Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stitch from Stash May


Time for SFS!

My beginning balance is $8.13

I spent: $0.00 Yay!

My ending balance: $8.13 + $25.00=$33.13!

New Starts: A Song A Song (finished and shown on previous post), Snowy Night, Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow

Here's Snowy Night
By Prairie Schooler in the '08 JCS Christmas ornies magazine. On 32ct fabric with mostly DMC. I substituted 939 DMC, which I didn't have, with GAST Black Crow because of its dark blue variations, all from my stash. This is my 4th ornament, 6 more to get caught up! Like that's going to happen!

And, the Sampler Pillow
This is Beehive Needleworks. On 36ct mystery fabric with the thread there. This is going to be big! I started this after becoming bored with what I had been stitching and thought I needed a new start to get out of my doldrums! It worked somewhat! Also from my stash.

WIPs that I worked on: Fancey Blackett, Hornbook Angel (no longer a WIP, see previous post), A Song A Song, Winter Wind Sampler.     

And wonders of wonders, no temptations this month either. I see charts I would like but I start thinking of the 50+ charts I have now and that kills that off. 

Most of my time has been spent reading the 7th book of my most favorite author and getting ready for number 8 coming out on June 10th. Some of you may know of her, Diana Gabaldon who writes The Outlander series. I reread the whole thing before a new one comes out and it takes a month for me to read one. So I've been reading every chance I get during breaks at work, at night, whenever. I'm almost halfway through the latest with time running out! I even took the 10th off to buy it and spend the day reading it. I'm so excited!

Well, I'm off to blow my nose. I never have allergies but this year, they're kicking my butt. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great new starts Shelly.


  2. I thought my sister was the only person that read all Diana G.'s books over again before the new one comes out. I have to give you both tons of credit! Her books are so long. I just listened to Echo of the Bone on audio (40 discs). That way I can stitch and get a good book at the same time. You are doing some great stitching!

  3. Hooray for you with keeping to budget. Love the current projects....and let's not talk about the allergies this season! It is all this wind we keep having.

  4. Wow, those are such long books, Shelly--no wonder you're spending so much time reading (re-reading :)!!

    Love your WIPs--especially the PS one. I'm in the middle of a big PS monthly sampler myself--such comfort stitching :)

  5. Great stash report! I am looking forward to the Outlander TV series, I keep meaning to read the books too :)

  6. Pretty stitching and a great stash report!

  7. I'm becoming very tempted to begin this stitch from stash report thing. It seems like a great way to keep spending in check... Very relevant for me because I just went on a stash shopping spree ;)

    I started reading the outlander series this year! I do love the period in which it is set and the heroine. Haven't quite made it through the first book just yet. BUT I am looking forward to the TV series, which hopefully will drive me to read the rest before it airs.

    Happy Reading/Stitching :)

  8. Did you know Diana Gabaldon lives here in Arizona, right in Paradise Valley? I have yet to read her stuff, but was just reading an interview with her yesterday, her books sound interesting, Love the PS ornament, it's nice to stitch something chilly with summer just starting to heat up!

  9. Very sweet little designs you picked up Shelly! The PS ornament is darling as is the wee little Ruby sampler! Way to go on keeping to the stash budget. There are always temptations out there but if we look in our own stash we can find wonderful things to finish! I've always wanted to read Diana Gabaldon books and I should give her a go. My friend really likes her writing and I need a good summer read :D I'll check out the Outlander series. Hugs!