Monday, March 10, 2014

March Turtle Trot

Irises coming up, little purple flowers, and the trees are budding-Mother Nature is a little confused!
Turtle Trot:
I worked on just one WIP

The snowman now has a body and there are a few more leaves/needles on the smaller tree. I have run out of the CC Bamboo (Crescent Colours is now Classic Colorworks). That was an entire skein I used but there's not a whole lot of white on this. It's a mystery for sure how I used up a whole skein. I should be getting my order in from 123 in a few days and will get back on Meadow.
New starts and progress:

Carrots! I'm doing the Peeps design that, on the chart, is right next to the fabric. My other carrot, also a Cricket Collection, needs company!

I will probably stuff it also.
Here's my other Spring and Easter designs that I'll start soon

Here's one of my 2014 new starts and the progress


I will be done with this real soon! The bird on the left is completely done.
And if all those projects aren't enough, here are Christmas ornaments that I kitted up!

14 of them, lol! All from the JCS ornament mags from 2008 to last years'! It took a couple of hours to do this but I also whittled my mystery/small cuts fabric stash down. I need to get some Halloween ornaments in there too.
I'm sure you're seeing these pop up everywhere

I have 4 cats and I couldn't pass this up. Love the floss, it reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake! I just wonder if the price is exempt from the Stitching from Stash rules; I'll have to email Mel and see what she says. It's a great idea though and hope that the organization I picked is one that gets some of the donations.

Oh yes, I wanted to show you my first attempt at a project bag

It's long enough to fit a chart in it. I may use Velcro for a closure since I don't know how to sew in a zipper. Anyone know of a good zipper tutorial? Let me know.

Okay! That's my TT report and then some! I'm off to do a little housework, and stitch the rest of the day! Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Shelly you have some beautiful charts coming up and the carrots are fantastic! What a lovely post :)

  2. I am so impressed with your stitching projects! I do love the carrots!

  3. Good progress on your projects!!

  4. Wow--you are one busy stitcher, Shelly. I especially love the carrots you're working on--how adorable!! Nice job on your project bag, too. I've always wanted to attempt to make one, but the zipper always put me off. I haven't put a zipper in anything since high school home ec--back in the dark ages :)

  5. Love the celtic birds Shelly! Your project bag is nicely done too.

  6. Great progress and love your new starts Shelly. Looking forward to seeing all your starts on the ornaments.


  7. Good progress and great choses for designs.

  8. What a cute banner on your blog - love the bead idea. You have lots of cute projects careful - making bags is addictive!