Saturday, June 11, 2016

Practice makes perfect, exchange pynkeeps

Experts like to say, in so many words, that if you declutter the space around you, you'll feel better mentally. I have quite the pile of stitching just waiting to be finished or framed. By finishing I mean the final finishing. One item I finished is this LizzieKate that I completed last year. I knew how I wanted to final finish it, it was just figuring out how to decorate it. That could also be my procrastination in rampant mode. But anyway, here it is..

Hats off to Halloween by LK. There's this seller on etsy who really does some amazing final finishing to her stitching. I saw a Halloween design that I really liked and tried to finish Hats Off like hers. This thing is big! Haha. The fabric on the left has tiny spiders on it and I just used the frayed side of the fabric along the design. And I used this shiny, hairy trim for it..

I'll just say cutting through this big of piece of foam board was not fun. Fine for smaller flat ornaments, big stuff, not so much! My hanging thingamajigger at the bottom is off center too but I've been off center lately, so that's my excuse! I still love it though and keep looking at it when I walk by.

This one below, though, has used up my finishing reserve. The tank is now empty! It's a Mission church on Aida that I stitched more than 6 years ago. I kept it, tried to sell it on eBay, no takers. After seeing Vonna's new mounted flatfold tutorial on video, the Mission became my practice piece. By the way, have you seen her Flosstube videos? She's so cute, funny, and personable. I subscribed to her videos. Anyway, here is Mission, my first flatfold..

Whew! I have learned that it's best to use thin cotton fabrics. That second photo you can see how bulky my fabric is, and my mounting boards I could've done a better job at measuring. Also, the ribbon that's used at the bottom to keep the A shape was not long enough so a nice breeze is going to knock it over! I hope you all can see my pictures, they're kind of dark. I still like how it looks and it certainly is my practice piece. All of this courtesy of Vonna and her tutorials for the mounted flatfold and bow making. Practice makes perfect!

The pynkeep exchanging is almost over at Dixiesamplars on FB. I sent this to my partner. It's a very old freebie from 2007. I changed up the colors to match my partners likes..

First time for attaching ric rac to the sides with beads. Here's the back...
My partner liked it.

Here is what I received and I love it!
The back has an orange piece of woolfelt whipstitched in place. This exchange was called The Very Happy Unbirthday Pynkeep Exchange, hence that birthday card. The ribbon is now in my stash!

Short and sweet! It was so hot last weekend, I didn't stitch for 3 or 4 days. I started feeling a bit sideways and knew stitching would cure that and it did! It's cooled up some and we even had a thunderstorm with rain come through last night. I started something new and have been stitching on a WIP.

I enjoyed reading all your comments last post. Yeah, I had smoking needles! Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Beautiful finished I love the Halloween piece!

  2. Great job on your finishes; love them all!!

  3. Love the finishes and exchange pieces.....did you see our forecast for next weekend...116 and 122! Stay cool my friend...

    1. Are you serious?! Holy.....that is crazy! Flirting with some records. We're you in the Valley when it hit 120 some years ago?

  4. Congrats on all of the pretty finishes Shelly. You did a fantastic job with them.


  5. Great FFOs! As another who takes forever to fully finish I think your finishes and attempts at some new tricks are excellent! I plan on studying Vonna's videos too before I attempt a few finishes.

  6. Thank You everyone! I am now determined to make the perfect mounted flatfold and the clerks over at Joanne's will get tired of seeing me depleting their supply of needlework board! I wonder if Michael's or Hobby Lobby sells it too, hmm.

  7. Beautiful stitching, I love the little sheep. Thanks for the tips on using thin fabrics, I haven't tried a flat fold yet as I usually do small cushions. x

  8. Your finishing looks perfect! I think you did a fabulous job. Great pynkeep exchange too - you both chose great designs to stitch and they are beautifully finished.

    I love Vonna's tutorials though I'm behind watching the YouTube ones.

  9. Great Halloween piece, and your flatfold turned out perfect.
    Great exchange piece too.
    Stay cool!

  10. Great finishes!! My favourite has to be the LK Halloween one, simply because it's LK and Halloween :D
    Beautiful exchange pieces. I really like how you finished off yours.

  11. Your finishes are great! I love the churches - my husband is from New Mexico so we have a few church ornaments. It has been 90 here with high humidity and I AM OVER IT!! This is why summer is my least favorite season - ick!

  12. All of your finishes look very good to me. I have to force myself to finish pieces. I have a big pile in the craft room! Maybe you will inspire me!

  13. I love your flatfold - I have subscribed on FlossTube to Vonna's videos. She is amazing. have to love those little spiders and the skinny hairy trim. Thank you for sharing

  14. You've sure been busy this month, Shelly--and what great finishes. The Halloween piece is darling with the hairy fibers :) And what a nice flatfold--where would we be without Vonna's help?!

    Try to stay cool--can't imagine your hot, hot, hot weather!

  15. Love all your finishes and finishing. I need to 'declutter' too!