Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Spooky Selfie, O.H.D., and finishes


Gotcha! I bet you were expecting a truly terrifying selfie of myself, weren't you? 

Actually it's one of my finishes below.

I failed on my post before last to thank Cricket-bug from Cricket-bug Corner for the Mirabilia pdf she sent me in exchange for the magazine I sent her that she was looking for. It's this one..

I had kept that magazine with this design ever since it was released with the intention of stitching it. So Cricket-bug, a big thank you for doing this. I appreciate it! It's going into my 2016 to stitch pile.

Here are my finishes..

House without a Mouse by Blackbird Designs, my 18th DUCJ/FSAL2015 finish..8 to go..
I think I used 3 skeins of CC Blackbird here and had to break out another for a few more strands. Last year when I put in the date, I made sure to make it 2016 to force myself to finish it this year!

And here's Merry Berry by a Hands on Design/JABC collaboration..

Is that nice or what? I bought the chart with fabric and buttons and then the finishing package which consists of the hoop, the wool backing, black fabric for behind the design, and the ribbon. At the JABC blog, they have a finishing video for this and I whipped it up in 15 minutes. Love it! Took me 3 days to stitch though, haha.

As for my other finishes..

Yes, indeed because the next three are Halloween-y! First up is Spooky Selfie..

The fabric is soo washed out. Picture a nice green WDW Guacamole color. I bought this at Needlecraft Corner as a kit. It was a fun stitch. Next up is Fall Postcard by Summer House Stitche Workes..

I used 40ct Havana and it is tiny but a perfect size for the burlap canvas that you see on the model picture. I have bits and pieces collected to decorate this soon. My final finish is..

Halloween Delivery by Plum Street Samplers of PSS. The fabric is Chamomile. Isn't ghostie cute?! It's like you can see his outline! 

Yes, I stitched like a mad woman! I count 15 finishes for the year so far, a mixture of things started last year and this year, Crazy stitching included.

After finishing all those, I grabbed this WIP, also a Crazy 2015 start..

This is Autumn Delights by Barbara Ana, found in the November 2013 Cross Stitch and Needlework issue. You know this is a Barbara Ana design just by the quirkiness of it. Here is what it'll look like when done..
So I have the entire bottom portion left to stitch but I'm taking a small break from all the brown of the tree! FYI-I've noticed this design being sold as a chart.

The pynkeep I made for my exchange partner is on its way to Nebraska. This is an exchange hosted by Terri/DixieSamplar on FB. I will show a picture of what I made when she receives it. I'm not sure if she knows I have a blog.

Alrighty, that's it. Looking back at what I have on this post, it should be September or October! I wish because we still have summer to get through and it's supposed to be furnace hot here this weekend, 114-115 in the deserts, probably middle 90's where I live. I mean, I'm still pulling my blanket on in the early hours! How can this be?! I'm so not ready for it. 

Thanks for stopping by. Here's to stitching for hours straight!


  1. Oh, beautiful stitching!! Spooky selfies are awesome :)

  2. Wow, lots of amazing finishes. They all look wonderful. Fantastic progress on Autumn Delights as well

  3. You've been busy!
    Looks like you are in full Fall/Halloween mode.
    All great projects.
    Love the Selfie, or anything with "Frank" on it, as my husband's name is Frank. :)
    I too, have O.H.D.
    This is what I am stitching at the moment.

    The house is HUGE! It's 81 sts across.
    But, I am about 3/4 of the way done with the house.

    Thanks for sharing all of your pics.

    1. Nice! I have that pattern too. I don't know when I'll start it, maybe next year since it's looking like the Year of the Large Projects.

    2. Another gal me motivated on it.
      We are doing a SAL at our own pace.
      Anyone can join in!
      Love the Witch and the Horse, that would make a cool ornament.

  4. Blogging is so much fun - I have to say - Your first picture and your last picture - are both in my TODO pile. I love the Autumn Colors. And halloween Delivery is on my Wish List. I thought this was something I just had to share.

  5. Wow! Those are some awesome Halloween finishes. I love the little ghost too, very neat idea and good luck on your current WIP. I need to get some of her fun trees.

  6. Hey....that's me!! I appreciate you parting with your magazine! I think I will do the fairy too - saw her so often I decided I like her. I live your finishes! I am also going to do the Barbara Anna - too cute! I've been looking at the Halloween Delivery too - you have great taste!!

  7. Wow! Busy you! I've started that Trick or Treat fairy and I need to get back to her, although I've always wondered why she's called a fairy (no wings). Anyway, that Barbara Ana design is on my to-do list also... the little fox, you know! :O) I'll be watching your progress. Great finishes!

  8. Thanks for the eye candy this morning! I have both the Trick or Treat and Barbara Ana patterns in my stitching pile. By the way, the CS&N issue with the Barbara Ana tree was full of great designs!

  9. Congratulations on all of the awesome finishes Shelly. Your needle has been flying. I need speed stitching lessons from you.


  10. Love all of your stitchy projects!! I am a big fan of Barbra Ana; her things are adorable. Thanks for sharing......................

  11. What a great post! You've got some lovely finishes - I love Spooky Selfies! The Barbara Ana piece is beautiful too. Can't wait to see how you finish everything up.

  12. Wow great job so many finishes! The Halloween small ones are awesome!

  13. Wow! You have been really busy!
    Everything looks great! So much fun Halloween stuff!

  14. You are the Halloween Queen, Shelly!! What great finishes--I do love that little ghost in the PSS piece--adorable! And your finished ornament is just perfect, too :)

    You asked about my cording on my last post, but you are a "no-reply" blogger so I have no way to answer you. Could you send me your email address and I will send you an answer, Shelly...

  15. You've done wonderful stitching. Spooky selfies are soo cute!