Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash, finishes


Here we go, my first SFS posting for the B portion. I'm sure you all know what SFS is about so I won't go into detail. I'm excited to be taking part again after an 8 month hiatus!

Month: July

Spent: $6.50

Earned: $12.00 and $2.00 (explanations below)

Balance: $32.50 ($25.00 - 6.50 + 12.00 + 2.00 = $32.50)

Of course I had to buy a chart when the SFS started!
I was perusing the clearance section at Stitching Bits n' Bobs when I spotted Lady Anne all by herself. Here's a better picture from the website..
I'm seeing a nice warm mottled fabric for her, just like the picture. For $6.50! Changes in store for her are creating fingers for her platypus hands! Especially her right hand. Lol. Other than that, she's good to go.

As for finishing credits, I did finish Salem Sisters this month which is $12.00. They way the rules read, it sounds like Sisters qualifies.

And my second finish is Boo, started last Friday and finished yesterday. A freebie designed by the Stitcherhood, some of you may have seen it before. I finish finished it today..
And yes, I intended that black cat to be peeking around the side! It's on Lilac linen and finished with the Halloween fabric, all from my stash. Worth $2.00. I haven't decided if I'm going to add a trim to the whole outside. I just may leave it as is.

Since I was at my craft table I finished up something else, one of my Valentine finishes..
I cannot remember where I got this freebie. I was going to do a pillow but it's so tiny I thought this would do, a flat ornament with fabric added to the side. As you can see, I did the dotted light green for the back. Added Pearl pins to the side and mother of pearl buttons to the front. It's purdy!

Some of the WIPs I worked on (leftover from SFS 2014!) were Without a Mouse, Blackwater Hollow Sampler, Automnale Ambiance and Halloween Revelry..
More progress made since this..
I have warmed up to the funky shade of PTP Dill. Not sure newer Dill is this color though. Oh well. On 40ct. Decided to give these eyes a workout!

That's it. In the basket for another month. I'm on a 'staycation' right now, returning to work in 7 days. I've been bingeing on Downton Abbey, all 4 seasons, Ghost Adventures on Netflix, and right now Scooby Doo! My daughter is in North Carolina right now, Raleigh to be exact. Which is how I'm watching whatever I want! 

See you all next time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Gifted Gorgeousness and stuff

It's GG time and here is Whoo's There
This was a giveaway win from Frances. One big hooter for ya! I'll start stitching in its twin on the other side soon.

Yesterday found me puttering around in my craftroom/bedroom looking at the pile of my unfinished finishes. I came across Hornbook Angel by the Primitive Needle. At first I planned to have this framed but yesterday I turned it into a cube..
I used fabric, ribbon from my stash. Here's a sideways look..
The fabric looks reddish here but it's really brown. It matches the ribbon at the top. The brown skinny ribbon around it is velvet. Cubes are easy to make but cutting the styrofoam is one messy job!

After finishing Salem Sisters, I made Tombstone Angel Pin Drum my evening stitch..
Designed by Stacy Nash. And the before picture..
Yup, a good bit of progress on this one.

And that will be that. Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Do the Happy Dance!

Hi all!

I did it! I finished Salem Sisters some time last week. Take a look..
Love it! I believe it is stitched on 35 or 36 ct Havana. If you look at the previous post of Sisters, the fabric color is more true there. Stitched with Classic Colourworks thread. That row of kitty heads and their whiskers took some doing but it wouldn't be the same without them. That last word 'swangin' brings to mind a country western song some years back that had that word as the title. Can anyone remember the singer? Heehee. Fire up that Google! I may have something for the first person to supply the singers' name in the comment section.

After I was done with Sisters, I picked up a couple WIPs to work on. Here's a long standing one, Blackwater Hollow Sampler..
I can't seem to get a good pic of this. It's by Stacy Nash Primitive Designs. Here's what I had last time..
March 1st is when I last worked on Blackwater, for short. I would love to have this finished this year sometime.

