Saturday, July 13, 2013

July's Turtle Trot and more finishes

Greetings from a damp section of Arizona! It's been drizzling off and on for most of the day. An Arizona Indian tribe, according to their culture, calls this a Female rain because the rain falls softly. A noisy thunderstorm is called a Male rain. I'll let you figure that one out!

Male female, we just need rain here and throughout the West.

Today is the Trot posting day. I've only worked on one WIP during this time

Wow, the picture looked so bright when I took it. Not here! This is Pumpkin Hollow Farms by LHN. Not yet ironed, just took it off the Q bars for a rest. Last time I worked on this, I had half the sign filled in, half of the big pumpkin, and the vine above the big pumpkin were stitched. Filling in the sign was quite a job.

I have some finishes! Carol, it does feel good to get some finishing done!

The designer escapes me but this came off a Freebie. Looks like a Bent Creek maybe? Or a Mosey 'N Me? I stitched this up last year and just barely framed it today. I thought the green in the frame went along with the colors of the design. I love it when framing goes so easily!

Remember Whatever? The colors used matched the colors of the fabric. The back is the same fabric. Then I added that trim in the middle, and then used the bronze chain for a hanger. It also matched the fabric. BTW, this a LizzieKate freebie.

Sometimes I nail a finish and it turns out great. Love how this turned out! DebbieSFL told me this is from Threadwork Primitives. Here's the I can't find a place on this app to insert a link so I'll have to do it this way. Thanks Debbie!

I sweated out this one because I knew if I was careful it would turn out nice. I took some shimmery velvet-like ribbon for the hanger. I hot glued black trim with scrolls around it. Used a store bought black tassel and sewed that metal spider charm onto it. Eeeeee! I just sit in front of it, admiring it and waiting for my head to go back to size, lol! I was going for a sparse Edgar Allan Poe look and I think I got it. Here's the back

Not very Poe is it?! The purple matches the thread color well. See the kitty just barely peeking? That tassel almost looks like the cats' body. I couldn't have planned that even if I tried!

So I'll carry on my love affair with All Hallows' Eve!

Remember to click on each picture for a nice view.

I'm in the middle of finishing the very first Sheep Virtues so I'll have a picture of that soon. I finally emailed the ONS to have them take me off their auto program for the sheep. I haven't touched the other sheep at all. Shame. I think next year I'm going to fly solo, as in not join any SAL's. There are so many things I want to stitch and feel I can't because to me, when I sign up for something, it's an obligation I need to keep. We'll see. First of the year when all these SALs get announced, I'll probably be amongst the first to sign up!

Well that's it, folks. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

TUSAL for July

Not much stitching going on here as you can see

I did receive the LHN Mystery Sampler today though. Makes me want to drop everything and stitch it!

I think the heat here is just zapping my energy and my stitching MOJO. But all is not lost; I picked up Pumpkin Hollow Farms by LHN today. I'm going to try to stitch on that only so I'll have a finish for the Turtle Trot post. I've managed to excavate my bedroom/craftroom and found a few other WIPs. Lol! I'll put pictures up of those.

Back to work tomorrow so I've got laundry to do. I'll leave you with a picture of Bubba and the weird way he likes to sleep. That's the tile hearth in front of the fireplace. See his little face? Every summer, you'll find all 4 cats sleeping on the tile, it's cool for them. Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate all of you!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Arrghh...Some finishing, me hearties.

No, I have not been drinking!

Thank You, ladies, for your words of comfort. The coroners office is releasing the bodies of the firefighters Sunday so there'll be a procession from Phoenix to here; an 80 mile procession. It's actually a 95 mile drive from Prescott to Phoenix. So far, we think they'll be passing by my town. So we will be out at the highway paying our respects.

So now for some more cheerful news....I've actually finished some stuff!

We have Christmas Magic from the 2010 JCS ornament magazine on top of the fabric it'll be sewed to, the pirate toad by Stitchy Kitty, and the freebie The Pickety Witch on top of the pumpkin fabric.

I had this wine-colored velvet and thought it would look great. White ribbon bow and hanger. The velvet was hard to work with as it kept moving while I was sewing, even when pinned. Oh, and the bow and hanger is secured with a mother-of-pearl button.

I shouldn't be showing this just yet because I'm waiting for some seam tape in green that matches Capt. Frog that will be ruched around the pillow. I sewed on some stuff like little hearts (I love Pirates, blame it on Capt. Jack!), mother-of-pearl buttons, and that faux coin. It's red on the back too. Happy to have him finished!

Nothing real fancy here. I wanted to make a door hanger with this. I attached a rusty safety pin with a copper charm, which is real hard to see. Hangs by the black ribbon. I think I'm going to stitch more Halloween ornies in each month. After all, it's already July!

So I still have more finishing to do thanks to the Ornament SAL,lol! And one Sheep Virtue to sew up, the first one. Poor sheep! I'm sure it's lonely!

Guess what I did? I ordered the LHN Mystery Sampler! I was resisting it fine until I saw a sneak peek of the second section-it's got a house! I'm really liking houses right now!

This is my third post using this app. It looks like the pics are just a bit blurry. So I'm trying to ease up on cropping the pictures. If you click on each picture, you'll get a real nice, clear picture.

Well the fireworks have started and my cats are going bonkers! They don't like the noise. It's back to work tomorrow and then my usual 3 day weekend so it's laundry time. Hope you're all having or had a great 4th! Good night, over and out.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


On Sunday, June 30th, 19 firefighters of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew out of Prescott, AZ. were killed when an out of control wildfire backed up on them, forcing them to deploy their shelters. The fire had the upper hand.

I have been a wreck since we heard about this Sunday. My emotions are right on the edge and I'm reduced to tears whenever I see a news report, drive by the memorial. I would see them about town doing their business, riding in their white trucks. It feels like we've lost family members. This whole area where I live is just devastated. You go to the grocery store, etc. and the environment is just so heavy. Turns out their headquarters is less than a football field from where I work. The makeshift memorial outside against the fence has grown quite large now. My daughter and I went to see it Monday and left some flowers.

This to me feels like another 9/11, but on a smaller scale. I don't want to downsize the magnitude of 9/11. It's just that I can't wrap my brain around the loss of 19 individuals and I couldn't do that back on 9/11 for all those who died either.

My daughter and I returned home from the big 4th of July rodeo in Prescott tonight where they honored the fallen firefighters. I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd post my thoughts and get them out of my head. You know, writing stuff is just as therapeutic as stitching. I have done a little stitching though.

I'm going to hit the sack now, got to be up in 4 hours. I feel like sleeping now! Take care and hug your loved ones a little tighter.

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