the WIP that I've been working on the last 4 days..

This was a 2015 Crazy start from January! Here is what I had before..

Called Autumn Leaves, found in the JCS Sept/Oct 2012 issue. On 32 ct Lambswool Jobelan with WDW's. I really like stitching on Jobelan. I hope the pictures aren't blurry.

And I had an FFO! Remember Whoo's There? by PS? It's now a cube..

had a brown wire ribbon at the top but it's the same brown wire ribbon that is on the top of two other cubes. Boring! So I devised the mess that is atop Whoo's There?! Haha. I just couldn't decide what to put up there and for now, that will remain. To me, these cubes look naked without something decorative on top.

Then I couldn't find a Halloween fabric that would go with the front so this is what I used. I might add the white grosgrain ribbon comes from a set of sheets! Hoarder extraordinaire I am!

Last post I said would show my starts and finishes in amongst my big starts last time. 

This is Peace by Misty Hill..

I Can Drive a Stick by Lizzie Kate
In real life the fabric is Ale and a little darker. And..

Time for Halloween by Brenda Gervais. This is one of three watch pocket designs. On 40 ct. Take heed, one lucky person will win this inside a watch pocket amongst other things for my Halloween giveaway at the end of September. So watch for that (no pun intended!).

Last but not least, Stash! Just one chart though..

I love it! My plan for this is using a mottled light blue fabric, stitching in the trees on the side and bottom and the stars, maybe using some metallics. Inside the red frame I'll stitch in the dark blue and the other blues that make up the sky. It's a big 'un. I found it on Amazon, another site that is dangerous to my debit card!

So I think that's it! Another picture heavy post. I have joined in with Honeybee of The Copper Fox who is hosting a little Christmas ornament SAL called The Keeping Christmas Project. I have stitched one so far and halfway done with another. I'll have those on another post. Hopefully, my sewing machine will be running again by the next post.

Take care!


  1. Of course, I love all your Halloween designs and that reindeer project is beautiful!! I have to try doing one of those cubes, any advice? You do great headers. Is that one in Northern Arizona?

  2. Hi Barb. The styrofoam I used for this cube is from Walmart in the craft section. It's more sturdier (held up better as I cut it) than the sheet of styrofoam that I bought in Hobby Lobby (fell apart into chunks as I was cutting, more messy) and part of it was already precut into squares. And use Vonna the Twisted Stitcher's tutorial on cubes by all means! My header is of Sedona. I think one of you said you'd been to Sedona before. I think it was Carol.

  3. Your cube finish is fantastic. I have yet to try one. Halloween stitching is probably y favorite "theme" to cross stitch. I enjoy seeing all the projects you have going. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Congrats on the lovely finish! Everything looks beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous finish and stitching Shelly. That cube is fantastic and I love the top of it.


  6. Love the cube and the bag is great. You have lots of fun starts!!

  7. The PS Halloween cube turned out fantastic! The reindeer is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  8. Great progress I love your reindeer chart :). I'm excited to watch your progress :)

  9. Great stitching progress.
    Love the sewing bag you've done!
    Beautiful finish with the cube, spook-tacular :)

  10. Love the projects and the finishing touches. I keep thinking I would like to make a few project bags, one of these days.

  11. Love the projects and the finishing touches. I keep thinking I would like to make a few project bags, one of these days.

  12. I really hope your sewing machine repairs are minimal!! What a bummer. Love all your stitchy projects - just love the LK one about driving a "stick"! Too cute. Been hot here too. Thank heaven for air-conditioning. Happy stitching....................

  13. Good luck with your sewing machine repair! The project bag is one of the first things I plan to make since it seemed somewhat simple and doesn't have to look pretty. :)

    Excellent finishes and progress on your current WIP. The reindeer is very ambitious, great ideas.

  14. I always love your picture heavy posts, Shelly!! Your cube is adorable--those grinning skeletons always make me laugh and I love what you did with the top of it! Autumn Leaves is so pretty, too, and you have so many fun starts!

    Sure hope your sewing machine is fixed by now--glad it isn't serious. No more sewing through sticky Velcro for you!!

  15. Your Halloween Finish is beautiful - the fabric for the back is the perfect choice.

  16. Everything is beautiful Shelly but I love love love how you finished the Halloween cube! It's perfectly co-ordinated and executed.
    You've made me want to stitch ornies now!
    Hope your sewing machine is fixed soon so we can see more lovely finishes from you.