Sunday, January 15, 2012

Procrastination rears its ugly head!

Well, I pulled it out! Barely! I know the rules aren't set in stone but still...! Here are my starts for the last 6 days, counting from the last to #10

I thought I had a picture of the chart but I didn't. This is 30ct WDW Gold linen, using WDW threads. How shameful, lol!

O.K, here's my 14th start

This is the beginnings of the pattern at the bottom, the pillow. Using 32ct Queen Anne's Lace jobelan with a mix of CC threads, DMC and some beads. That's a pretty fabric; wish I could find it in linen.

The 13th start is a re-visit to my favorite WIP-Winter at Beacon House or WaBH, from the Jan/Feb '10 issue of JCS. I stopped stitching on this in August to start my holiday stitching. Here's what it looked like then, here's what I stitched Saturday and was having fun, I might add.

I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of the year. Just being realistic!

The 12th start

This is Stars and Angels and I don't have a pic! Sorry! It is stitched on 30ct Parchment by WDW with just two WDW threads.

11th start

Christmas Magic, on 32ct white linen using DMC threads, Mill Hill beads. Still no pic! I'm almost to the finish line! Here's #10

Meet Tweet stitched on ?ct Days Gone By linen with a mix of GAST, WDW, and Kreinik braid. I stitched up one like this, different year from a JCS ornament magazine and same designer, and it was enjoyable so going to make this my focus point for this week. Another Yahoo group stitcher mentioned she was going to spend a week on one of her new starts and then move to another start the next week and I think that's an excellent idea!

Whew, my computer is really acting up. I have a blank square smack in the middle of the screen so I will apologize first-hand for any punctuation, spelling and whatever else mistakes are in this post!:))

I now have 17 WIP's (2 are ones that I already had) and will spend tomorrow and the following days on Tweet. But for now I'm going to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while listening to Kill Bill 1 on the t.v. I know, a bloody, bloody movie but it's entertaining!

Have a super week! And a big WELCOME to the new followers!


  1. These are all great starts, Shelly! The pirate toad is hilarious! Your fabric is such a high count; do you use a magnifier?

  2. Nice project choices!! Good luck with them!