Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Ornament SAL-Under Construction!


Here's my ornament for August. Be sure to click on the pictures for a better look.

This is what I mean about Under Construction! This is Black Cats Trick Or Treat by The Sweetheart Tree. Stitched on 28ct Tropical Orange linen. I love that color! It reminds me of Orange Sherbet ;) As you can see, I'm turning it into a flat ornament. That corner of fabric there at the right is the back of this thing. It has black cats on it. This was a limited kit that came out after the last Market back in February or March. All that backstitching was a bit intense though but it turned out nice. I'll have a picture up after I'm done putting it together.

I have another finish! Man, I'm just a stitching machine!

Buttons Black is done! Love the witch with her green skin and her dress which is GAST Walnut-Simply Shaker. The Walnut color reminds me of old barnwood with light pinkish tones, well to me anyway!

So my stitching plans for September are biting the bullet on my Trot WIPs, starting some small stuff like LizzieKate and JBW, and finishing the pile of UFOs I've got. Wish me luck!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! And a big WELCOME to my 99th follower! Giveaway time when I hit 100 followers! I was supposed to have one for my 100th post and pfftt....forgot.

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  1. Your ornament looks great. My sister has 2 completely black cats =D.

    1. Thanks! I love black cats but mine are all different colors!

  2. Your ornament looks great, love under construction work. :-) waving at you from down in the valley in Peoria.

  3. Very cute Halloweenie stitches! I am so ready for fall! Awesome cloud/rain pic on your header!

  4. wow! I love them both. Great designs and stitching.

  5. Two great projects. Yes, the linen does make me think of sherbet too.

  6. I love Halloween stitching! Your ornaments are really cute.

  7. Love the way the backstitching looks. Definitely makes it!

  8. Love the ornament. I have a soft spot for black cats lol