Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Stitching from Stash, a Happy Dance

Time is just marching on, isn't it?! This SFS post is brought to you by Iwanna Buymore, and Anita Savesome, two divas who are tearing my life apart!

Anyway, here's the breakdown:
In January, I bought $15.19 worth of threads
Leaving me with 9.81 at the end of January

In February, I spent 0.00
Leaving me with $34.81 (25.00 + 9.81) at the end of Feb.

In March, I spent $1.24 in DMC
11.83 for CC, GAST, and a key charm
12.75 for Cats in the Garden (Mel, could this be
exempt?) for charity.
For a grand total of $25.82 spent. So, $34.81 minus 25.82 leaves 8.99.
Now I hadn't spent the $25.00 for March. So I'm left with $33.99 as of today. And that, my friends, is dangerous!

I hope my breakdown is understandable. For the month of March, I spent $25.82. That was from February's 25.00 and what was left over from January. Whew! I'm at the mercy of this iPad app, so all my figuring could be all over the place when you see it on your screens!

I had two new starts from stash

This is from Dream Big by CCN. Just the bunny. The color of this fabric isn't right but if you look at the extreme lower left, it's that's pleasant mint green color.

And Rabbits Delight by Cricket Collection, which hasn't been touched since last post

Actually, I stitched just a little more on it but not enough to put a pic up.

And I worked on one WIP

In The Meadow. I've added the snow below the trees and snowman, and the boughs below it all. I'm pretty sure I'll be done by April 10th because this is all I'm going to stitch on!

In other news...

I have a Happy Dance! And it turned out great!

Celtic Birds by The Sunflower Seed. It's on 36ct Lakeside of some kind, and Gloriana silk, Charcoal. I love it! Not sure what I'll do with this. I pulled out some fabric for a pillow, but they don't keep to the theme here. So I'll hit Joanne's to find fabric that will 'go' with Birds.

Monday I made Irish Soda Bread

Didn't last long though. It was pretty good.

I'm seeing a few bloggers out there who are doing the college basketball brackets. Yay! I'm doing alright with mine. I have Florida and Arizona (of course!) making it to the Big Dance. This is the second year I'm doing this. Do I watch college basketball? No! I just looked at predictions, and win loss columns to come up with my bracket.

Well that's it ladies, and maybe the rare guy who stops by! Thank You for your comments, as always. I'm enjoying the fact that I have 'regulars' now! Take care, all.

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  1. All of your projects look wonderful including the soda bread!

  2. Your needle has been busy. Nice springy projects. Congrats on your finish, love the charcoal. Enjoy your March Madness!

  3. Congrats on the Celtic Birds finish. Why not find an Irish poem or saying to stitch underneath? Then you'd have something unique to hang on the wall. The soda bread looks yummy too....

  4. Great update! I love the Celtic bird finish and that bread looks amazing.

  5. congrats at staying in your budget! I don't know who you guys do it LOL

  6. Your Celtic Birds finish is so pretty, Shelly... Love the beginning of the bunny piece, too. I love bunnies in my stitching and my house--just not in my gardens :)

    That bread wouldn't have lasted long here--I am a bread addict--even more so than chocolate!