Without a Mouse by BBD is the next WIP I picked up..
I've been working away on that pumpkin house. When I get bored with all that dark color, I work on the lettering on the left side. Here's the before picture..
I put in that row in January! Actually, I've stitched a little since then. I recently updated my iPad and now my pictures are all dated which is neat but also points out the last time some of my stitching has been touched! BTW, this last picture shows the actual color of the fabric.

That's it for now! I see Teri of DixieSampler will be holding her Halloween exchange again this year. I'll be joining that again. She will have details on her blog August 1st or thereabouts. 

It's hard to believe it's almost the middle of July. This is when I start thinking Where has the year gone?! Five months to Christmas, 3 to Halloween. I have quite a few Christmas ornaments but no Halloween. That's crazy says this Halloween fanatic! But I do have Salem Sisters!😀

I'm off to poke around in my WIP pile. I found bulbs for my stitching light so I'm back to evening stitching. Take care y'all and come on back now, ya hear! (Watched Hee Haw earlier today!)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some progress, some stash

Hi all!

Here we are on the cusp of another 4th of July, in the halfway point of the year. It has been hot here which explains my header picture! Last week before our Monsoon rains came in with a bang, the temps had been around the high 90s. It was just torture! So I thought I'd put up a picture of something cold. This isn't where I live. It looks like it may be the Swiss Alps maybe?! I don't know but it feels great to see that.

So onto progress..
Salem Sisters by PSS, my evening stitch. I haven't stitched on her because my pole lamp I use for stitching busted its last bulb Sunday and I haven't been able to find the bulbs. Since I've begun my 5 day weekend today, I'll be putting in some more kitty heads which makes up the border on the bottom. I'm almost done! This will be my 13th DUCJ/FSAL finish. Yay!

Here's where Sisters was before..

My summer stitch is this, Bee in Your Bonnet..
This will be so pretty when it's done. I had to make a change to the light over dyed thread. Chart called for GAST Oatmeal but it pretty much disappeared into the fabric. So I hauled out every light colored over dyed thread I had and guess what worked? Good ole' DMC Blanc! All it's for is the trim around the crown and the honeycomb one of which is being stitched there at the bottom of Bonnet. Love the colors going in here in this section. Below is what I had before..

Here's my very first start of DUCJ/FSAL. I just recently picked the poor thing back up. Here's where I'm at now..
This is Ambiance Automnale by Danybrod. It finally got it's very first ironing. I believe the fabric is Sandcastle maybe or something like that. I really like the splotches of pinkish/beige color. So I've made some changes on this. The crows body took black and light gray DMC. I'm using GAST Black Crow, appropriate, huh?! His beak is steel gray DMC. The orangey flowers which may be Bittersweet? got their own change from DMC which I didn't have, to an overdyed thread of some kind, can't remember! The witchy boot will be black DMC, see below on the chart. Last time I stitched on this I had just the crows head. So there's been progress!

Well, I up and joined Stitch from Stash 2015-B, which started on the 1st. I'll try and make it to December this year! I liked the idea of earning virtual $$. It's nice incentive to finish more. The past two months I hadn't bought any stitchy stuff. Yay for me, until the last week of June when it looked like I wouldn't have any patriotic stitching done. I tend to stitch a lot of Easter, Halloween and Christmas things. I don't have any patriotic charts so I bought this chart..
I saw this when it first came out and just thought Wow, that's a lot of stitching on that whale! But looking at it a second time, that whale really grows on you! I've found some patriotic freebies here and there, with the help of Frances and her Independence tree. I'll be prepared next year! 

That's pretty much it! Those 3 WIPs I have next to my stitching corner of the couch (I've put in a big hole here. A new couch is in order, I think!) and they're the ones I've been working on lately. I'll continue my search for bulbs for my stitching lamp in the meantime!

Happy 4th to all you Americans! Have a nice weekend to those of you who aren't! Thanks for stopping by!