Saturday, July 11, 2015

Do the Happy Dance!

Hi all!

I did it! I finished Salem Sisters some time last week. Take a look..
Love it! I believe it is stitched on 35 or 36 ct Havana. If you look at the previous post of Sisters, the fabric color is more true there. Stitched with Classic Colourworks thread. That row of kitty heads and their whiskers took some doing but it wouldn't be the same without them. That last word 'swangin' brings to mind a country western song some years back that had that word as the title. Can anyone remember the singer? Heehee. Fire up that Google! I may have something for the first person to supply the singers' name in the comment section.

After I was done with Sisters, I picked up a couple WIPs to work on. Here's a long standing one, Blackwater Hollow Sampler..
I can't seem to get a good pic of this. It's by Stacy Nash Primitive Designs. Here's what I had last time..
March 1st is when I last worked on Blackwater, for short. I would love to have this finished this year sometime.

Without a Mouse by BBD is the next WIP I picked up..
I've been working away on that pumpkin house. When I get bored with all that dark color, I work on the lettering on the left side. Here's the before picture..
I put in that row in January! Actually, I've stitched a little since then. I recently updated my iPad and now my pictures are all dated which is neat but also points out the last time some of my stitching has been touched! BTW, this last picture shows the actual color of the fabric.

That's it for now! I see Teri of DixieSampler will be holding her Halloween exchange again this year. I'll be joining that again. She will have details on her blog August 1st or thereabouts. 

It's hard to believe it's almost the middle of July. This is when I start thinking Where has the year gone?! Five months to Christmas, 3 to Halloween. I have quite a few Christmas ornaments but no Halloween. That's crazy says this Halloween fanatic! But I do have Salem Sisters!😀

I'm off to poke around in my WIP pile. I found bulbs for my stitching light so I'm back to evening stitching. Take care y'all and come on back now, ya hear! (Watched Hee Haw earlier today!)


  1. Well gosh thanks. Now I've got that John Anderson song stuck in my head.

    1. Lol! Don't you hate that? ...and we were swangin'! Well, the title is actually Swingin' but John Andersons twangy nasal singing, it comes out as swangin'. So you get the little prize I was offering. I'll see what I can wrangle up.

    2. Thank you for the gift certificate, Shelly! See what I purchased here:

  2. We must be on the same wave length, I absolutely love the designs you are working on and the great finish you just did! Super stitching!

  3. Gorgeous designs...I like that finish! Lucky for me I've never heard that song so am immune.

  4. Love this piece! You did a great job on it.
    Great progress on your WIPs too.
    The JCS Halloween books are great for ornaments.
    LOL, that's funny, I had the Hee-Haw song stuck in my head at work last week. :)

  5. Shelly, with all these cool projects wrapped up or last further along, you'll be well set when Halloween rolls around! Such fun stitches.

    Wouldn't even hazard a guess about the Swangin' song....

  6. Love your finish as well as the Stacy Nash. Good thing is every Stitch counts regardless of the last time you touched it.☺

  7. Love your finish as well as the Stacy Nash. Good thing is every Stitch counts regardless of the last time you touched it.☺

  8. Congrats on the lovely finish Shelly. Nice progress on your other WIP's.


  9. Fabulous finish!!
    Great progress on the other projects :)

  10. Congratulations, Shelly! Your latest finish is so cute--love the row of kitty heads :) Enjoy those other WIPs--nice progress on both...

    I, too, can hardly believe this year is half-over! Where do the days go?!

  11. Great finish! Congratulations!

  12. A great finish! Now enjoy stitching on your WIPs.

  13. Beautiful finish, love the pattern. I love all your stitch choices..
    Yes this year seems to be flying by I sure wish it would slow down a bit.


  14. Salem Sisters is a great piece, I would have had no idea about the song. Country not being my thang as they say! In fact if you'd have said Jon Anderson I would have thought of the prog rock band Yes!