Friday, July 29, 2016

Jack, Risky Behaviour, and Questions

Hi all! Hope everyone's been hanging in there with the heat. It seems to be hot everywhere!

I've had some disappointments in the last 2 weeks, this past one included. Then my 14 year old sewing machine died. So how did I react to all of this? Why, I went on a new start marathon! Doesn't everyone else do this? Haha. 

Halloween Quaker by From the Heart NeedleArt. I made a mistake with that black row at the top. The model shows empty and full, empty and full all the way over. Well, I was filling in each diamond shape and it was too late to frog. Now I have the ends empty of stitches and full stitching in between. I'm using WDW Straw linen.

I bought Merry One as a kit with floss but without the fabric. I have a little more stitched since I took this picture.

The lighting is bad. I had to change my fabric several times because the Swan (goose?) was disappearing. My most favorite Christmas carol is this one. Little Lamb is not too big. Hopefully, I'll have a finish by Christmas!

This chart came with the fabric and silks. First time stitching on this Gingham fabric and its alright. I put pins in to keep count of long lines of stitches.

Jack, oh Jack! I was having fun stitching on this. That green pin is how far over I have to stitch yet. The fabric called for was 36ct Abecedarian but my piece was too small so this is 36ct Legacy but not sure. So the fabric will fit on this one. Jack brings me to my question: Tent stitch. The wording in Jack calls for Tent stitch but I have no idea how you do Tent stitch. To me it looks like over-1. To those of you in the know, is it like over-1? I've searched for it but just found needlepoint tent stitch. I'm tempted to just do over-1! Help!

hope these pictures aren't too blurry.

I have three other starts that were small and finished already. I'll show them on a future post as I don't want this one to turn into another novel! It's looking like it!

After I stitched my bad feelings away, I picked up this WIP-Christmas Wreath Pin Cushion by Beehive Needleworks
The wording is to be over-1. I stitched in Ch only to find I'm way too over to the right. I was putting in the word Merry on top and counting in from the green leaf when I found what I done. Frog!!!! I'm glad I didn't stitch Christmas in!

Just One July turned into Two! I finished Autumn Delight by Barbara Ana! Yay!
The pattern came in a magazine but it's being sold as a chart now. This is a Crazy finish. It's so cute! I love the little houses and the kitty peeking out from the tree. Glad to have this done. The other finish in July was Pumpkins and Sunflowers.

I've been watching Flosstube lately, and subscribed to this woman who stitches on some big things and look what she did with the 12 Days of Christmas from PSS. Remember the SAL the designer was offering late last year? 

Would you look at that gorgeous pillow! The fabric is dyed and sparkly and it almost looks like she used the called for floss colors. I abandoned that SAL after stitching one whole day but Debra's pillow makes me want to dig out all the printouts and try this again on an identical fabric. After all, my plans for 2017 are Big, Big, Big! What's another BAP (Big Appendage Project, sounds better than the alternative!)! Yeah, I'm crazy that I'm already thinking of next years stitching, lol.

I dropped out of the exchange Dixiesamplar was hosting. There are too many things on my mind right now. I'm also just going to stitch whatever but Halloween and Christmas designs are definitely being stitched. The two finishes this month were a big deal for me as they both were over a year old WIPs. 

That's it folks! I want to welcome the new followers on Google and Bloglovin', Welcome! The more the merrier! My next post I'll have my finishes on. I miss my sewing machine :((  Thanks for commenting everyone! Take care!


  1. Tent stitch is just a half stitch. Love the Jack picture - especially the little house!! Yay finishes. Sorry about your machine - grr frustrating!!

  2. Really?! Just a half stitch! Wouldn't you know it and I've been freaking out over it!

  3. I think you picked out the perfect way to deal with a difficult two weeks!! I love the projects. I think all the comments are correct. One chart I have said you could do the tent stitch or stitch over one. Maybe the two are interchangeable. I'm not sure. I would do whatever looks best. I have been very tempted to stitch the jack one. I love Halloween projects that look like samplers.

    1. I like Halloween designs as samplers too. Actually, after I saw your latest post about your PSS, I was inspired to do my PSS. So it's all your fault! Lol

  4. Congrats on all of the beautiful starts and progress projects Shelly.


  5. Wow, that's a lot of starts!
    Great choices.
    Sorry your machine died. :(
    Here's a link............

    1. Hi Marilyn. Thanks for the link.

  6. I'm sorry about your sewing machine. :O( Hopefully it can be fixed, but your start marathon is a perfect way to comfort yourself! Your Barbara Ana finish is so cute; that one's on my to-do list. Have you seen the companion design that's stitching-themed?

    I saw it on slightly darker fabric at my LNS and it's too cute!

    I'm two blocks away from finishing the Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas. Hopefully I'll get it done by THIS Christmas! Have a great day--hope your sewing machine gets well soon!

    1. Thanks Honeybee. I'll have to check out that other Barbara Ana. As I was finishing up Autumn Delight, I thought of you as I was stitching the fox! It doesn't surprise me that it's on your to do list!

  7. Love all your projects; especially Little Lamp and the Barbara Ana finish. I am working on BA's All God's Creatures, Great and Small and it is such a fun stitch. Can't wait to see your finishes! Sorry about your sewing machine - I would be lost without mine. Hope you are planning to get a new one if yours is not repairable. Happy stitching, and enjoy your weekend.

  8. I would be lost without my sewing machine! Love all the new projects. We had a rain, thunder and lightening storm last night here in the Valley...about time the rain landed!

  9. Sorry things aren't going well but you did pick out some great projects to start. Happy stitching....

  10. Sorry things aren't going well but you did pick out some great projects to start. Happy stitching....

  11. I love everything you stitch - It's great to see your work on those things I have in my TODO pile, or on my Wish List. Thank you for sharing

  12. Wow, those are all wonderful starts, and a great way to feel better too. I hope it helped. I wish I lived closer, you'd be welcome to use my sewing machine if you could teach me how to use it. :)

  13. Hurray for your two finishes in July - both of which are totally gorgeous! It's a good feeling to get those older pieces finished off isn't it?
    Sorry to hear about your stressful couple of weeks. Looks like you found the perfect stress relief!

  14. Oh, my--what fabulous new starts, Shelley!! I am so impressed... I can't seem to get it together to even start one new thing these days. I am definitely in a slump on some sorts...

    Your Barbara Ana finish is adorable--such great colors in it!

    Will you have to get a new sewing machine? I've been limping along with my 40 year old machine and am afraid to change any of the settings for fear it will rebel and totally shut down :) Good luck with it!

  15. Lovely progress Shelly I hope your week is getting better :). I'm sorry about your sewing machine and new ones are expensive :(. Would it be cheaper to get it fixed?

  16. Lovely love looking at all of your stitchy photos...great job....I am sorry to hear though about your poor Sewing Machine. I hope that you are planning on getting a new Sewing Machine some day.

    I love your Giant is so neat.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie