Monday, June 27, 2016

Something's burnin', na na na na....

and I think it's meeeee! Quick, what song does that sound like? Well, except the meeee part ;)

Boy, has it been hot here in these parts! 101 couple Sundays ago,105 the day after and it has not been below 95 since! In my area, the 105 was the hottest ever recorded. Down in Phoenix, 105 is rather cool! Today though, it's cloudy and it feels a tad humid. Yay, maybe our Monsoon season is gearing up. Hope so. I love thunderstorms but my cats do not.

I don't stitch much when it's hot. My home does not have AC or even an evaporative cooler. We make do with fans and lots of ice water! The cats sleep on the fireplace hearth because it's tile or the kitchen floor. So I got caught up with some reading.

But! My long awaited package from Needlecraft Corner arrived the other day and my stitching mojo sat up and took notice! That's kind of creepy..stitching mojo sat up!
Yup, the Spooked Mystery Sampler from LizzieKate! I jumped right on it and I just have two sides of border so really no picture. This Mystery sampler I ordered the whole shebang because last time they put out a mystery series, I thought I could be thrifty and buy my own piece of fabric. Well, I ran out of fabric and had to tweak the design some. So this time I said What the Heck. I also bought these..
Aren't these the cutest?! And this is just Part 1, eek! Since my Merry Berry finish inside the hoop, I've fallen in love with these chalkboard patterns. This came with 3 cuts of the gunmetal linen, the floss and embellishments. All from Needlecraft Corner. Drema, the owner, does a great job over there. So no more stashing for me. Well, until Part 2 of the chalkboard ornaments come out:)

I have a couple finishes, small ones..First up is Potted Poinsettia by LHN..
So pretty. I had to sub DMC for the light brown but it came out great anyway. Stitched up in a couple days.

 And my next finish tugs at the heart a bit..
This pattern is in the Fall 2015 issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher magazine. Stitched in a day and a half with domestic duties getting in the way a little. When you are an empty nester, there's not much to take care of besides these cats whom I might add are shedding ferociously! Anyway, this little cutie is designed by the Snowflower Diaries designer. You can recognize her style in this. It's nice to use up some of those small pieces of leftover fabric.

Lately, I've been using (or wasting!) time at Pinterest and I came across a wine cork project. I have a bunch of wine corks that my daughter collected from area restaurants and this is what I made..
It's a pumpkin! Here's the top of it..
I bought 3 bottles of paint, varying colors of orange and went to work. It was like doing a puzzle really. I used hot glue to glue the corks together and then to secure the stalk onto the leaves. Here we are entering into July real soon, and this little pumpkin eases the hot a little. Here's a picture from Pinterest that I borrowed..

I have more corks so I think I could do the bigger one too. You can see her dot com address there at the bottom of the picture if you're interested. There is not much to making these.

Yesterday my daughter got me out of the house of stitching, haha, and we met to listen to some Bluegrass..
It was still 96 but under the shade and a nice breeze, it wasn't too bad!

Well, that's my novel and I'm sticking to it! 

Oh, and I'm joining Justine's Just One July where you work on just one project for the month. I don't think I'll do the Spooked sampler but a WIP that I would like to have done. It's been a while since I've touched it.

Hope you all have a safe 4th of July to those of you who celebrate and to those who don't, have a nice week and that you get to stitch a whole lot!


  1. Yikes! That's hot!
    I thought 92 over the weekend was hot! lol
    Great stash and cute finishes.
    The Pumpkin is too cute also.
    Have a great 4th and stay cool!

  2. I love that poinsettia finish!

  3. Great new stash! I can't wait to see your LK Spooked Mystery Sampler... it looks so tempting & promising :)
    Great cross stitch finishes too but I must admit I simply love your cork pumpkin!!! How clever, and it looks so different.

  4. Wow! I can't imagine those temperatures, Shelly--and you with no AC! Yikes!! I don't know if I could function at all...

    I am looking forward to seeing your LK piece progress and I have the chalkboard ornaments on my "must purchase" list, too--they are adorable...

    Hope you enjoy these last days of June and that July will be a bit more comfortable for you :)

  5. Great update and nice finishes and stash! I'm joining JOJ too.

  6. Your wine cork pumpkins are so cute and clever! I live down in Surprise (Phoenix suburb) and I do think the Monsoon is finally about to start. I'm ready for some rain!!

  7. It's been a really hot summer! I am so sick of the heat and am dreaming of winter. Thanks for the stitching eye candy this morning. I pretty much love every single pattern by Hands On Design. :)

  8. No A/C?!?!? It's 74 in my house and I am dying - I can't imagine. I would be moving away from that state!! I am ready for Fall - love those pumpkins!

  9. Lovely new stash Shelly. Congrats on the cute finishes. I would melt without AC.


  10. That new header is beautiful to look at, what a storm! I can't wait to see the LK mystery design stitched. I was very tempted to get it. I hope it cools off soon so you can get more stitching in, but then reading is probably my second favorite thing.

  11. Oh my...can't believe you don't have AC.... I wouldn't survive . Those pumpkins are too cute. Nice finishes too....happy stitching!

  12. So glad you're joining me for JOJ - I can't wait to see which WIP you choose! I love Potted Poinsettia, I'm going to have to get it as I keep admiring finishes of it. The Snowflower Diaries one is really pretty too.
    I definitely couldn't stitch in that heat!

  13. It's a great update. Great finishes and stash. Your cork pumpkin is amazing!

  14. Shelly the heat has been awful!! We got rain in the Valley last night finally so it's a little cooler today but humid now of course. I don't know how you survive without AC although I know it's cooler and breezier in Prescott. It's been so hot the last 2 weeks I can hardly use my elliptical machine in our garage since it feels about 150 degrees in there!

    Your projects look great. That's a cute pumpkin you made and a good use for the cork collection. Love your new stash too....I've been trying hard not to buy as much as I'm so overwhelmed with what I already own. It's hard though - especially as lately I've started going to Attic Needlework some weeks for open stitching night so I have to sit among all the temptation LOL.

    Stay cool!

    1. Haha! I would have to leave my debit card in the car if I went to Attic! We had rain the last two nights and this morning. Its only 76 degrees right now! Just the way I like it. I saw a new post by you, on my way to look at it.

  15. Awesome pics! I love the stash and the pumpkin!