Saturday, July 13, 2013

July's Turtle Trot and more finishes

Greetings from a damp section of Arizona! It's been drizzling off and on for most of the day. An Arizona Indian tribe, according to their culture, calls this a Female rain because the rain falls softly. A noisy thunderstorm is called a Male rain. I'll let you figure that one out!

Male female, we just need rain here and throughout the West.

Today is the Trot posting day. I've only worked on one WIP during this time

Wow, the picture looked so bright when I took it. Not here! This is Pumpkin Hollow Farms by LHN. Not yet ironed, just took it off the Q bars for a rest. Last time I worked on this, I had half the sign filled in, half of the big pumpkin, and the vine above the big pumpkin were stitched. Filling in the sign was quite a job.

I have some finishes! Carol, it does feel good to get some finishing done!

The designer escapes me but this came off a Freebie. Looks like a Bent Creek maybe? Or a Mosey 'N Me? I stitched this up last year and just barely framed it today. I thought the green in the frame went along with the colors of the design. I love it when framing goes so easily!

Remember Whatever? The colors used matched the colors of the fabric. The back is the same fabric. Then I added that trim in the middle, and then used the bronze chain for a hanger. It also matched the fabric. BTW, this a LizzieKate freebie.

Sometimes I nail a finish and it turns out great. Love how this turned out! DebbieSFL told me this is from Threadwork Primitives. Here's the I can't find a place on this app to insert a link so I'll have to do it this way. Thanks Debbie!

I sweated out this one because I knew if I was careful it would turn out nice. I took some shimmery velvet-like ribbon for the hanger. I hot glued black trim with scrolls around it. Used a store bought black tassel and sewed that metal spider charm onto it. Eeeeee! I just sit in front of it, admiring it and waiting for my head to go back to size, lol! I was going for a sparse Edgar Allan Poe look and I think I got it. Here's the back

Not very Poe is it?! The purple matches the thread color well. See the kitty just barely peeking? That tassel almost looks like the cats' body. I couldn't have planned that even if I tried!

So I'll carry on my love affair with All Hallows' Eve!

Remember to click on each picture for a nice view.

I'm in the middle of finishing the very first Sheep Virtues so I'll have a picture of that soon. I finally emailed the ONS to have them take me off their auto program for the sheep. I haven't touched the other sheep at all. Shame. I think next year I'm going to fly solo, as in not join any SAL's. There are so many things I want to stitch and feel I can't because to me, when I sign up for something, it's an obligation I need to keep. We'll see. First of the year when all these SALs get announced, I'll probably be amongst the first to sign up!

Well that's it, folks. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love them all! Grea stitching and finishing

    1. Thanks Gracie! I had fun finishing them al!

  2. Congrats on all the finishes Shelly. Great progress on Pumpkin Hollow Farm.


  3. Congrats on all your Finishes - I love your All Hallow's Eve especially - thanks for sharing.

    I know exactly what you are saying about the SALS...

  4. Lovely projects. I think that All Hallows Eve is fabulous!! I love the backing fabric and how you centered those Jack-o-lanterns :)

  5. Great stitching! I may have to look into acquiring Pumpkin Hollow Farm and that backing fabric was a perfect fit for All Hallows Eve.

  6. What wonderful finishes, Shelly!! Your little All Hallow's Eve is a work of art :) Just perfect!!

  7. Great progress on Pumpkin Hollow Farms. That will be such a nice finish. The frame is perfect for Home Sweet Home. Your finishes are incredible, but especially All Hallow's Eve, of course! I love the peeking black cat with tassel body and the little spider!

  8. Beautiful finishes, love the Home Sweet Home!

  9. Lovely finishes Shelly. Pumpkin Hollow is looking good - so many great LHN charts to stitch it could keep me busy for 10 years.........