Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Autumn JOJ

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! The last four days have been filled with a rodeo, a parade, fireworks, and stitching on my JOJ WIP in between all that. JOJ stands for Just One July that Justine is doing where you work on a WIP for the entire month. I decided to drag out a WIP that hasn't seen the light of day for almost a year! Here's Pumpkins and Sunflowers before..

And after...
Lots of progress, stitching about 3 hours a day plus a little today. 

Below is what it should look like..

When it gets boring stitching the inside of the big pumpkin, I move onto another section. Now I have the other sunflower and the two leaves left. Lots of backstitching also. I really think I can get this finished before the end of this month IF I ignore the noise the Spooked LK sampler and other WIPs are making!

Some of you may know that I'm an empty nester and I'm divorced so I live alone. Lately, I've been eating fast food a lot and we all know how healthy that is! You have all heard of Blue Apron? Well I thought I would give it a shot. At $30 off the first time, I signed up for two servings and you get 3 different meals. I stretched it into 6 servings/meals for $29.99. Regular weeks are $59.99. I'm not sure I  can do it every week though. So here's what my first meal was..Blackbean Pork burger and Green Beans..
I have to say it was very tasty. The green beans have sesame oil and a Japanese seasoning on it. It was all pretty good. Tomorrow night it's Fried Chicken breast with Kale Slaw. We shall see...

I now subscribe to 3 Flosstubers and last Thursday night found me and ET watching a floss tube..
ET is the youngest and the runt of the cats I have and I think she was getting into the Flosstube!

Alrighty, that will be that! It has cooled down here some after last weeks monsoon rains. June gets hot here and that tends to usher in our monsoon season. It should be dry the rest of this week.

Thanks for stopping by and hope your week is off to a good one!


  1. Whoa! That's a LOT of progress.
    This is so pretty.
    I LOVE Fall!!
    The meal looks delicious, I've seen the commercials for that company.
    Cute pic of ET watching Flosstube. lol
    I really think she likes it. :)

  2. The food looks really good! You really got a lot done on your pumpkin -it looks great!

  3. That autumn piece is beautiful--I love the colors!

  4. Your JOJ looks awesome! The colors are so vibrant, it's going to be gorgeous.

  5. Amazing progress on your joj piece!

  6. Wonderful progress Shelly.


  7. That is going to be one beautiful design, great progress. The food looks good and sounds like it is good for you too.

  8. What a pretty JOJ design, Shelly! I don't think I've seen that one before... I've been itching to pick up some fall stitching, too.

    Interesting to read your take on Blue Apron as my husband has been after me to try it (I think he must be sick of my cooking :). I'm just such a fussy eater, though, that I'm not sure I would find much that I like.

  9. That's such a pretty design Shelly - great choice! You've stitched a lot this week too. A finish in July is within your reach!

  10. We've been debating getting blue apron I just don't like cooking lol. It looks good though!

  11. Great idea to get that one out. I'm hopeful to get a lot done on a start from last year this month. Your progress is going well!

  12. Love sunflowers. Can't wait to see the finish.