Saturday, March 1, 2014

TUSAL, and more on this drizzly day. Yay!

Yay, rain! We have not had precip since sometime in December. Sometimes storms leave the worst of it in California and by the time it gets here, they're just showers. I don't think anyone here in AZ has any flooding. Thank goodness.

So it's TUSAL time!

I had more orts last month but I've been stitching steady, except for two days. I'll explain further down!

Happy Dance! Two of them

This is Home, A Diminutive Sampler by Pineberry Lane. I loved stitching this. From the over one in Home at the top (yeah, I put on my big girl panties and did it!), to the satin stitched lawn right below the house. I had run out of GAST Roasted Marshmallow and bought more with b-day $$ and luckily it matched. I'm going to look for a frame for this, something that won't overpower the design because it is.....diminutive ;))

And Snow Day by LK

Don't you like how that one weak ray of sunshine is passing through the snowman?! I used the called for threads except for maybe the snow. It said GAST Whitewash, and I'm pretty sure I used it but there are no variations. So I think I used DMC white! It looks pretty good though. I'm thinking pillow for this but I'm not sure of the fabric to use with this like do I use a color that matches some of the colors or a solid that matches the trees or white? What do you all think? So anyway, I could SMELL finishes last weekend stitching these two and had tunnel vision, ignoring everything else. After I was done, I gave myself two days off of stitching! Lol. Home is one of my Turtle Trot WIPs and Snow Days is a new 2014 start.

I was taking pictures on my craft table and looked over at my pile of finished things and thought I should try to finish finish at least one thing and here's that result!

Yellow Bird by La D Da. I trimmed it with chenille and stuck 3 gold colored pins into it. And that was it for finishing! After that I kitted up a couple ornaments.

I don't know when I'll start on these because Spring and Easter-y designs are whispering at me. I have three projects kitted up for those. I've just been a kitting fool! Kits here, kits there, etc.....

Well that's my Ort report. I've been bad in responding to your comments the last post so I'll do better here on out. I really appreciate everyone stopping by, regular commenters or lurking. I lurk a lot too! Take care you all! I'll be back on the 10th!

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  1. Congrats on all of your finishes!! You should be happy dancing around the room!! Laura

  2. Both of your finishes are lovely!! I commend your for your finishing, I am so bad at doing that part.

  3. Congrats on your lovely finishes, even your TUSAL jar is looking good!

  4. How nice that we're both finally getting some rain! Congrats on finishing a TT piece and a new start from this year too! Snow Days will look great as a pillow. I would look for bright blue fabric with white snowflakes!

    I really need to do some actual finish-finishing some day, but I'm too busy stitching! LOL I really admire you!

  5. Lovely finishes! Those California storms are terrible. Glad you are getting some much needed rain.

  6. Oh it poured down here in The Valley...but we sure do need it. Love the finishes....

  7. I love your yellow bird finish - so pretty. I am longing to stitch some spring stuff but I have too many others on the go to start something new.

  8. Great finishes! Love how you positioned the snowman in the sun...hope he doesn't melt

  9. Congrats on the great finishes Shelly.


  10. Awesome update Shelly! I love your 2 finishes. The House is sweet and I love snowmen. The BBD finished piece is gorgeous too. Your kits look ready to go. Isn't it nice to be organized.
    Have a great week!

  11. I tend to lurk a lot too but wanted to pop by to say I love your finishes. The Snow Day is one of my favorites :) Great new projects!