Friday, September 30, 2016

To the Moon, and a SAL finish

Hi all! It's just amazing that it's the last day of September! I have a finish, well, two finishes to show and a new start, and some info to share with you all.

But first I want to say Thank You to all of you on your kind words on the passing of ET. Stitchy folk are some of the nicest people and everyone is so supportive whether it's a death of a family member, human and fur, sickness, or something as simple as a loss of stitching mojo! So, again, Thanks!

Onto the business at hand:

Last post I was working on The Raven by La D Da and now she's finished..
On 35ct WDW Straw. I took the picture at a distance to show the color of the fabric. Closer, it looked almost white! I hope it's not blurry on your side. 

My next finish is for the Keeping Christmas Project SAL that Honeybee/The Copper Fox is hosting..
Silent Night by Lizzie Kate, a Jingles design. On mystery 32ct fabric. I added my own snowflake there near the 't' in night and beads for the snow which was called for but mine are sparkly. Christmas needs sparkly! And that was it, no second finish like last month. Blah

Here is my new start, A Trip to the Moon by Ship's Manor. I think I was getting bored with Halloween and Christmas stitching, so when I saw this, click click on Etsy...

I love it! This is all I've been stitching since I downloaded the pattern last week. I liked the colors, the Victorian look of the motifs and the chandelier look of that middle part. Called for 40ct Legacy but I only had 36, and DMC's, 25 DMC's to be exact. I took the picture of mine to get the color of the fabric. I took the picture this morning as the sun was streaming into my bedroom window. This portion is easy but that moon is confetti stitching. You would think that a solid 2 hours of stitching a day in a week would produce more but nope. 

There is a story behind this new stitch. I was looking at blogs and came to the one from Ship's Manor. He had a new post up and it was about getting into fabric dyeing so he started a Kickstarter campaign. It has since raised his goal amount and has gone over. I donated my $10 and will receive a piece of his hand dyed fabric. The different levels you will receive nicer things like getting his new dyed fabric every month. Since the goal has gone way over, he has added other rewards like a skein of his cotton hand dyed floss, a skein of his silk floss, and so on. If you want to check it out, here's a link:

After checking that out, I went to his Etsy store and bought Moon.
With these Kickstarter campaigns, you have to hope they pull through and send you the rewards they promise. A whole bunch of us got burned last year when a designer started a campaign, the goal was met and she promptly disappeared with over $1000 of donated money and no rewards. She shall remain nameless. Donating to these campaigns is a bit like gambling, you never know if your dollar results in a return. My $10 that I donated to Ship's Manor is small enough that I'm not worried about it but still..

So that's it! Not picture heavy as usual. I think Flosstube is taking all my attention so I'm not stitching on tons of things. I do stitch as I watch but I end up making mistakes because I look at what the person is holding up! Who knew I would become addicted to Flosstube! 

Plans for October? Get back to stitching two Christmas ornaments, keep stitching on Moon, maybe maybe pick up a WIP. I have had 20 some odd finishes this year so I feel like I can take it easy on finishing more WIPs.

Okay now I'm going! I want to say Welcome to those who have joined via Blogger and Bloglovin'. Glad to have you! Take care, y'all!


  1. I love your WIP. I have never seen that chart before and it is unique. Your finishes are very pretty.

  2. Your stitching looks lovely. That is certainly an interesting moon; it does look like quite a bit of color change. It will be fun to see your progress. As far as the designer who absconded with stitchers' money, I believe she deserves to have her name out there so we can avoid her designs. Hopefully it won't happen to you again.

  3. I really love that Raven project. Your WIP is very interesting. I have never watched Flosstube. Do I need to start?

  4. Sweet finishes! sweet finishes, Shelly but that RVen is my favorite. Love it! Your new start is fun, I hope this kickstart doesn't run away with your $$$ like the other one did.

  5. Love the stitches. I hope you get great fabric from the kickstarter!! Fun!

  6. Congrats on the cute finishes and great new start Shelly.


  7. Love The Raven and Trip to the Moon. Hope the Kick Start works out okay.

  8. Cute finishes, and I love Trip To The Moon.
    Great start.
    There was a black moon last night, but here in WI, we couldn't see it because it was too overcast. :(
    Have fun with your new start.

  9. You've done a lot of lovely stitching. Good luck with your WIP.

  10. Lovely finishes and I can see why you're having trouble stopping with Trip to the Moon!

  11. Love both the finishes. Your new start looks great, can't wait to see more updates on it.

  12. Congrats on both finishes, they are lovely.
    Great new start too, it is so different!
    Looking forward to your next update.

  13. Two lovely finishes, and an unusual new start! I like it, very different. Will have to check out the designer.
    I'm a new FlossTube viewer too though I save it for when I'm ironing.

  14. Shelly, your Christmas owl is adorable and I agree with you--Christmas needs sparkly!

    I hadn't seen that Trip to the Moon design--wow! Have you seen the movie? It's pretty creepy, but then I think pretty much all silent films are creepy! :O)

  15. Sweet finishes, Shelly!
    Kickstarters are risky, but as you say, most invest small amounts so it's worth the risk of potentially helping someone create a business that's worthwhile. I bet this latest one pays off. :)

  16. Such cute finishes, Shelly, and kudos to you for tackling that moon piece! The moon itself looks very complicated--to much so for my old brain! Ha ha :)

    Love your two new finishes, also. I had never heard of the Kickstarter campaigns for things stitching related. How frustrating that the one woman walked away with all that money. Some people... grrrrr!!