Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ornament SAL for July

Happy Thursday!
Thanks everyone for your comments on 'all Hallows eve'!
Here's my ornament

Some of you may recognize this one. It's one of the extra designs that came with the LK Mystery Very Scary Sampler. I used the called for 32ct Lilac fabric and just used DMC black. It's a quick stitch, for me, in just two evenings. I'll make it into a flat ornament.
Well, my finishing mojo went out the window and I haven't worked on a single WIP; shame on me! But I do have two new
starts, one I just barely started called Buttons Black by Plum Street Samplers. And this one

Yellow Bird by La D Da. I'm using the called for silk, but using 36ct flax linen instead of the WDW Parchment called for. I thought it would be bigger. I was thinking of making this a pin pillow but its going to be pretty when done, so I don't know.

Years and years ago when I first started stitching, which I think might've been around 1999 or 2000, I stitched on Aida. I found this kit from Mill Hill of a Christmas tree with all bugle beads, which are tube-like. It was on Aida and I remember my stitches went every which way! Needless to say I tossed it! I then moved onto a large kit, Aida also, that I bought off eBay. I don't remember how much I paid but I did much better on it! Here it is

This WIP! has got to be more than 10 years old! As you can see its not finished. Due to life and whatever else in that time, I rolled it up and put it away. I ended up losing the thread AND the pattern! Surviving two moves, not far, 9 miles, and then back, I still have it. Last week I thought it would be nice to finish the stitching. So onto eBay I went and lo and behold, someone was selling the kit.....for 20.00 bucks + 4.99 shipping.....screeeeeech (applied the brakes)!! I can't justify $25.00 when all I need is the pattern and a few more threads. I don't know if its re-listed. What do you all think? It's very cute, on Aida. This weekend when I have more time, I'm going to search all the ONS's I can think of and see if anyone is selling this kit for cheaper. I have a feeling I won't a find it though. When I was looking through eBay, I looked at over 4000 items in the Kit section, finger was getting tired! Should I buy it or not?

Okay, I found the name of this kit--Season of The Heart by Design Works

Don't forget to click on each picture for clearer view.

I'm going back to stitching on Buttons Black. Thanks ladies! I appreciate you stoppin' in and commenting! I'll leave you a few pictures of a Saturday drive my daughter took me on last week. Take Care!

See the sun? This is looking West.

A nice little Aspen grove amongst the Ponderosa pines.

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  1. Great pics Shelly. Congrats on the finish and new start. As for the kit, you might tell us the kit name and company if you know that. Someone might have it in their stash.


    1. Hi Linda. The kit is called Season of The Heart and its put out by Design Works.

  2. Try advertising in the stitching magazines. Maybe someone has th pattern.

  3. Love the scary ornament! Love the BBD start. Good luck with finding the pattern so you can finish that wip :) Lovely pics too.

  4. Nice stitching...also, lovely pictures!

  5. Your stitching is lovely - I wouldn't give up on the kit; I haunted eBay & other sites for over a year before one I needed showed up - at a ridiculous price, couldn't justify it. Within a week, there was another for nearly nothing. Keep watching for a while!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm hoping the sellers will re-list at a cheaper price. I'm going to check out eBay again tonight.