Thursday, September 5, 2013

TUSAL September '13 (pssst-scroll down!)

Good Evening! Here's my ORTS!

I'm not sure I stitched that much to end up with this many orts! But I'll take it!

I finish finished my black cat ornament, take a look

It turned out great! Click on the pics to see them better.

So I see that I've reached 103 followers-Yay! So it's giveaway time! Since I didn't put up a giveaway when I reached my 100th post, I decided to have 2, yes that's 2 giveaways. My 100th post came around the 4th of July and I have giveaway stuff in red, white and blue. The second giveaway is all about Halloween/Autumn and I'll be stitching up a few little things for Halloween and Autumn. You just have to pick which you'd like, Halloween or Autumn, because I know that not everyone is as Halloween crazy as I am!

This weekend I'll nail down the particulars on a post where you can leave your comment saying you'd like to be included. Oh, you have to tell me what's your favorite color, and your first name or an initial you like, like B or T, etc., and Halloween or Autumn. Anyone and everyone, follower or not, are welcome to sign up. So be sure to check my blog this weekend!

Gotta go! I appreciate you all stopping in and leaving comments! Welcome to my new followers. Thanks for making it 103!

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  1. Your orts are fab :) I LOVE your ornament, the finish is lovely and unusual. xxx

  2. Fabulous finishing on your Halloween piece. Congratulations on 100+ followers :)

  3. Pretty picture!
    My September update TUSAL is here:


  4. I don't usually do Halloween projects, but you finish and stitching is wonderful.

  5. Great job on finishing the ornament. It is really awesome.


  6. I love your halloween finish and the backing fabric is perfect for it. Congratulations on 103 followers!

  7. That is such a cool finish!! I need to get outside of the box and play around with cute finishes like that. I barely got time to stitch.....sheesh. You go girl...happy Hundredths!!!!!

  8. Your Halloween ornament finish looks fantastic! Congratulations on having 100+ followers!

  9. I love your black cat ornament! Such a cute design.