Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And on the Fourth day...

Here's my fourth start...
I made the picture large so you could read the sentiment!lol. I started this at 7 p.m. watching my favorite show-the Ghost Hunters. I need to buy an owl button for this. I just found out that the Lakeside Linen fab that I ordered for PSS's Queen's Crowns was going to be backordered for 4-6 weeks so I cancelled and tomorrow I'll find another ONS to order the 36ct Vintage Maritime linen. Crowns is my 13th start so I got to get going with ordering that fabric.

Oh, BTW, Hoo Knows is stitched on 14ct Lite Fiddlers aida with DMC threads. This is a nice break from stitching on higher count fabrics.

Good night all. My gall bladder is hurting me a little so I took half a painkiller and I really need to hit the sack! My next start is a sampler from an old JCS issue with just 4 colors!

P.S.: I'm joining the new Winter Challenge that Becky is hosting. Stitch anything that has to do with winter. It ends March 1. I'm in deep now!

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  1. Great starts (this and the castle). I joined both of Becky's challenges, also. This is my first time to do one. Good luck!

    Hope you're feeling better.